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With Zizzle's 2009 Toy Line Value Really Does Come in All Shapes and Sizes.

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. -- In a not so far away placed lived a princess named P.J. Sparkles. Celebrating her 20th birthday, P.J. Sparkles heart lights up with love for you and all of the Sparkle Friends. P.J. has lots of fun adventures with the Sparkle Friends; Dazzle, Sparks , Flare, and Glowee. They all live in a wonderful place called Twinkle Town, a shimmering world to build friendships and make dreams light up with love! Zizzle's P.J. Sparkles is bringing new innovation to the doll aisle this year with a touch of technology and hours of entertainment and play value! By simply pressing her heart; watch in amazement as her Tiara, Earrings, Bracelet and Heart light up! And at bedtime P.J. can also be tucked in bed, as her party dress transforms into warm and cozy pajamas! "We are seeing a big void in the girls' aisle," said industry analyst Gerrick Johnson of BMO Capital, "and that could be filled by either an exciting new line or compelling new introductions from an old favorite like P.J. Sparkles." Products in the P.J. Sparkles line range from $5.99-$24.99.

With over 4 million handheld games sold worldwide, Zizzle's newest introduction is the electronic Jenga Handheld game. The new electronic JENGA handheld game is an exciting twist on the classic favorite. While many games over the years have either featured segment graphics or dot-matrix this is the first one from Zizzle to feature both. With Jenga, kids push or pull the "Jenga Blocks"(like the real toy) to remove a piece of the tower. Players use the "ZOOM-IN" split screen graphics to get into the game action and make sure to watch the balance and tension meter when removing Jenga blocks or they'll all fall down! With a suggested retail price of $19.99 with Zizzle's Jenga Handheld Game you can play against the computer or with a friend.

Following in the footsteps of the award winning Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup, R-Doggee this voice activated loveable junk-yard mutt is part rapper, part surfer dude and part just plain old dog. R-Doggee responds to any kids' commands via voice recognition and can execute fifteen different tricks including simple ones like Come Here and Lay Down to more challenging ones like Bust a Move where R-Doggee break dances or Can you Rap where he bursts out into a song. Suggested retail price is $49.99.

Guitar Blast is the "Strum to the Lights" and "Rock to the Rhythm" Electronic Game. With 10 guitar hits and three extreme music games, Guitar Blast brings out the rock legend in everyone! The music includes classic songs like Iron Man, Slow Ride, Gimme All Your Lovin', What I Like About You and more. The games include the single player Rocker's Challenge - where players try to strum to the built in lights while matching the finger positions and play through the complete song; the multi-player Shredder's Tourney - where up to 4 players are challenged to compete and play a section of the song; and Blast Jam - where players have full control to create their own jams. And a MAJOR feature of Guitar Blast is its ultimate portability. There are no video consoles or TVs required. With a suggested retail price of $39.99 everything is built into this awesomely styled guitar!

Pet 'N' Play is the next generation of virtual pets! With a patented and unique 2D background display that superimposes the 3D dot matrix graphics simply tap the touch screen to control, interact and play with your pet. Pet N' Play features 4 main games, and 15 different touch screen activities featuring sports, acrobatics music and more! Zizzle's Pet N' Play also offers players the opportunity to connect two or more units together to watch and play additional interactive games! With a suggested retail price of $19.99 Pet N' Play offers a single unit featuring one pet and the double unit includes two!
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Date:Feb 16, 2009
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