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DO VS. MD... HEART ATTACKS IN WINTER... EXCESSIVE HUNGER. Wanagat, Jonathan Feb 1, 2021 690
BOLD NEW Beauty: Look your GLOWIEST. Reimel, Erin Jan 27, 2021 987
Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus)'s winter diets in northwestern Turkey (Thrace)/Kirbaykusu (Asio flammeus)'nun Trakya'daki kis besin tercihi. Gungor, Umut; Bacak, Ergun; Beskardes, Vedat Report Jan 1, 2021 3187
In from the Cold: Livestock are resilient in winter, but you can ease the chill with these steps to lessen their stress. Rapp, Callene Dec 1, 2020 1658
Bridge the Growing Seasons with Real Greenery: Plant evergreens in your landscape to harvest for all-winter cheer. Whitacre, Benjamin Oct 1, 2020 2090
Cover a Lot of Ground with Winter Cover Crops: Planting your plots in fall can build nutrient-rich soil that vegetables will appreciate months later, in spring. Dawling, Pam Oct 1, 2020 2404
Without Pity. Trott, Stephanie C. Short story Sep 22, 2020 5557
The Long Winter Verifying Laura Ingalls Wilder's Account of 1880/81. Jul 1, 2020 2280
Measure. Williard, Jess Poem Jun 22, 2020 602
3. Black Earth. Willard-Crist, Jake Poem Mar 22, 2020 201
In the New Land. Burke, Mark Anthony Poem Mar 22, 2020 267
Another Rainy Morning in Ohio. Grandbois, Peter Poem Mar 22, 2020 278
2. Black Milk. Willard-Crist, Jake Poem Mar 22, 2020 198
Winter Evening. Plumly, Stanley Poem Nov 1, 2019 321
Winter season and upcoming gas crises. Shaikh, Nazir Ahmed Oct 27, 2019 1032
Press Releases - SSGC launches winter safety campaign; stresses on safe and ethical gas use. Oct 27, 2019 488
False Sun. Balogh, Timea Short story Sep 22, 2019 5820
Wintertime Smog Tied to Rise in Heart Procedures. Report Aug 23, 2019 370
January. Davis, Carol V. Poem Jun 22, 2019 299
Research Roundup. May 1, 2019 308
The Nothing That Is. Bauer, Grace Sonnet Mar 22, 2019 155
Soundtrack for a Frame of Winter. Phillips, Carl Poem Mar 1, 2019 325
The Winter the Heat Was Turned Off. Tran, Nghiem Poem Mar 1, 2019 198
Instant Energy Upgrades. Flynn, Sarah Wassner Feb 1, 2019 1075
Buffering Role of Coping Strategies in the Relationship between Seasonality and Winter Depression in High and Low Altitudes of Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2018 3745
Night. Wood, Raleigh Scott Poem Sep 22, 2018 161
Winter in St. Augustine. Myers, Jason (American poet) Poem Sep 22, 2018 306
January, Gunflint. Muzzi, Charlotte Poem Sep 22, 2018 250
LITTLE BOOTS. Strokina, Anastasia Poem Sep 22, 2018 164
INFLUENCE OF PLANTING DESIGNS ON WINTER THERMAL COMFORT IN AN URBAN PARK. Afshar, Nima Karimi; Karimian, Zahra; Doostan, Reza; Nokhandan, Majid Habibi Report Sep 1, 2018 4770
Floristic composition of weeds in different winter and summer covers. Caratti, Fernanda Cassiane; Lamego, Fabiane Pinto; Reinehr, Marcela; Fabiani, Mirian Fracasso; Frizo Report Jul 1, 2018 5944
Overlooked Tips for Spring Pest Control: TAKE ACTION IN SPRING TO KEEP UNWANTED INSECTS AWAY ALL YEAR. Morton, Jennie Apr 1, 2018 780
Managed winter flooding of alfalfa recharges groundwater with minimal crop damage. Dahlke, Helen E.; Brown, Andrew G.; Orloff, Steve; Putnam, Daniel; O'Geen, Toby Report Mar 1, 2018 7074
Spring is in the Air. Freeman, Pam Editorial Mar 1, 2018 277
Dry Winters Linked to Flu Outbreaks. Feb 1, 2018 358
Unusually Deep Wintertime Cirrus Clouds Observed over the Alaskan Subarctic. Campbell, James R.; Peterson, David A.; Marquis, Jared W.; Fochesatto, Gilberto J.; Vaughan, Mark A. Report Jan 1, 2018 2834
MORE-PERSISTENT WEAK STRATOSPHERIC POLAR VORTEX STATES LINKED TO COLD EXTREMES: Over recent decades, the stratospheric polar vortex has shifted toward more frequent weak states, which can explain Eurasian cooling trends in boreal winter in the era of Arctic amplification. Kretschmer, Marlene; Coumou, Dim; Agel, Laurie; Barlow, Mathew; Tziperman, Eli; Cohen, Judah Report Jan 1, 2018 7392
10. EXTREME CALIFORNIA RAINS DURING WINTER 2015/16: A CHANGE IN EL NINO TELECONNECTION?: Failure of heavy rain in Southern California during the 2016 strong El Nino compared to flooding rains during the 1983 strong El Nino does not constitute a climate change effect. Quan, Xiao-Wei; Hoerling, Martin; Smith, Lesley; Perlwitz, Judith; Zhang, Tao; Hoell, Andrew; Wolter Report Jan 1, 2018 2262
14. ATTRIBUTION OF WINTERTIME ANTICYCLONIC STAGNATION CONTRIBUTING TO AIR POLLUTION IN WESTERN EUROPE: Climate simulations suggest a potential increase in frequency of stagnant wintertime conditions that prevailed over northwestern Europe in December 2016: it is significant in one multimodel ensemble but not in two single-model ensembles. Vautard, Robert; Colette, Augustin; Van Meijgaard, Erik; Meleux, Frederik; Van Oldenborgh, Geert Jan Report Jan 1, 2018 3050
16. WARM WINTER, WET SPRING, AND AN EXTREME RESPONSE IN ECOSYSTEM FUNCTIONING ON THE IBERIAN PENINSULA. Sippel, Sebastian; El-Madany, Tarek S.; Migliavacca, Mirco; Mahecha, Miguel D.; Carrara, Arnaud; Fla Report Jan 1, 2018 3088
Winter related conditions: When I was asked to write a short article on Winter-related conditions I thought it would be easy. Holland, David Column Jan 1, 2018 933
Our Last Good Winter. Scott, Brittney Poem Jan 1, 2018 147
The Seasonal Beauty OF THE Adirondacks. Heilman, Carl, II Dec 1, 2017 405
Winter-Ready. Popa, Emily Brief article Dec 1, 2017 137
How We Knew It Was Winter. Kucharczyk, Carlene Poem Sep 22, 2017 314
Almanac Traction. Mountain, Alicia Poem Sep 22, 2017 177
Overwinter. Johnson, L.A. Poem Sep 1, 2017 204
Winterkill. Lee, David Dodd Poem Jun 22, 2017 197
Abstracts of presentations at the 2016 (126th) Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science. Abstract Jun 1, 2017 29484
Winter departs: watch this month as the winter sky transitions into spring. Schaaf, Fred Apr 1, 2017 641
Another Winter Tundra. Wolak-Dinsmore, Justyna Mar 1, 2017 441
Winterize your immune defenses. Downey, Michael Report Feb 1, 2017 4067
Winter markets. Stonebrook, Shelley Brief article Feb 1, 2017 116
Simulation of the Impacts of Urbanization on Winter Meteorological Fields over the Pearl River Delta Region. Luo, Naixing; Zeng, Liping; Lin, Wenshi; Li, Fangzhou; Jiang, Baolin; Li, Jiangnan Report Jan 1, 2017 3824
Arctic-Mid-Latitude Linkages in a Nonlinear Quasi-Geostrophic Atmospheric Model. Handorf, Dorthe; Dethloff, Klaus; Erxleben, Sabine; Jaiser, Ralf; Kurgansky, Michael V. Report Jan 1, 2017 4581
Dynamical Modulation of Wintertime Synoptic-Scale Cyclone Activity over the Japan Sea due to Changbai Mountain in the Korean Peninsula. Shimizu, Hiroyuki; Kawamura, Ryuichi; Kawano, Tetsuya; Iizuka, Satoshi Report Jan 1, 2017 6321
Extreme-weather winters more common. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 463
Winter Wonderland. Wilson, Keith Dec 1, 2016 1920
Our winter search for meaning: what we did when Amazon prime became our God. Ozment, Katherine Nov 1, 2016 998
A real live frogsicle. Southard, Meredith Nov 1, 2016 235
The seasonal grind: preparing the homestead for winter was just one part of the periodic tasks that bring homestead memories to mind. Nelson, Jerry Sep 1, 2016 1097
Winter Leaves. Glose, Bill Poem Mar 22, 2016 122
A thousand stars: count the possibilities in the night skies of winter. Schaaf, Fred Feb 1, 2016 637
Rabbit season: in the depths of winter, spending a day photographing a small, wary, long-eared mammal high above the snowline in the Scottish Highlands is not to be taken lightly. Wilson, Keith Jan 1, 2016 1698
Winter. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 143
Striking desert gold: will a wet winter bring a spring super bloom to death valley? Christopher, Todd Travel narrative Jan 1, 2016 504
After Shakespeare's "When Icicles Hang by the Wall". Ritterbusch, Dale Poem Jan 1, 2016 220
Poor Harvest Could Spell Hard Winter For Rural North Koreans. Dec 30, 2015 735
Arctic warms up in dark winters: thinning ice may increase heat-trapping moisture in air. Sumner, Thomas Dec 26, 2015 502
Winter warm-up with chili. Mclndoo, Heidi Report Dec 1, 2015 2976
Natural gas prices and the extreme winters of 2011/12 and 2013/14: causes, indicators, and interactions. Schreck, Carl J., III; Bennett, Stephen; Cordeira, Jason M.; Crouch, Jake; Dissen, Jenny; Lang, Andr Nov 1, 2015 7785
How do atmospheric rivers form? Dacre, H.F.; Clark, P.A.; Martinez-Alvarado, O.; Stringer, M.A.; Lavers, D.A. Report Aug 1, 2015 6806
Wise Men. Nicholl, Greg Poem Jun 22, 2015 224
Why Do Seasons Affect Our Health? May 29, 2015 564
Vehicular networking road weather information system tailored for arctic winter conditions. Sukuvaara, Timo; Maenpaa, Kari; Ylitalo, Riika; Konttaniemi, Heikki; Petajajarvi, Juha; Veskoniemi, Report Apr 1, 2015 6176
Winter habitat use by mule deer in Idaho and Montana. Smith, Sonja M.; Krausman, Paul R.; Painter, Greg Report Mar 22, 2015 12679
This Time of Year.... Mesyats, Vadim Poem Mar 22, 2015 172
Winters. Rogers, Freeman Poem Mar 22, 2015 118
Winter preparedness for vulnerable populations. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 233
Switching to gas puts Acropolis residents ahead of the storm. Jan 28, 2015 482
Cypress on Ice. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 220
Leaves that won't leave. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 188
After the fall. Houston Pam Essay Jan 1, 2015 616
Star charts for winter. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 318
The backyard sky winter: embrace the cold nights of winter to observe these seasonal delights. Mollise, Rod Jan 1, 2015 2052
Silent Night: Love in a Cold Climate. Friesen, Eric Essay Dec 22, 2014 2178
Aspects of the winter ecology of bats on Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Burles, Douglas W.; Fenton, M. Brock; Barclay, Robert M.R.; Brigham, R. Mark; Volkers, Diane Report Dec 22, 2014 7208
Experience winter in our national parks. Dec 1, 2014 953
Winter conditions in six European shallow lakes: a comparative synopsis. Dokulil, Martin T.; Herzig, Alois; Somogyi, Boglarka; Voros, Lajos; Donabaum, Karl; May, Linda; Noge Report Sep 1, 2014 6587
MPING: crowd-sourcing weather reports for research: an app for smartphones allows citizen scientists to provide observations about winter precipitation type at the surface at least equivalent in quality to human-augmented Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) observations. Elmore, Kimberly L.; Flamig, Z.L.; Lakshmanan, V.; Kaney, B.T.; Farmer, V.; Reeves, Heather D.; Roth Sep 1, 2014 3969
Architecture billings heating back up after chilly winter. Brief article Jun 25, 2014 286
15 Weeks. Myers, Alicia Rebecca Poem Jun 22, 2014 289
Catfish Seasons. Morocco, Catherine Poem Jun 22, 2014 241
Winter flows in the Mackenzie drainage system. Woo, Ming-ko; Thorne, Robin Report Jun 1, 2014 10769
Avifauna Studies in Co-Relation with Alteration in Climatic Patterns and Hydrology of Uchalli Lake, Punjab, Pakistan. Arshad, Muhammad; Mehmood, Naunain; Muqadas, Hira; Chaudhry, Jamshed; Mustafa, Irfan; Khan, Mobushir Report Apr 30, 2014 7435
Snowflakes on a Hardening Land. King, Robert S. Poem Mar 22, 2014 177
Winter acoustic activity of bats in Montana. Schwab, Nathan A.; Mabee, Todd J. Report Mar 22, 2014 9594
Winter fun at New York's State Parks: there's no reason to think it's off-season. Gibson, Wendy Cover story Feb 1, 2014 827
Winter descends on Iran. Jan 10, 2014 391
Rivers of shortnose sturgeon in winter. Gatenby, Catherine Jan 1, 2014 825
Keeping Warm In Later Life project (KWILLT). Tod, Angela Report Jan 1, 2014 1625
Fight the freeze: a been-there, done-that account of solutions for the five most common winter problems on the homestead. Knerl, Linsey Jan 1, 2014 1386
Seasonality of freeze tolerance in a subarctic population of the wood frog, Rana sylvatica. Costanzo, Jon P.; do Amaral, M. Clara F.; Rosendale, Andrew J.; Lee, Richard E. Report Jan 1, 2014 8939
Is overwinter mortality commonplace in Delaware Bay oyster populations? The ambiguity of dredge efficiency. Powell, Eric N.; Ashton-Alcox, Kathryn A. Report Dec 1, 2013 4756
Assessment of QX and winter mortality disease resistance of mass selected Sydney rock oysters, Saccostrea glomerata (Gould, 1850), in the Hawkesbury River and Merimbula Lake, NSW Australia. Dove, Michael C.; Nell, John A.; McoOrrie, Stephen; O'Connor, Wayne A. Report Dec 1, 2013 5839
Don't be a casualty of the cold. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 462
Why is winter flu season? Brief article Dec 1, 2013 161
Overwintering on planet Concordia. Kumar, Alexander Dec 1, 2013 1774
Transmission of Schmallenberg virus during winter, Germany. Wernike, Kerstin; Kohn, Mareen; Conraths, Franz J.; Werner, Doreen; Kameke, Daniela; Hechinger, Silk Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2013 1287
The Nothing That Is. Bauer, Grace Poem Sep 22, 2013 159
Place. Kohler, Sandra Poem Sep 22, 2013 343
Estimating beaver population trends with a wintertime census. Settell, Mike; Galindo, Ed Abstract Jun 1, 2013 272
The Winter Traveler. Black, Malachi Poem Mar 22, 2013 119
View in Winter. Munk, Jon Poem Mar 22, 2013 128
Dear Reader. Martens, Joe Feb 1, 2013 368
Let it snow. Stegemann, Eileen Feb 1, 2013 635
President's message. Ernst, Neysa Brief article Feb 1, 2013 257
Winter wonderland: the winter months are a great time to have fun keeping your body and mind active and healthy. Nemann, Andy Jan 1, 2013 1171
Effect of the environmental stimuli upon the human body in winter outdoor thermal environment. Kurazumi, Yoshihito; Kondo, Emi; Ishii, Jin; Sakoi, Tomonori; Fukagawa, Kenta; Bolashikov, Zhecho Di Report Jan 1, 2013 7942
Freeze frames: with the coldest winter in 100 years forecast, a prolonged period of sub-zero temperatures will present photographers with a unique opportunity to shoot nature in its frozen state. Keith Wilson highlights the techniques you'll need to make the most of the icy months ahead. Wilson, Keith Jan 1, 2013 1630
No excuses: stay active during the winter from the office to outdoors. Cutler, Sarah Jan 1, 2013 588
Winter warmth, light, and love. Ulrich, Mariette Dec 1, 2012 760
Does old man winter make you SAD? Brief article Dec 1, 2012 230
Snow journeys. Kerwin, Jenna Dec 1, 2012 511
Weirdly warm winter. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 132
Winter temperature inversions and emergency department visits for asthma in salt lake county, Utah, 2003-2008. Beard, John D.; Beck, Celeste; Graham, Randall; Packham, Steven C.; Traphagan, Monica; Giles, Rebecc Report Oct 1, 2012 8767
The Truth About Spring. Veach, Dan Poem Sep 22, 2012 209
Ten Years of Winter. Veach, Dan Poem Sep 22, 2012 170
Making Lunch. Millar, Joseph Poem Sep 22, 2012 185
The birth of winter landscape. Metzger, Alexis; Tabeaud, Martine Critical essay Jul 1, 2012 3490
Winter care for large animals. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 106
Light Snow. Platt, Donald Poem Jun 22, 2012 538
Winter resource selection by female mule deer Odocoileus hemionus: functional response to spatio-temporal changes in habitat. Anderson, Eric D.; Long, Ryan A.; Atwood, M. Paul; Kie, John G.; Thomas, Terry R.; Zager, Peter; Bow Report Jun 1, 2012 7211
Retail in cold climate. Charneux, Roland; Baril, Pierre-Luc Jun 1, 2012 2242
The Old World. Takolander, Maria Poem May 1, 2012 146
Onondaga rain. Onondaga snow. Smith, Bruce (American writer) Poem May 1, 2012 136
In a Western Siberian Wood. Dubie, Norman Poem May 1, 2012 219
High noon in arctic winter. Madin, Kate Brief article Mar 22, 2012 162
No Parable. Cutter, Weston Poem Mar 22, 2012 199
Keeping bats cool in the winter: hibernating bats and their exposure to 'hot' incandescent lamplight. Haarsma, Anne-Jifke; de Hullu, Eva Report Mar 1, 2012 5927
Associations of small migratory and resident birds with two scrub habitats during late winter and spring in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico. Kozma, Jeffrey M.; Burkett, Laura M.; Mathews, Nancy E. Report Mar 1, 2012 5642
Food for thought in a snowless winter. Morin, Mike Viewpoint essay Feb 24, 2012 514
Beat the Winter blues. Ducharme, Stanley Report Feb 1, 2012 1182
In the bleak midwinter: God uses the good times to prepare us for the bad. Webber, David Essay Feb 1, 2012 1192
Lowari: Work after winters. Brief article Jan 31, 2012 159
Destination News Alert - North America. Jan 9, 2012 1165
Winter: this season boasts the sky's brightest stars, clusters, and nebulae. Jan 1, 2012 804
From the editor. Brief article Dec 22, 2011 177
Wanderer: An Essay On Franz Schubert's Winterreise. Leroux, Georges Critical essay Dec 22, 2011 5332
Vivaldi in Winter. Friesen, Eric Critical essay Dec 22, 2011 2418
From the 2011 Winter Meetings: Hello, It's Me. Brown, Maury Dec 4, 2011 496
Not your snow birds: some tough fowl spend winter in Canada, but why? Fenson, Brad Dec 1, 2011 1279
High tolerance of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas, Thunberg) to low temperatures. Strand, A.; Waenerlund, A.; Lindegarth, S. Report Dec 1, 2011 2548
Possibilities for the use of chemicals materials alternative to chlorides for decreasing road slipperiness in winter/ Chloridams alternatyviu cheminiu medziagu naudojimo galimybes keliu slidumui ziema mazinti/ Hloridiem alternativu kimisko materialu izmantosanas iespejas cela slidamibas samazinasanai ziema/ Keemiliste materjalide kasutamine talvisel libedustorjel alternatiivina kloriididele. Laurinavicius, Alfredas; Mazeika, Romas; Vaiskunaite, Rasa; Brimas, Gintautas; Milasius, Sarunas Report Dec 1, 2011 6915
Research into automobile movement on a curve under winter conditions/Automobilio judejimo posukyje tyrimas ziemos salygomis. Kemzuraite, Kristina; Mikaliunas, Sarunas; Sokolovskij, Edgar; Garbincius, Giedrius Report Dec 1, 2011 1700
Arctic ozone hit by cold winter. Nov 1, 2011 271
Deep knowledge. Mona, Carter Kirk Nov 1, 2011 888
After the First Shot. Jones, Saeed Poem Sep 22, 2011 115
Invierno. Dubie, Norman Poem Sep 22, 2011 158
Wintering. Furmanski, Lisa Poem Sep 22, 2011 117
Prey of Harris' hawks (Parabuteo unicinctus) during autumn and winter in a coastal area of central Chile. Santander, Francisco J.; Alvarado, Sergio A.; Ramirez, Piero A.; Figueroa, Ricardo A. Report Sep 1, 2011 3403
Preparing your homestead herd for winter. Cook, Jerri Aug 30, 2011 3203
Eurasian snow pack influences US weather. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 282
Heiros Gamos. Ross, Arra Lynn Poem Jun 22, 2011 163
Evidence. Lusk, Daniel Poem Jun 22, 2011 200
Warm water brings cold winters. Brief article May 1, 2011 205
Analysis of chain saw selective felling operations on damage rate of residual trees during winter time in a mixed conifer-broad-leaved forest in China. Wang, Lihai; Wang, Na; You, Xiangfei; Meng, Chun Apr 1, 2011 5192
Cold Intolerance--a winter nightmare. Hollenbeck, Julia Feb 1, 2011 1020
Keep home warm in winter for better blood pressure control. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2011 319
Hot fun in the winter sun. Cook, Jerri Jan 1, 2011 628
Fall back tactics for rough weather. Preeg, John Jan 1, 2011 497
Keep warm in winter! Belleranti, Guy Jan 1, 2011 156
15 amazing facts about winter. Taylor, Randy Jan 1, 2011 443
Cold comfort. Bass, Rick Reprint Dec 21, 2010 2079
Fresh food in winter. Alterman, Tabitha Dec 1, 2010 1612
The Janus Preface. Komunyakaa, Yusef Poem Nov 1, 2010 304
This winter, get outside. Nov 1, 2010 1590
January. Priest, Daniel Sep 22, 2010 205
Synbiotics and colds. Sep 1, 2010 331
The Day of Winter Clothes. Ye Chun Poem Sep 1, 2010 149
Adopt-a-bud project: an exercise in observation of a tree bud from winter until sprout completion. Digiovanni, Nick; Digiovanni, Jane P.; Henley, Colette Report Aug 1, 2010 2709
Cold winters linked to sun's activity. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 266
Vitamin D levels inadequate during winter months. Finkel, Jon Brief article Apr 1, 2010 245
Effects of prescribed fire on winter assemblages of birds in ponderosa pine forests of northern Arizona. Pope, Theresa L.; Block, William M. Report Mar 1, 2010 3995
Feathered friends of winter. Nelson, Dave Feb 1, 2010 1546
Garden: all winter long: enjoy homegrown produce year-round with a cold frame. Kreiter, Ted Jan 1, 2010 740
10 teeny tiny ways to feel fab this winter. List Dec 1, 2009 323
Healthy winter foods to warm you up. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 266
California goes nuts over declining winters. Dec 1, 2009 325
Be well: staying healthy during the holidays. Gross, Alexandra Nov 1, 2009 807
Poor will's Countryside Almanack for early winter of 2009. Felker, W.L. Nov 1, 2009 4403
Enjoy the outdoors more this winter: managing body heat will help keep you comfortable. Markley, Priscilla Nov 1, 2009 1359
7 easy steps to winterize your house: get ready to weather the cold, and save energy and money. Howard, Brian Clark Oct 5, 2009 821
Feeding Horses in Winter. Reges, Margaret Poem Sep 22, 2009 257
Springtail dries out for the winter: study shows genetic details of arthropod's extreme survival. Sanders, Laura Brief article Aug 15, 2009 288
Kool for kids: cold, wet children are no fun. Dry, warm kids love the snow. Get the right stuff with TOG 24. Buyers guide May 1, 2009 293
From Suite for Winter. McKenzie, Stephanie Excerpt Mar 22, 2009 354
News from the nest. Dunn, Lori Brief article Mar 1, 2009 117
The big chill. Brief article Feb 16, 2009 153
Ask the biologist. Nelson, Dave Brief article Feb 1, 2009 161
Good plan = great garden: Heather Robertson outlines eight steps you can take today that will get you ready to plant once winter's chill is gone. Robertson, Heather Feb 1, 2009 951
If Winter Was a Poet.... Pilarski, Patrick M. Poem Jan 1, 2009 140
Winter care for your chickens. Maupin, Sheryl Jan 1, 2009 1386
Watering your herd in winter. Cook, Wayne; Cook, Jerri Jan 1, 2009 709
Poor Will's Countryside Almanack for deep winter, late winter & early spring 2009. Felker, W.L. Jan 1, 2009 3883
A wintertime garden. Harrald-Pilz, Marilee Jan 1, 2009 288
Garden by design: winter planning makes perfect: 25 tips to save you time and money. Wilson, Ann Jan 1, 2009 1039
Winter warmers: as the world warms, we seem to be seeing less and less snow each winter, which makes it all the more important for photographers to be prepared for action when it does fall. Keith Wilson offers his tips for getting the most out of a winter wonderland. Wilson, Keith Jan 1, 2009 1637
Winter in early Canada. Jan 1, 2009 474
Higher costs in the offing this winter. Dec 22, 2008 715
Get ready for a great year outdoors: from inspiring reading to skill building to trip planning, there are many easy and rewarding ways you can beat the winter blahs. Krautwurst, Terry Dec 1, 2008 2536
Waking in a winter wonderland: no crowds. No mosquitoes. No noise. No heat: winter camping offers a unique adventure. Muller, Jim Dec 1, 2008 1425
Good intentions gone bad: feeding deer in winter can cause more harm than good. Wharton, Donald Dec 1, 2008 1668
Cut your heating bill: ten ways to decrease your energy costs this winter. Huso, Deborah R. Nov 1, 2008 1429
Ask Doctor Cory. Cory Nov 1, 2008 553
Winter protection for evergreens. Miller, Crow Nov 1, 2008 555
Winter carrots under mulch. Miller, Crow Nov 1, 2008 631
Staying warmer in the winter: there is help for old mobile homes. Nosacek, Stephanie C. Nov 1, 2008 1649
Poor Will's Countryside Almanack for late autumn & early winter 2008. Felker, W.L. Nov 1, 2008 4071
Looking for a Hamptons rental? Try winter. Faherty, Christopher Oct 3, 2008 792
The wisdom of the wind. Magness, Jason Sep 1, 2008 1091
Winter precipitation and recruitment of pronghorns in Arizona. McKinney, Ted; Brown, David E.; Allison, Linda Report Sep 1, 2008 4119
Changing of the guard: as winter's celestial camp marches off, spring's kingdom arrives. Schaaf, Fred Apr 1, 2008 531
While they were sleeping: the science behind a long winter's nap. Clynes, Tom Mar 22, 2008 774
Shovels of fun. Cook, Jerri Mar 1, 2008 730
Shake the winter blahs: muddling thorough a mid-season melt-down? Your 'tude is due for a tune-up! Mulcahy, Lisa Feb 1, 2008 1192
Study shows why the flu likes winter influenza virus transmission is dependent on relative humidity and temperature. Lowen, Anice C.; Mubareka, Samira; Steel, John; Palesel, Peter Feb 1, 2008 845
Herbs to keep you moving: CoreyPine Shane helps you get off the couch and stay warm this winter. Shane, CoreyPine Feb 1, 2008 888
Winter walk. Crannell, Rick Feb 1, 2008 510
A wintry mix. McManus, Leslie Feb 1, 2008 398
Pop quiz: with professors Hale and Hearty. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 153
Poor Will's Countryside Almanack For Deep Winter & Early Spring 2008. Felker, W.L. Jan 1, 2008 2949
Wear long red underwear and other ways to celebrate winter. Spinelli, Eileen Brief article Jan 1, 2008 139
Let it snow: preparing your property for winter prevents unforeseen hazards. Hoats, Charlie Jan 1, 2008 1198
Ir-resist-ible snow people. Roche, Kathleen Dec 1, 2007 835
Another warm winter looks to be on tap. Dec 1, 2007 449
Snow days: rural residents tackled drifts with chains and elbow grease. Moore, Sam Dec 1, 2007 1107
Hello, winter. Goodbye, 2007. Cramer, Maggie Editorial Dec 1, 2007 490
Ice roads on track. Katz, Helena Sep 1, 2007 712
Windchill. Hernandez, David (American poet) Poem Jun 22, 2007 129
Top ten ways to keep your children healthy this winter. Benaroch, Roy Mar 1, 2007 358
Fighting off winter blahs. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 334
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Jan 1, 2007 554
In-store clinics gear up for cold, flu season. Dec 18, 2006 646
The light and quiet of winter. Roberts, Tom Editorial Dec 15, 2006 660
8 tips for a healthy winter: tis a dangerous season of bad habits, flu and overexerting outdoors. Here's how to get through winter in good health. Dec 1, 2006 780
Warm winter? Don't count on it. Dec 1, 2006 544
Seasonality a factor. Brief article Sep 11, 2006 126
Manure management and nutrient loss under winter conditions: a literature review. Srinivasan, M.S.; Bryant, R.B.; Callahan, M.P.; Weld, J.L. Jul 1, 2006 8852
Hotel clear of winter bug. Apr 17, 2006 166
Horse Racing: 'Betfair blankets' could be in use by the winter. Apr 16, 2006 304
Ask the doctor. Ferrell, Bruce A. Feb 1, 2006 590
Warming yoga poses for cold winter days. Dollar, Cindy Feb 1, 2006 1954
Winter wellness: answering your body's need for nurturance: pamper yourself with herbalist Karyn Sweet. Sweet, Karyn Feb 1, 2006 1314
Winter wonders: look carefully, and you'll discover that the coldest season is a great time to explore nature. Krautwurst, Terry Dec 1, 2005 1551
Celebrating winter at Rogers Center. DeCesare, Chris Dec 1, 2005 975
Northeast expecting severe winter. Dec 1, 2005 396
UK faces big chill. Brief article Dec 1, 2005 225
Winter storm kit is essential in cold climes. Denver, Tara J. Nov 1, 2005 435
Q&A: preparing for winter. Savage, Isaac Oct 1, 2005 1182
Changes in the histology of cold-hardened oat crowns during recovery from freezing. Livingston, David P., III; Tallury, Shyamalrau P.; Premkumar, Ramaswamy; Owens, Shirley A.; Olien, C Jul 1, 2005 6415
Soil physical quality under cattle grazing of a winter-fed brassica crop. Drewry, J.J.; Paton, R.J. Jul 1, 2005 5482
Extratropical cyclones and precipitation within the Canadian Archipelago during the cold season. Intihar, Matthew R.; Stewart, Ronald E. Jun 1, 2005 9669
Spring Valley Vineyard saves 2004 crop from freeze. Mar 1, 2005 625
Cold enough for you? Well, no. Louiseize, Kelly Brief article Mar 1, 2005 235
Energy efficiency for the winter. Jan 1, 2005 565
Quiet growth. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 165
Winter bliss: experience light and joy this winter. Chubbuck, Pamela L. Dec 1, 2004 1286
Local abundance just around the corner. Hinsley, Libby Dec 1, 2004 821
Tracks in the snow. Krautwurst, Terry Dec 1, 2004 1818
Simple steps prepare cars for winter. Dec 1, 2004 497
12 commo tips: prevent the frozen chosen. Nov 1, 2004 401
Withstanding the cold. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 335
Cold hearted cables. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 269
Ohio winter precipitation and stream flow associations to Pacific atmospheric and oceanic teleconnection patterns (1). Rogers, Jeffrey C.; Coleman, Jill S.M. Jun 1, 2004 5387
Merchandising the four seasons. Mellgren, James May 1, 2004 2436
Spring thaw: hot prices help Northeast recyclers spring out of winter's deep freeze. Harler, Curt Apr 1, 2004 2379
Snow holds special beauty. Skalland, Andrea Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 314
2004 ALA Midwinter meeting. Jacso, Peter Mar 1, 2004 991
A most welcome downhill winter. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 301
Clear for take-off? The ability to use airport vehicles for more than one purpose is an ever increasing necessity in these cost-sensitive times. Hanspeter Moll looks at what can be done in the field on winter maintenance. Moll, Hanspeter Jan 1, 2004 1109
Pop quiz: with professors Hale and Hearty. Sears, George Jan 1, 2004 138
Four ways to revel in a snow day: (or other such gifts from nature). Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 216
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Winter construction attracts a hardy bunch: there is ice, snow and frigid wind to deal with, but a steadfast group of construction workers labors through the winter season. Schmitz, Richard F. Feb 1, 2003 910
Oslo waste collections disrupted by wintry weather. Brief Article Jan 7, 2003 190
Visualization of freezing progression in turfgrasses using infrared video thermography. (Notes). Stier, J.C.; Filiault, D.L.; Wisniewski, Michael; Palta, J.P. Jan 1, 2003 3480
Wear long red underwear and other ways to celebrate winter. Spinelli, Eileen Jan 1, 2003 107
When is winter holiday? Wright, E.A. Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 375

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