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Wire and Cable Markers.


Westmoreland, NH, USA

Polyonics has introduced flame retardant wire and cable markers for the aerospace industry. According to the company, the identification of wire and cable bundles inside an aircraft requires robust materials that will not unwrap or fall off when subjected to harsh fluid and chemical attacks found in the aerospace manufacturing industry. In addition, the industry desires materials that are flame retardant and will not propagate a flame during a fire event. The wire markers used in the aerospace industry need to be able to adhere adhesive to adhesive and act as a flag marker or adhere uniformly around the diameter of a wire or cable for identification and tracking.

Equipped with an ultra-aggressive acrylic adhesive and based on polyimide film, Polyonics has developed a line offlame retardant wire markers to withstand the harsh environments not only in the aerospace industry, but electrical and commuter railway applications. The thick adhesive is designed to provide the highest bond strength so the marker will not come apart or unwrap in the harshest conditions.

This construction has been evaluated to meet the Boeing FAR 25.853 & 25.855 test specification for flammability and the Boeing Safety Standards for smoke (BSS7238) and toxicity (BSS7239). Furthermore, the XF-641 (white) and XF-647 (yellow) products have passed the stringent Boeing 1347J specification for fluid resistance. This method includes exposure to harsh fluids such as low density aviation hydraulic fluid, jet fuel and lubricating oil.

Applications for XF-641 and XF-647 include wire marking, cable identification, avionics, battery labels, electronic devices, and wire bundles. 603-352-1415,

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