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Wiping up for science. (Company Cameo).

With the proliferation of the wipes market continuing, Lymtech Scientific, Chicopee, MA, distinguishes itself among wipe converters by producing disposable wipes for specified purposes such as contamination control in the cleanroom, aerospace, electronics, nuclear, medical and pharmaceutical markets. In 1970, Lymtech Scientific was founded after executives at its parent company, John R. Lyman, saw a growing need for more wiping products in the electronics and cleanroom industries.

Approximately 70% of Lymtech Scientific's business is derived from wipes used in the cleanroom, aerospace, biotech, electrofusion (gas pipeline installation) and pharmaceutical industries as well as in cleaning nuclear power plant facilities during periods of downtime. The remaining 30% of company sales is generated from the John R. Lyman Company's industrial grade wipes.

Lymtech Scientific's wipes are made from hydroentangled polyester and/or cellulose fibers. The company produces Lymsat alcohol-saturated wipes to clean circuit board assembly pieces and electrofusion, while its Surface Mount Technology (SMT) wiping rolls are used to clean stencils for circuit boards. The company's Lymwrite, Extreme Clean and Purity Wipes brands are used in cleanrooms.

Among the other products fueling Lymtech Scientific's business are lint-free and chemical resistant wipes, which clean the inside of aircrafts, including tiles and fuselage. Meanwhile, Lymtech Scientific's pharmaceutical industry wipes are validated sterile through gamma irradiation to clean and sterilize in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In addition to keeping a focus on these specialized contamination control markets, Lymtech Scientific executives are hoping to see a rebirth in the electronics market as a future outlet for its wipes. "During the past few years, there was an over-production in the electronics market, which eventually corrected itself. We expect growth in this industry to resume," explained William Wright, president.

Lymtech Scientific

60 Depot Street

Chicopee, MA 01014

Telephone: 413-592-4111

Fax: 413-592-4112


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Title Annotation:Lymtech Scientific makes disposable wipes for specified purposes such as contamination control
Comment:Wiping up for science. (Company Cameo).(Lymtech Scientific makes disposable wipes for specified purposes such as contamination control)
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Date:May 1, 2003
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