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With a rich catalogue, Fusaro's APA Int'l is reaching world wide.

In the U.S. TV market, APA/International Film Distributors, Inc. is distributing more than 800 features from King's Road series which include Inspector Gadget, Here's Lucy, That Girl and, most recently, the T-Rex cartoons that debuted on the Fox Network this season.

APA (the initials do not stand for anything) is a 25-year old company headquartered in Miami, Florida, with offices in Chile and a representative in Colombia. Owned by Rafael Fusaro, a former executive with Promotores Associados of Puerto Rico, APA is now one of the top-ranking distributors to all of the territories in Latin America, including the Caribbean Islands, as well as the U.S. Spanish-speaking TV market. in the words of APA's executive Tomas Silva, APA is at NATPE "to see what's new on the market, but it is also eager to buy and sell."

In attendance at NATPE is the Miami-based Fusaro, the Santiago de Chile-based Jose Miguel Pelaez and Silva, also from Miami.

The 60 year-old Argentinian-born Fusaro, joined APA as general manager in 1981. Previously, since 1964, he had been a minority shareholder and sales executive of Promotores Asociados, a company set up to sell American TV programs to Puerto Rico and to produce and program WAPA-TV station in San Juan.

In 1968, Fusaro worked for the Whiland Co. in Argentina and, before becoming the sole owner of APA, he represented for Latin America U.S. production companies such as TPE, LBS, Warner Bros. and Telepictures.

Early last year, APA began distributing the award winning Cousteau Moments, a series of 100 90-second vignettes on ecology which was praised by the conference of Latin American Presidents.

In addition to the aforementioned 800 features (of which 37 are still in the process of being dubbed), APA acquired for distribution from China Television, the mini-series The Last Emperor produced in its entirety in Bejing.
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Title Annotation:A World of Hispanic TV; Rafael Fusaro
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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