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With apologies to aesop.

Once upon a time in the ancient city of Jerusalem, three sons were born: one a Jew, one a Christian and one a Moslem. The old woman in charge of the nursery could not see well and, alas, the three babies were mixed up.

The Jew was taken to a Moslem household, the Christian to a Jewish home and the Moslem for baptism in a Christian family.

So it came to pass that when the thee boys grew to manhood, there was bad blood and much hate among Jew, Christian and Moslem, so that the Jew raised as a Moslem slew the Moslem of Christian birth. The Christian, son of Islam, put to sword the Jew born of Christ Birth, and the Moslem, sired by a Jew, strangled the Christian born of Islam.

In the name of all merciful God-Allah-Jehovah--amid great misery and loud lament--the land was drenched with blood.

Moral: Life without religion is better, much better.
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Author:Poluhoff, Nicholas Stephen
Publication:Washington Monthly
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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