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Eyewitness testimony, fingerprints supported convictions. Nov 18, 2018 657
Direct Examination: podcast looks at the lighter side of law. Chaney, Matt Oct 31, 2018 971
Direct exam of experts. Saylor, F. Dennis, IV; Small, Daniel I. Sep 28, 2018 746
4th Cir: Attempts to confuse witness supported tampering conviction. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 16, 2018 1478
Witness Intimidation: What You Can Do To Protect Your Witness. Hamann, Kristine; Trauner, Jessica Mar 1, 2018 9230
Discovering witness intimidation. O'Malley, Margaret Apr 1, 2015 5759
IRS interviews. Lerner, Matthew D.; Pryor, Kevin R. Jan 1, 2015 1176
To call or not to call: compelling witnesses to appear before Congress. Zeidman, Daniel Curbelo Dec 1, 2014 18137
That's (not) what she said: the case for expanding admission of prior inconsistent statements in New York criminal trials. DeBraccio, Steven V. Sep 22, 2014 14874
Witness intimidation in the digital age. O'Malley, Margaret Jul 1, 2014 4210
An ounce of improper preparation isn't worth the cure: the impact of Military Rule of Evidence 612 on detecting witness coaching. Zimmerman, Michael May 1, 2014 9667
Collaborative recall of eyewitness event increases misinformation effect at 1 week. Rivardo, Mark G.; Rutledge, Anna T.; Chelecki, Cortney; Stayer, Brooke E.; Quarles, Macie; Kline, As Report Dec 1, 2013 7205
Criminal law. Oct 1, 2013 1339
Strategies for presenting unavailable witness testimony in courts-martial. Shepard, Steven M. Sep 1, 2013 14109
Reconsidering the standards of admission for prior bad acts evidence in light of research on false memories and witness preparation. Tortora, Jason May 1, 2013 18690
Genocide trial turns to expert testimony: forensics mirror Guatemalan eyewitnesses' wrenching stories. McConahay, Mary Jo Apr 26, 2013 1282
A recipe for mistaken convictions: why federal rule of evidence 403 should be used to exclude unreliable eyewitness-identification evidence. Shell, Eva G. Feb 1, 2013 13594
Lying eyes: unreliable witnesses. Root, Damon Brief article Apr 11, 2012 245
CORMAS: a computerized tool for the analysis of eyewitness memory correspondence. De Mulder, Richard V.; van Noortwijk, Kees; Goldsmith, Morris; Pansky, Ainat; Koriat, Asher; Labin, Sep 1, 2010 7482
Confronting science: Melendez-Diaz and the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment. King, Craig C. Aug 1, 2010 4395
Put simply, make your experts teach. McElhaney, Jim Reprint Sep 22, 2008 1496
Direct examination of lay witnesses: be well prepared, make the witness part of the client's story, start strong and finish strong: use these fundamental trial techniques when questioning lay witnesses to persuade the jury to provide fair compensation for your client. Monnett, Charles G., III; Phillips, Randall J. Jul 1, 2008 2407
Eyewitness testimony in civil litigation: retention, suggestion, and misinformation in product identification. Terrell, J. Trent; Weaver, Charles A., III Survey Jun 1, 2008 9271
3. Vulnerable witnesses (Scotland) Act 2004. Plumtree, Alexandra Brief article Mar 22, 2008 130
Psychology. Jan 1, 2008 1541
The puzzle of memory: reflections on the divergence of truth and accuracy. Wallace, Steven Oct 1, 2005 2366
Don't fall for deposition tricks. Friedlander, William S. Mar 1, 2004 317
Enhance your case with a five-minute witness. Marable, Sydney T. Sep 1, 2003 338
There is art to conducting admission-seeking interviews. Wells, Joseph T. Sep 1, 2003 3416
Get a better response from an evasive witness. . Laird, Steven C. Dec 1, 2002 235
Experts put your slip-and-fall case on solid ground: the right witnesses can explain why the owner was at fault when your client fell. Karns, Robert T. Dec 1, 2002 2130
Same interviewer, better memories. B. B. Oct 14, 2000 191
Effective communication with deposition witnesses. Morris, Charlotte Wortz Jul 1, 2000 3204
A child's word is golden. Singer, Amy Jul 1, 2000 3115
Juror questioning: the verdict is in. Strenio, James G. Jun 1, 2000 2811
Attacking the defense biomechanical engineer. Adkisson, David M. Jun 1, 2000 1795
The basics of direct and cross-examination of a fact witness. Stuart, Pamela B. Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 3179
Effective direct examination. Turbak, Nancy J. Jun 1, 1998 3585
Direct examination of security experts. Everett, Peter S. Mar 1, 1998 2449
Planning the cross-examination. Miller, Phillip I. Feb 1, 1998 3052
The significance of compellability in the prosecution of domestic assault. Cretney, Antonia; Davis, Gwynn Jan 1, 1997 8105
Help your witness earn an A+ in cross. Sears, Lance Brief Article Mar 1, 1996 192
The neuropsychologist in a mild traumatic brain injury case: how to conduct the direct examination. Stern, Bruce H. Jun 1, 1995 4124
Preparing the plaintiff for direct examination in a FELA case. Saunders, Ben B. Mar 1, 1994 2232
The dangers of being an expert. Ayoob, Massad Column Jan 1, 1994 1334
A story for parents to ponder. Perske, Robert Oct 1, 1991 1047
Pre-trial assessments make witness testimony pay off. Abbott, Aaron; Davis, Adam Jun 1, 1989 2286

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