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Wisdom in the Crowdsource.

2018 BMWs with camera-based Advanced Driver Assist Systems will be nodes In a real-time crowdsourcing system with Mobileye (, a computer vision and machine-learning firm. In the short term, the project is all about generating real-time mapping systems and producing safer navigation systems. In the longer-term, the companies see it as one of many system-level precursors to autonomous driving.

The cameras will act as "intelligent agents, the companies say, funneling up to 10 kilobytes every kilometer of anonymized data through Mobileye processors and software, to the cloud. All this data will create high definition maps to anticipate traffic snarls, find better routes or help drivers find elusive parking spaces. BMW and Mobileye will partner with mapping and location service firm HERE to create continuously updating maps.The end result, says BMW, will be bringing "highly automated" driving by 2021 in the form of BMW's iNext model.

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Title Annotation:GEAR: TECH WATCH
Author:Anderson, Scott
Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Apr 1, 2017
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