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Wireless chipset.

Integration Associates has introduced its EZRadio[TM] FSK (frequency shift keying) receiver/transmitter chipset for wireless applications in toys, consumer electronics, automotive and building security. It is said to be the first device to combine an Automating Antenna Tuning technology (patent pending) in an integrated RF chipset that provides connectivity for low power, low data rate RF communications. The chipset offers full integration, with one external component required--the crystal. For simple applications, EEPROM mode allows complete data transmitter operation without requiring a microcontroller. Radio management functions such as data recovery and timing are performed by EZRadio. Additional features include an available clock source, software configurable frequencies, fast frequency hopping, and a high-impedance loop antenna can be etched directly into the circuit board. The EZRadio chipset consists of the IA4220 FSK transmitter and the IA4320 FSK receiver. Integration Associates


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Title Annotation:Microwave & RF Components
Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:May 1, 2004
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