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With Saturday night comes the time to find whatever makes you glad to be alive.

Byline: By Graeme Whitfield

The only option we have, it seems to me, is to go out tonight and party our butts off.

Let's face it, most of us have spent the week ministering to the harebrained demands of our mental bosses, listening to our co-workers moan about minor medical ailments and, for the most part, facing up to the dawning realisation that most of what we do in our professional life is utterly futile.

We go home to our hellish children, plonk ourselves in front of moronic TV shows and joylessly shovel down the nutrition-free slop we have grabbed out of the freezer and then microwaved back to life.

Is this what we want our lives to become? Are we going to let our fun-free weekdays define who we are?

Heck no.

What we are going to do is say that tonight is Saturday night, we are going to put our cares and worries to one side for a few brief hours and we are going to go out and party our asses off.

Quite how you do that is entirely up to you, of course.

For myself, I favour a little light supper in a local tapas restaurant followed by steady but heavy drinking in the bars of our fine city and then karaoke and disco dancing from midnight until 3am.

For you the act of partying might be very different. Perhaps you prefer a night of high culture at the theatre, singing in a barbershop quartet or playing Knocky Nine Doors with the local street urchins.

For all I know you may get your rocks off by spotting trains, throwing soot at starlings or playing an accordion on the corner of the street while people on stag or hen nights throw half-eaten kebabs at your head.

My point is that it isn't important how you party, just that you do party. Find the thing that makes you glad to be alive - if you're lucky, you might even find someone who feels the same way and will do it with you. Then make sure you do it at least, oooh, twice a month.

Rare, after all, is the man or woman who is lucky enough to spend their life making a living from the very thing in life they enjoy above all others.

We all have to earn a crust somehow, and even those of us who quite like what we do will at some point find ourselves stressed, overworked and demoralised by our lot in life.

You can either accept that as your future and trudge morosely towards the grave or you can say "heck no".

And get out there and party your ass off.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 3, 2007
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