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Wineries call for buyout loans.

The Macedonian wineries do not have capacity this year to buy out the entire wine grape output being offered, vine growers say. therefore, they are asking the government to find a way to export the market surplus at a favorable price.

"The government has to make sure that the entire grape output is bought out. the buyout price has to be at least 20 percent higher from last year. the payment should be made within 60 days of delivery and not as wineries demand, in three installments and with grace period," says Ljupco Arizanov, representative of vine-growers from the region of Tikves.

Jordan Trajkov, owner of the winery Popova Kula, explains that money has to be found to buy out this year's yield.

"We need long-term loans with longer grace periods rather than low interest rates. Because of the recession, our foreign partners canceled two contracts and we have supplies from last year," Trajkov says.

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Title Annotation:AGRICULTURE
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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