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Wireless LAN emulation.

The WaveTest Traffic Generator/Analyzer is a wireless LAN and Ethernet performance test platform, capable of stress testing a complete WLAN network, including access points and WLAN switches. Designed for enterprise users that want to make the right choice when selecting WLAN equipment for deployment in their networks, the solution provides simultaneous generation of traffic from thousands of 802.11 and Ethernet clients, with line-speed analysis of the behavior of the system being tested. The WaveTest 90 chassis contains up to nine WaveBlades--independent traffic generators/performance analyzers. WaveBlade WiFi supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g client emulation, while WaveBlade Ethernet supports IEEE 802.3 client emulation. Each WaveBlade card emulates up to 500 WLAN or 1,000 Ethernet clients across single or multiple subnets. Larger network scale can be achieved by daisy-chaining up to six WaveTest 90 chassis for a total of 27,000 emulated clients.--Veriwave

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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