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Wiscold helps its customers strengthen their hold on the cold.

How important to a processor is quality, hassle-free cold storage? Often, it is the difference between making profits, and simply going through the motions.

Since 1915, WISCOLD, INC. has helped its customers profit. It has done so by adhering to a twofold mission: build strategically located, state-of-the-art facilities, and offer unique services that complement that base cold storage business. Wiscold now offers 23.1 million cubic feet of full-service, multi-temperature storage throughout the Midwest.

The company constantly looks for innovative ways to meet the distribution and processing needs of its customers. That includes just about every production and distribution service imaginable, from IQF freezing to freight consolidation.

Founded in Milwaukee, Wiscold currently offers four strategic Midwest locations: two in the Milwaukee area, one in Rochelle, IL, and one in Beaver Dam, WI.

Rochelle: The Chicago Bypass

As most processors know, three important words in distribution are location, location, and location. This is why so many use ROCHELLE COLD STORAGE in Rochelle, IL. From one centralized location, a processor can handle all Midwest distribution needs. At the same time, that customer can enjoy substantial savings by avoiding the added expenses of the Chicago area.

Conveniently located at the intersection of Interstates 88 and 39, Rochelle also offers easy access to Interstates 80, 90, 94, 294, 55, 57, 72, and 74. It is served by two major railroads: the Burlington Northern and Chicago & Northwestern.

Customers can save as much as 25% on each rail shipment through direct service via many competitive rail lines, and receive maximum flexibility through Rochelle's two on-premise rail switch engines.

First Class Facilities And Operations

Even though location is important, it is not everything. Rochelle Cold Storage combines its great location with state-of-the-art facilities and distribution services.

* Over 10.6 million cubic feet of state-of-the-art, multi-temperature storage from -20|degrees~F to +40|degrees~F.

* Blast freezing.

* Completely automated, constantly monitored refrigeration equipment.

* Fully computerized inventory management system using complete EDI capabilities, including WINS.

* Customized inventory reporting and recall documentation.

* Unitized loading or unloading capabilities.

* Fully racked storage for maximum product protection.

With an eye toward service, Rochelle Cold Storage has a 16 hour per day operation, Monday through Friday, plus regularly scheduled service Saturday and Sunday.

RDS Improves ROI

Rochelle Distribution Services (RDS) has the resources to improve the bottom lines of its many customers. RDS provides big savings on both inbound and outbound freight costs thanks to regular weekly scheduled shipments to over 75 million consumers in the Midwest marketing area.

Of course, full transportation services include much more: scheduling, rate and carrier development, rate negotiations, plus truck spotting and loading services.

For volume rate benefits, shipments are consolidated with other frozen refrigerated processors. RDS prepares all necessary documentation and acts as the shipper's agent for all pooled shipments. ROCHELLE DISTRIBUTION SERVICES (RDS) handles payment of all transportation charges, then passes along to each processor the proper portion of the cost.

Customers can also receive customized distribution programs tailored to their individual service, storage, and throughput needs.

Intermodal Savings

By moving shipments directly from train to truck or vice versa, Rochelle helps customers enjoy significant savings to and from the west coast. Rochelle's transloading center is fully equipped to help customers take advantage of intermodal savings.

Rochelle offers quick, low-cost eastbound transloading and truck spotting services, plus westbound transloading for exports through the ports of Oakland/San Francisco, Long Beach/Los Angeles, and Tacoma/Seattle or to regional distribution centers.

Northern Exposure

For over 30 years, MOHAWK COLD STORAGE has provided efficient, cost-effective service for processors, foodservice and retail distributors, wholesalers, and chain stores.

* 4.3 million cubic feet of multi-temperature storage, from -15|degrees~F to +40|degrees~F.

* Fully racked storage for product protection.

* Computerized inventory management with complete EDI capabilities, including WINS.

* Daily blast freezing capability of 750,000 pounds.

* 35 truck spots and 7-car private rail siding serviced by the Chicago Northwestern Railroad.

* A corporate-owned, refrigerated truck fleet offering convenient, cost-effective access to Wisconsin, Michigan's upper peninsula and eastern Minnesota.

Wiscold's motor carrier, Wisconsin Refrigerated Services, provides weekly pooled distribution services, plus customized Just-In-Time delivery programs to major retailers and foodservice customers.

Milwaukee's Finest

Processors and food distributors really appreciate the convenience and versatility of WISCONSIN COLD STORAGE, Wiscold's original facility. Strategically located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cold Storage provides easy access to the central city and to outlying areas.

Wisconsin Cold Storage's strict, temperature-controlled rooms provide storers with all the versatility and flexibility they need. With temperatures ranging from -20|degrees~F to +55|degrees~F, a wide variety of products can be stored at many diverse temperature ranges.

Wisconsin Cold Storage also features blast freezing and USDA inspection and certification capabilities. Advantages like these have made Milwaukees finest cold storage operation an important part of Wiscold's Midwest storage network.

Processing at Badger

Wiscold also features extensive vegetable processing capabilities at BADGER COLD STORAGE, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with a total storage capacity of 7.2 million cubic feet.

Opened in 1975, Badger combines the maximum storage density usage of a high rise stacker crane operation along with the flexibility of a conventional freezer building. This combination offers both handling and storage economies to its customers.

Since its inception, Badger has offered vegetable processing and foodservice packaging services. Recent expansions have helped meet the increased demand for frozen fruits and vegetables from the Midwest, and reaffirms Wiscold's commitment to the Wisconsin food processing industry. IQF freezing and blanching capabilities now stand at 85 million pounds annually.

The Bottom Line: Cold Cash

As you can see, Wiscold's commitment to Midwest cold storage remains as strong now as it was in 1915. By combining outstanding locations with innovative production and distribution services, Wiscold has helped its customers save money, and strengthen their hold on the cold.
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