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With European markets expected to shift, Swiss PRW operator positions for future.

With European Markets Expected to Shift, Swiss PRW Operator Positions for Future

Boasting per capita consumption of about 20 kilograms, the Swiss frozen food market continues to grow. Broken out into product segments, the current leaders are: poultry, 28%; vegetables, 19%; potatoes, 19%; fish and seafood, 17%; baked goods, 6%.

Frozen food inventories and turnover are generally increasing. New and improved products, changes in family life styles, and greater microwave oven ownership have stimulated demand. The proliferation and volume increases of new frozen food and ice cream items have impacted on storage capacity in sales outlets, distribution terminals, refrigerated warehouses and distribution vehicles.

Unlike counterparts in other European countries, intervention stocks have little impact on the Swiss referigerated warehouse business. Production surpluses of meat and butter are usually rather low. Even in times of higher surplus production, intervention stocks in national PRWs never exceed 10% of capacity.

While bulk storage in production areas as well as for intervention storage has been an important business for European cold stores, Swiss public refrigerated warehouse specialize in high standard storage and distribution facilities with sophisticated systems. New activities and operations are also commonplace, such as order picking, stock management, break up and many other requested terminal functions. All this is in combination with regular distribution services to all important domestic consumer market as well as to the tourist trade in the Alpine valleys.

The highest concentration of public cold storage capacity is in the region of Basel, where upwards of 75% of imports arrive. From there distribution distances within the country are relatively short: 1-2 hours to the main consumer areas, and 4-5 hours to the holiday and vacation resorts.

Bahnhof-Kuhlhaus AG has been situated in Basel since 1931, while its Mohlin operation has been open for the past eight years. Both are in strategic positions to serve as distribution bases, cross-roads and multimodal platforms for frozen and fresh food traffic to and from Switzerland.

In recent years the company has carried out various modifications and erected modern buildings and facilities to satisfy particular customer needs. Very recently a new office was provided for clients interested in being closer to their products' storage and distribution facilities.

In addition, special refrigerated facilities are under construction to offer cutting and break up facilities for hanging meat in half and quarter sections. This is geared to meet demands of customers operating in the fresh and frozen meat trade.
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Date:Apr 1, 1989
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