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Winter warmers; Follow our top tips to get the best from your boiler.

Byline: HomeImprovements DAVID GRABIEC

With winter looming around the corner, it's that time again to ask ourselves, "Is my heating system up to the challenge ahead?" Whether your boiler is new or 20 years old, I have my top tips you should follow before winter bites.

First , make sure you have had your boiler serviced by a gas-safe registered engineer, who will also check it is working efficiently and can advise on getting the most out of your heating system.

They will advise on availability of spare parts. I'd also recommend you test your carbon monoxide detector regularly and if you haven't got an alarm, please invest in one - it could save your life.

Test your heating by turning it on before you have to rely on it. This is good practice as there will be moving parts that have been idle all summer, so check beforehand.

Once you have your heating on for 10 minutes, go round your radiators and make sure they are on. Some may contain air so will require to be bled. Check all pipes and water tanks are well insulated, not only to prevent unwanted heat loss, but to prevent them from freezing up as this could lead to burst pipes.

If you find any water leaks, even if they are very slight, make sure you have them repaired.

Check all air vents are clear and free from obstruction - some boilers require combustion air intake from the room in which they are fitted, so these vents are there for that purpose. Remember to have a look outside to ensure no ivy or shrubs have overgrown during the summer months and are blocking these vents.

I can't let you go without giving you some tips on cutting your fuel bill this winter. Set your room thermostat at 21 degrees, then if you still feel a bit chilly put on a jumper or cardigan - it's free.

Turning up a room thermostat costs more than you think. Also don't heat rooms you're not using. Turn all thermostatic radiator valves down in the bedrooms, especially the ones you don't use. If you like a warm bedroom, turn them back up around an hour before bedtime. Finally, check the timings on your programmer, you may have your heating coming on when there's no one home or when in bed.

If you follow these simple tips, you could reduce the bills and the chances of your heating system failing this winter. So on behalf of, I wish you a warm, efficient and trouble-free heating system this season.


CHECK ... Get a registered engineer to look at your boiler

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Date:Sep 19, 2015
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