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Wing Tsun Kung Fu; Fitness fad #11.


Yesterday marked the beginning of the 30 Challenge, a chance for stressed-out Londoners to learn the ancient art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu in just 30 days, and our features writer, Sophia, will be taking part.

It isn't just about martial arts, it's about improving your body, mind (and hopefully your soul) in just a month. Led by Wing Tsun Kung Fu Master, Si-Fu Julian Hitch, there'll be nutrition classes to help improve digestion, energy levels and boost healthy skin and hair. With philosophical talks on Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism to focus your mind, what's not to like? The 30 Challenge is held at Julian Hitch Martial Arts School of Excellence's five centres across London, between May 10 and June 8, 2014. And although it's too late to sign up this year, there's nothing stopping you from visiting one of the centres in Victoria, Bromley, Dulwich, Shoreditch or Watford, or going to a martial arts centre near you, to start your journey to becoming a Kung Fu master in your own time.

If you'd rather do the challenge, there's plenty of time to sign up for next year's. We'll update you on how Sophia gets on in 30 days! For more information visit
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:May 11, 2014
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