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With Sara Wallis; TODAY'S TV.

CRADLE TO GRAVE (BBC2, 9pm) BOLTON-born comedian Peter Kay playing, of all people, a Cockney docker from "sarf" London, seems like strange casting.

But actually, Kay is a surprisingly good fit as Fred "Spud" Baker, dad of DJ Danny Baker in this comedy based on Baker's autobiography - the hours of voice coaching he went through have clearly paid off.

Peter |in Cradle In this charming sitcom, it's the 1970s and 15-year-old Danny (Laurie Kynaston) is guiding us through the ups and down of life growing up in a council flat in Bermondsey.

And it's a challenge.

Fred is a bit of a wheeler dealer, using his docker job for some "not exactly legitimate" importing and exporting.

This opener sees Danny get caught after sneaking off to make out with his girlfriend Yvonne, then visit the theatre with his sister for an unforgettable (and traumatic) experience.

BOY MEETS GIRL (BBC2, 9.30pm) GOOD on the BBC for casting a transgender actress in the lead of this new sitcom - a thoroughly modern tale about love and life.

Transgender actress Rebecca Root, 46, who was born Graham, stars as Judy, who meets Leo in a bar and has to have that slightly awkward conversation about the fact she used to be a man.

She gets straight to the point: "Leo, I was born with a penis." And from there, Leo (Harry Hepple) has to work out whether this attractive older woman could still be the one for him. It is a sweet and soppy comedy, which Rebecca hopes will challenge prejudices against the transgender community.

Kay as Fred to Grave WORLD'S WEIRDEST EVENTS (BBC2, 8pm) WE'RE used to seeing wildlife expert Chris Packham on Springwatch, so this is a bit of a departure.

We learn about rocks that spontaneously combust the mystery of birds that burst into flames midflight and how in India, rail commuters were astonished when a male macaque got an electric shock and his mate brought him round.

Chris also finds out about 'spider goats', which produce silk in their milk, and a lab that has fused spider silk with human skin - the result can stop a bullet.


Peter Kay as Fred |in Cradle to Grave

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Sep 3, 2015
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