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Wisconsin groups to fight a lowering of state's current blood-alcohol limit.

Wisconsin groups to fight a lowering of state's current blood-alcohol limit

Wisconsin's brewers and wholesalers announced plans to fight proposed state legislation that would lower the legal blood-alcohol level, according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal.

The proposed law under scrutiny, sponsored by Sen. Lynn Adelman (D-New Berlin), would lower the level at which one is legally intoxicated from 0.1 percent to 0.08 percent. James Doyle, Wisconsin attorney general, expressed his support for the proposal.

In an effort to fight the bill, the beer industry will utilize statistics, saying that the new law will merely take up police time without reducing the problem.

"We think that the real problem that needs to be addressed with drunken driving is the percentage of drivers who are repeat offenders," Tom Sheforgen, executive vice president, Wisconsin Beer Wholesalers Association, said in the article.

Area brewers agree with wholesalers. "It's an easy issue to misconstrue," reported Richard Klemp, Miller Brewing Co.'s director for government affairs. "Miller, all of its employees, distributors and consumers, are unalterably opposed to drunken driving. We're all potential victims. But the 0.08 bill is the right problem and the wrong solution."

Both Klemp and Sheforgen noted that those who abuse the current legal limit will continue to do so even if it is lowered, while responsible users risk being penalized.

"Our position is that we need to enforce the current law," Klemp continued. "Get those drivers off the road who have alcohol abuse problems."
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Title Annotation:Wisconsin Beer Wholesalers Association
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 28, 1991
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