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Winnipeg Statement confusion.

Monsignor Vincent Foy's wonderful criticism of the appalling Winnipeg Statement, shown in his latest book, entitled Birth Control." Is Canada out of step with Rome, brought to mind words Jesus spoke to Catalina Rivas in 1996, The Great Crusade of Love, which bears the imprimatur of Rene Fernandez Apaza, Archbishop of Cochabamba:

"Oh, little daughter, some day everyone will see the interminable and burning chain to which my priestly sons are chained for having changed the confessional, site of mercy, to a place of sinfulness. These priestly souls in Hell curse incessantly the confessional with sorrowful screams, remembering the sins they once committed there," (CL-159, Jan. 24, 1996).

A number of women have mentioned to me of being assured in the confessional that contraception was allowed if one's conscience felt it to be right. Some thought they were being misled. They all were. Is the advice many are being given among the sins of the confessional Jesus warned about? If so, let us pray that all Canadian clergy repudiate the Winnipeg Statement so that no more end up in hell.

Markham, ON

Editor: See also "Humanae vitae 2006 conference," News In Brief, pp. 31.
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Author:Redmond, Patrick
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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