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Wisteria trellis shades garden walk.

A graceful pergola leads from the street to a rear studio in this Mill Valley, California, garden. Draped with a mantle of wisteria vines, the slender structure stretches 7 feet across a gravel path and extends 40 feet lengthwise from a pair of redwood gates hung at the end.

To support the vines, landscape architect Scott Smith of Terra Group designed U-shaped frames linked by five rows of 8-foot-long 1-by-4s. Sturdy crossbeams and brackets cut from 2-by- I 2s slot into posts that stand 7 feet above ground. Posts are built up from 2-by-4s: two outer 2-by-4s extend 1 5 inches above a center one to sandwich the curved top pieces. The posts are set 18 inches into the ground. As a finishing detail, 1-by-4s cover the sandwiched edges of the 2-by-4s; notches receive each bracket. Round-head brass woodscrews and glue hold all the pieces together.

For the gate, upright 1-by-2s and 1-by-6s fit between horizontal 1-by-8s in front and back.
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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