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Wired Environments announces national dial-up internet access.

Wired Environments announced today that the firm now offers the nation's most affordable, convenient and reliable dial-up access-a cost-effective alternative to "always-on" Internet service. Companies around the country have grown tired of unreliable dial-up providers who are "here today and gone tomorrow." Finally, Wired Environments, the nation's leading integrated communications service provider, has announced that the firm will offer a venue for individuals to communicate with their office from home, hotels, airports or satellite offices.

Today, there is a faster way for professionals to communicate with their remote sales forces from their home offices or on the road, and a more cost-effective alternative than Federal Express, UPS or faxes. Wired Environments will offer this unique dial-up service powered by Datatone Dial-Up Access. As an Internet Service Provider, Wired Environments has been providing the Datatone Dial-Up product since 1995 and is experienced at delivering dial-up access.

According to Jason Krauss, president of Wired Environments, "Prior to our new nationwide dial-up offering, telecommunications customers worried that dial-up access would have limited availability, especially after all the free dial-up providers disappeared. Our customers require fast, reliable dial-up services that are accessible from their offices, homes, hotels, airports, or branch offices. Datatone Dial-Up Internet access delivers that convenience. Using a local access number, the end-user dials in to our service, reaches the Internet and simply pays local telephone charges in addition to our low monthly fee."

"The dial-up option is only one of several access options provided by Wired Environments. Whether a single industrial location or a multi-tenant office building, companies can choose from: high speed(1.54 Mbps) dedicated or shared T1 lines, Business DSL(up to 1.54Mbps), and l28Kpbs ISDN lines," added Krauss. Today, choice is of primary importance. to businesses that want to streamline telecommunications services and receive only the service options they need at any one time.

Wired Environments' dial-up customers may select from 1,027 national access numbers at a fee of only $17.95 per month for unlimited usage-allowing customers to surf the web as much or as little as they like. All Wired Environments Internet access customers receive web-enabled e-mail that includes global access to email-anytime, anywhere and the ability to receive and send e-mail from anywhere -- no special equipment or software required. All you need is a computer, Internet access, and browser.

Wired Environments is an Internet-based technology company providing affordable enterprise-level information technology solutions to small to medium size businesses. The Long Island, NY-based company offers cost-effective high-speed connectivity solutions, bandwidth enabled applications and managed data solutions to businesses in multi-tenant office buildings. Wired Environments provides local sales and support from its seven branch offices across the United States.
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Date:Mar 21, 2001
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