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Winnipeg Student Best in 2000 National High School Examination.

The national winner of The Chemical Institute of Canada's National High School Chemistry Examination, NHSCE, held on April 25, is Sinziana Tugulea, a student of St. John's Ravencourt School, in Winnipeg, MB. Tugulea scored 18/25 on the multiple choice questions and her essay answers were judged to be the best in Canada. She wins an $800 prize for her efforts.

Tugulea speaks five languages and was the Canadian National Bilingual Debating Champion in 1999. She has won prizes in mathematics, english and physics in addition to her current prize in the chemistry high school examination. Tugulea has been offered scholarships from a number of universities. She has accepted a scholarship at McGill University and plans to undertake studies in biochemistry in the hopes of making significant contributions to science and society.

The NHSCE is an annual competition intended for the best students in chemistry in each school, and aims to identify and encourage the outstanding students in each region of the country. The exam consisted of 25 multiple choice and two essay questions (chosen from three). This year, a total of 1734 students in 260 schools across Canada wrote the NHSCE, which is offered in both official languages. The NHSCE is organized by The Chemical Education Division of the CIC, and sponsored by The Chemical Institute of Canada.

The NHSCE is also organized in cooperation with The Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (CCO), whose National Selection Examination consists of the same multiple choice questions as well as five challenging free-response problems. The purpose of the CCO competition was to select candidates for the International Chemistry Olympiad held in Denmark from July 2-11, 2000.

National High School Chemistry Examination 2000 Winners

Eighteen students in six regions of Canada were awarded cash prizes and certificates as regional winners.

National winner ($800):

Sinziana Tugulea, St. John's Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg, MB

Regional winners ($450 each):

Atlantic: Jessica Enright, Park View Education Center, Bridgewater, NS

Quebec: Nevana Lalic, Ecole Secondaire Pierre-Laporte, Ville Mont-Royal, QC

Ontario: Jonathan Westhues, K-W Collegiate & Vocational School, Waterloo, ON

Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Sinziana Tugulea (National Winner, see above)

Alberta/NWT: Benjamin Hui, Old Scona Academic High School, Edmonton, AB

British Columbia/Yukon: Evan Crawford, St. Michael University School, Victoria, BC

Regional second prize winners ($200 each):

Atlantic: Denis Chiasson, Ecole Secondaire N/e, psiguit, Bathurst, NB

Quebec: Charith Sairam, Lindsay Place High School, Pointe-Claire, QC

Ontario: Charles Troster, Richmond Hill High School, Richmond Hill, ON

Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Tanja Lim, St. Joseph High School, Saskatoon, SK

Alberta/NWT: Kyle Doerksen, Western Canada High School, Calgary, AB

British Columbia/Yukon: Michael Tso, St. Michael University School, Victoria, BC

Regional third prize winners ($100 each):

Atlantic: Wade Michael White, Herdman Collegiate, Corner Brook, NF

Quebec: Claude Bourassa, Ecole Secondaire Monique-Proulx, Warwick, OC

Ontario: Robert Fieldhouse, Centennial C.V.I., Guelph, ON

Manitoba/Saskatchewan: Danny Shen, St. John's Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg, MB

Alberta/NWT: D. Peter Meyer, Western Canada High School, Calgary, AB

British Columbia/Yukon: Johnson Hon, St. George's School, Vancouver, BC

Congratulations to all and best wishes for continuing success in the future.

Sudhir B. Abhyankar, MCIC

National Coordinator, NHSCE

Howard C. Clark Receives Honorary Fellowship

Howard C. Clark, FCIC, has been elected an Honorary Fellow of The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) by its Board of Directors.

Born in New Zealand, Clark received his PhD from the University of New Zealand and from Cambridge University in England. He came to Canada to join the faculty at the University of British Columbia in 1957 and was appointed professor in 1964. He moved to the University of Western Ontario, London, ON, as professor of inorganic chemistry and was chairman of the chemistry department from 1967-1976. He served as vice-president academic and professor of chemistry from 1976-1986 at The University of Guelph. From 1986 through 1995, Clark was president and vice-chancellor at Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.

Honorary Fellowship is the most prestigious class of membership offered by the Institute. At any one time, there are not more than 25 living Honorary Fellows of the CIC. The following members of the Institute are Honorary Fellows:

A. Bader, FCIC

C.W. Bowman, FCIC

A.J. Carty, FCIC

H.G. Clark, FCIC

R.J. Gillespie, FCIC

H.E. Gunning, FCIC

W.N. Hall, FCIC

W.A.E. McBryde, FCIC

C.A. McDowell, FCIC

J.E. Newall, FCIC

R.V.V. Nicholls, FCIC

J.C. Polanyi, FCIC

L.W. Shemilt, FCIC

M. Smith, FCIC

This article has been reprinted to accurately report Clark's work at The University of Guelph. We apologize for the inaccurate information reported in our June 2000 issue.
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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