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With a Growth in It Maturity across Much of the FS Sector, Driven by Focus on IT Governance in 2006 the Balance between IT and Non-IT Executives Has Developed Significantly since 2004.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of IT Influencers & Decision Makers in Financial Services (Customer Focus) to their offering.

Vendors need a clear understanding of the way the procurement process for IT products and services works on the end-user side. Gaining this insight depends on understanding who decides what IT solutions to buy, how much to spend on them and where and how to get them. The answer to these questions is not straightforward, since the decision rarely rests in the hands of a single executive.

Scope of this title:

- Gauges the degree of influence various roles have in the IT purchasing process across the financial services industry

- Explores the way purchasing behaviour changes by the type of technology being purchased

- Examines the influence various decision-makers have on IT purchasing in all major Western European and North American markets

- Investigates the correlation between the line of business and the relative influence of the CEO and the CIO

Highlights of this title:

- With a growth in IT maturity across much of the FS sector, driven by focus on IT governance in 2006 the balance between IT and non-IT executives has developed significantly since 2004. However, IT still remains the strongest influencer, particularly for technology infrastructure

- The distribution of decision making authority is concentrated with C-level executives in the French and German markets, with the UK, US and Nordics markets have a more distributed influencer model

- The IT delivery model, as well as level of IT maturity, has a strong influence on the decision making structure, driving strong differences between insurance and retail banking sector, particularly in the involvement of executives outside the C-level positions

Reasons to order your copy:

- Better understand the IT purchasing behaviour of your clients and the influence that certain decision-makers have on it.

- Maximise the effectiveness of you sales and marketing efforts by sending the right messages to the right people within enterprises

- Learn how fine tune your messaging to account for differences in IT influencers between companies in different geographies and lines of business

Content Outline:






Despite the increasing role of business executives, IT remains the critical influencer

An institutions level of IT maturity will significantly influence its decision making processes

At the top-level, IT influencers appear fairly consistent across the financial services sector

However, the CEO & CFO have greater authority in the budget sign-off process

The key influencers are common across regions, aside from business unit heads in the UK

Enterprise applications and business intelligence are driven by the CEO and COO

The COO/ operations Director has strong influence within its sphere of operation

Decision making is consistent, but vendors must understand institution maturity



Definition of topics covered in the Technology Trends service

Extended methodology

Further reading

Ask the analyst

List of Tables

Table 1: How influential are the following roles in your organization when making IT purchasing decisions?

Table 2: How influential are the following roles in your organization in the budget sign-off process?

Table 3: Rank of 2 most influential positions for investment decisions regarding the following technologies

List of Figures

Figure 1: The CIO/ IT department remains dominant influencers in purchasing across the FS industry

Figure 2: The level of IT maturity will impact effectiveness of IT governance and drive decision making

Figure 3: C-level executives have greatest budget sign-off authority

Figure 4: Country variation of influencer's importance in IT decision making

Figure 5: IT influence is greater for IT infrastructure procurement

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Date:Feb 22, 2007
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