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With Rolls, Taking Aim at Creep-Feed Grinding.

In the European market, Makino is working closely in partnership with Rolls Royce in developing new turbine-blade-machining processes. Makino has developed what it calls "Viper" grinding, which includes patents on the structure of the grinding wheel, precisely directing coolant flow through nozzle designs, and other features to perform what is akin to creep-feed grinding.

The process is aimied at producing the fir-tree roots and end locations in Inconel 718 turbine and compressor blades and nozzle guide vanes.

The builder says it will mean significant production costs savings compared with existing creep-feed-grinding and milling techniques. Rolls Royce began the development before involving Makino. Talks are now under way between the partners over licensing the technology. The technology is based on the CNC manipulation of coolant nozzles during a milling or grinding process, and it greatly eases cutting the difficult-to-machine alloys found in jet engines.

By correspondent Mike Page in London.
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Comment:With Rolls, Taking Aim at Creep-Feed Grinding.
Publication:Metalworking Insiders' Report
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Date:Dec 18, 1998
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