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Wise to mind your language; LETTERS.

Wise to mind your language THE problem with Guto Bebb's choice of phrase is one of context; in an impassioned debate between two Welsh speakers, the words 'twll din' might well be on the tip of the tongue - the more forthright politician may even be moved to use it.

Fellow Conservative MP Anne Marie Morris's recent use of a racially-offensive term is unacceptable and unpardonable for precisely the same reason.

However, the nature of the written word is the opportunity to pause, reflect, and then edit - we can assume only that Mr Bebb feels it entirely apposite to think of, and refer to, his constituents in this manner.

Whatever one's feelings toward civil servants (average salary PS25k p.a.), use of this term, in Welsh or English, by police, paramedics, HMRC or any other, would result in a final warning or, most likely, instant dismissal.

Mr Bebb (PS74,000 per annum) seemingly has no such pressure. Bechod.

Andy Valentine Llanaelhaearn.

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Jul 13, 2017
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