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Wire cylinder protests flowers from bouncing basketball.

Wire cylinder protects flowers from bouncing basketball

This court has three baskets: one is up high for a ball to go through; two flank the garage door to protect flower containers from bad rebounds and wild shots. Without such protection, the flowers would probably look like silage by the end of Jacob Reeder's first game of around-the-world.

At planting time, his parents, Linda and Tom Reeder of Seattle, slip a 3-foot-high cylinder of old fencing (joined with wire) over the top of each whiskey half-barrel.

To keep the backetball from crashing through the top, they tie twine across the opening.

As the plants grow, they use the wire cylinders for support; eventually they spill out the sides and poke through the top, concealing barrels and wire alike by midsummer.

When the backetball hits the wire framework, it sometimes breaks the ends off a few stems, but for the most part, the plants remain undamaged.

Photo: By midsummer, wire skeleton supports cascading petunias, directs daisies and scarlet sage out top. Shaped into a cylinder barely wider than half-barrel planter, fencing went on after flowers were planted

Photo: Half-barrel anchors tall, snug wire sleeve. Twine criss-crosses top
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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