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Wolf bites hand he feeds.

Reuters reports that food supplied by a caterer working for chef Wolfgang Puck may put a bevy of celebrities at risk for hepatitis A. The food was supplied for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue publicity party in Los Angeles last Valentine's Day, and the guests were given post-exposure prophylaxis. You may be thinking that the ascetic eating habits of swimsuit models should have spared them from illness. But among the guests were several rock stars, as well as Ken Davitian, the husky actor who played Borat's producer (and naked, angry wrestling partner), along with tank-top-loving country star Kenny Chesney, whose naked, angry armpits were surely swooping periodically over the buffet. However, the culprit was most likely not those ever-uncovered axillae but a prep cook who was infected. Perhaps the guests" panicked confusion after the news came to was because someone not accustomed to big words, the phrase "You may have hepatitis K' sounds like, "'Hey, your hips are tightest, babe."

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Title Annotation:Indications; food prepared by caterers of Wolfgang Puck was contaminated
Author:Bell, John R.
Publication:Family Practice News
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Apr 15, 2007
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