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Wiz Khalifa Fine With Amber Rose Split And Divorce Settlement, But Fighting For Joint Custody Of Child.

Wiz Khalifa is fine with the divorce filed by Amber Rose from him, as long as he would retain rights over his child beyond just the rights to visit him. His wish might be granted, too, because of the laws in California where joint custody is presumed better than sole custody of one parent.

After filing for a divorce from husband of one year and requesting for a full custody of their 1-year-old boy, Sebastian, Amber Rose is faced with a challenge. While Wiz Khalifa has no qualms about the divorce, he cannot agree on the full custody being requested by Amber. Rather, he's now asking for a joint custody of their child.

( TMZ reports Wiz alread filed his response to Amber's divorce petition by asking for a joint custody over Sebastian. He just might win it, too, because the California state assumes a parent asking for sole custody is just out to exact vengeance on his or her spouse.

Aside from not contesting the divorce, Wiz also wants to see their prenuptial agreement enforced, TMZ reports. Earlier, it has been reported that Amber is the one who demanded for a prenup, and if this is now enforced, she would be getting a lump sum payment of around $1 million.

Wiz is even willing to pay for spousal support, which is provided under the prenuptial agreement. Amber would be receiving $5K or more a month approximately, TMZ reports.

Before this, Amber also accused of Wiz Khalifa as the cheater on Twitter, sharing she's tired of hearing fake stories about the reason behind the divorce. There were reports that claimed Amber cheated her husband with Nick Cannon and the model had enough. She responded she would never, ever cheat on her husband, but she's not sure Wiz thinks the same now with her cheating rumours making the rounds. There is even a rumor circulating that her previous relationship with Kanye West is also a factor behind this sudden divorce, ( Hollwyood Life reports.

Wiz Khalifa, however, did not respond to these accusations, ( tweeting instead a picture of him rolling around with his pet dog. He captioned the pic with "smile for the day."

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Date:Sep 27, 2014
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