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With good road, streetlights, Olowu-Kuta changing face of his town.

The Olowu of Owu-Kuta, Oba Adekunle Oyelude has joined the class of traditional rulers who had taken the bull by the horn in ensuring physical development for their respective towns.

Through his contacts with Abuja, Oba Oyelude has facilitated the rehabilitation of a major road that connects his town to the outside world and earned applause of his fellow traditional rulers aside the praises hurled at him by his subjects.

The arrival of construction workers with their tools enthralled the youths and old people, having patiently waited for the day the long dilapidated Bank junction-Iloro-Railway Station road would be fixed.

Nigerian Tribune gathered that the road is significant to the town being an agrarian community which relies on use of road transportation to take their farm products to markets within and outside the town.

And when what is known as motor grader commenced work, it was jubilation galore in different compounds that make up the ancient town with some rushing out to confirm the good news and witness the work.

The road was not graded alone, it was covered with grey gravel, an assurance of its durability as said by the Olowuduring an inspection to the road in company of his chiefs and aides.Oba Oyelude, who doubles as the Chairman, Council of Owu Oba and Chiefs, said what is worth doing at all is what doing well, hence the quality of job done on the road.

Oba Oyelude explained that he did not believe in doing things in half measure, adding that he would rather wait till he had enough resources to execute his project as evident in the road rehabilitation.

'I think what we have in this work is evidence of that simple principle of mine, a principle which I had long developed even as a young boy. Again, I think we had waited enough for this moment of rehabilitation. So we can't afford to do a job that would not stand the next rain season. That is why I am saying to you that I am satisfied for the work done so far. This assessment is based on your question. I want to wait and see what I would say at the end of the work,' he said.

Shedding more light on the background to the work, the monarch revealed that such project could not have been a reality without government's assent. Therefore, he pointed out that his contacts, in government at federal level, facilitated the rehabilitation, commending the efforts of his contacts and urging the public to place high value on relationship.

He said since he ascended to the throne of his forefathers, he had seen appreciated better the worth of keeping and maintaining contacts made in the past. Without going into details, Oba Oyelude said not every traditional ruler would leave his palace for Abuja and return with such project, assuring his subject of more dividend of his reign.

'We are not called royal father for the sake of it. We are challenge to always play role of father. How do we play the role? We set agenda and set a target and work toward achieving it. Despite the fact that we are all under government, it our duty to use our contacts to facilitate amenities that would improve lives of our subjects,' he added.

Aside the two-kilometre road, the Olowu has also sponsored the installation of solar light from the entrance of his town through Ikoyi way to the palace to complement social services he had initiated and completed in the past.

'I strongly believe in the aphorism that says the reward for hard work is more work. That is the philosophy I place my service on. The spirit of serving is in all the authentic Owus. When I do for people, I don't expect thank you because my throne, my history, my blood are made to render succor.

'A new Kuta of my dream is realizable with a step to steps. I'm laying a foundation worthy of emulation to pay off in no distance time. I can only call on sons, daughters and residents to join hands with me to build a new Kuta of our dream,' he appealed.

Expressing his optimism on his renewed vision of his town, the outspoken monarch did not mince word in promising to turn the ancient town to tourism have in the nearest future. He said the Anlugbua shrine, which, he revealed, is the historical site of the ancestor of Owu-Kuta, would soon be upgraded to meet world tourism board standard, adding that it is high time his people used the tourism potential to attract development to the town.

As a demonstration of his plan, the monarch said he had set the ball rolling on how to achieve the goal in due course with partnership with tourism investors. Oba Oyelude defended the need to for collaboration on the premise that Public-Private Partnership is the in-thing that drives contemporary economies of the world.

In that regard, he said he is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that all his contacts are explored to achieve the desired result and add his domain to the list of the world tourism destinations.

'I have read how much goes into the economy of Saudi Arabian authorities. I have also read how much also goes into the economy of Israeli's government through the annual pilgrimage by Muslims and Christians. If these countries can make so much from religious tourism, there is no reason we should not also make it through cultural tourism. Anlugbua is our tourism product here in Owu-Kuta, and we are going to tap into it,' he assured.

Recalling the success of the 2018 edition of annual Egungun festival in his town, Oba Oyelude stressed that the turn out of the sons and daughters of the town resident in other towns assuredhim that Owu-Kuta has a rich tourism potential, calling on government to devote more attention to the sector instead of putting all his eggs in one basket.

As the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Owu, Oba Oyelude disclosed that the Royal Union of Owu People (RUOP), formerly known as National Movement of Owu People (NMOP), would hold its Owu National Convention between December 7 and 8, 2018 when the former President Olusegun Obasanjo would be the chief host.

The traditional ruler added that the ancient town of Iwo, some kilometres away from Owu-Kuta, would play host to Owu indigenes across about five states in Nigeria.

'Our regular gathering is demonstration of our unity, which is good for the entire Yoruba nation. We are showing that Owu people are enlightened having held sensitive positions in the country. The first person to have emerged as both military and civilian head of Nigeria government is our blood. This is just one of the accomplishments credited to our people. In unity we stand, and I am looking forward to receive them from all walks of life.
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Date:Dec 4, 2018
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