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Wipes perforator.

The new ENR 1000 Series automatic nonwoven wipes perforator re-winder from Eisner Engineering Works offers the capability to unwind, perforate, slit and rewind a predetermined number of nonwoven product sheets per roll--automatically from 42-inch-wide rolls. The ENR-1000 produces six, seven-inch-wide finished rolls per log at up to 15 logs per minute, providing 90 finished rolls per minute. Shear slitting is standard on the ENR 1000 Series rewinders. Web widths range from 12 to 42 inches (300-1060mm) and the maximum rewind diameter is 10 inches (250 mm). The ENR winds on a shaft and can handle the new, softer nonwoven products previously unable to be rewound on a purely coreless machine in widths more than 18 inches. A touch screen operator interface offers quick set-up and easy adjustment for slit width. The precision rotary shear perforator is servo-controlled for infinite pitch length adjustment from six to 24 inches.


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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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