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Witch doctors admit:we've no cure for cancer; Conmen's U-turn after Record story.

Byline: By Annie Brown

WITCH doctors who claim to cure cancer backed down yesterday after the Daily Record exposed their profiteering lies.

Sheikh Siduo - who took pounds 350 from our investigators for a cure - at first claimed the medicine had been a gift and the cash had gone to contacts in Africa.

Then Glasgow-based Siduo blamed his poor English for a "misunderstanding".

Another witch doctor, Sheikh Muhamed, who offered a cure for pounds 460, flatly denied he had claimed to clear people of the deadly disease.

Siduo's sale of the "medicine", which was actually ground-down plant material, was secretly filmed by the Record team.

Under the 1939 Cancer Act, it is illegal to claim a cure for cancer.

Siduo also offered our reporters - posing as a couple - medicine to cure infertility.

The total bill would have been pounds 795including Siduo's pounds 40 fee for a spiritual reading.

Last night, we challenged him, accusing him of acting illegally and profiting from desperate and vulnerable people.

Siduo said: "The medicine I just gave you. The pounds 350 is for these people who are acting for you."

He said contacts in Africa were helping with the ailments and that the money had gone to them. He added: "Maybe we had a misunderstanding because my English is not very good."

Our film shows Siduo selling our reporters the cancer "cure" and promising to produce another medicine for infertility for additional cash.

He watches calmly as the cash is counted, then hands a reporter a piece of scrap paper containing the powder.

He tells them the cancer will go away if the powder is added to bath water and bathed in Muhamed, also based in Glasgow, was filmed telling the reporters: "Cancerous cells will be clear. The sickness has to be clear if youwant a baby."

But last night, despite our filmed evidence, he insisted: "I didn't say to anyone I can cure cancer."

However, when asked if he could cure infertility, he said: "Yes, if you have a problem with your partner or you have a family problem, I can help you. The medicine can help because I do prayers."

Last night, we handed over our dossier to police, who say the men are now under investigation


OUR STORY: Witch doctors exposed
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 14, 2005
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