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Winslow Homer's The Fox Hunt.

Do you like winter? Do you like to go outdoors in the winter time? What do you like to do outside? You might like to run and play in the deep snow. What do you see outdoors in winter? Do the plants and trees look different? Are winter colors different from summer colors? What colors do you see only in winter? Do they make you feel warm and cozy or cold and alone?

Winslow Homer was an American artist. He liked to paint nature. He observed and painted all the things he saw near his cottage in Maine. He saw many kinds of animals living in nature around him. He watched them in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

What do animals do in the winter? Food is scarce. Nature is not always peaceful. Hungry animals amust find food wherever they can. They beautiful red fox is bogged down as he runs in the deep snow. The warm color of the fox's coat stands out against the icy winter landscape. The sky above him is filled with the wings of a flock of hungry crows.

Do you think the fox is cold? Would he like to have a friend with him? Does he look scared? Do you think the fox enjoys running in the snow like you do?
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Date:Feb 1, 1992
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