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Wine industry follows beer institute.

Wine industry follows Beer Institute

In the wake of the Beer Institute's recent decision to tout the importance of the beer industry as a whole, the Wine Institute, the lobbying organization for California winemakers, has started its own industry-wide ad campaign in a few test markets.

The ads, which echo the beer industry's "Why We Do It" spots, try to involve "real" people who talk about wine's place in their lives in a low-key manner.

The campaign kicked off with a spot featuring a man with his golden retriever and the line, "I like wine; he likes beer."

"We have attempted to express wine's unique characteristics, particularly its compatibility with food, in the form of amusing statements by contemporary people who take neither themselves nor wine too seriously," said Jerry Vorpahl, director of industry affairs, the Wine Institute.

However, some members of the wine industry see these spots as unfeasible, saying that word-of-mouth is the most reliable and affordable form of advertising.

"It's completely impossible; the only people who can afford to advertise are the largest producers," said Sandra MacIver, co-owner, Matanzas Creek Winery, Santa Rosa, CA, "I'm a 30,000-case winery with no ad budget, and the suggestion of a full-page ad in McCall's is as ludicrous as anything I can imagine."

PHOTO : MASSACHUSETTS GOVERNOR Michael Dukakis (right) joined James Koch (left), president, Boston

PHOTO : Beer Co., at the recent grand opening of the Boston Beer Brewery in Jamaica Plain, MA.

PHOTO : After the opening ceremony, Koch led the Governor on a tour of the brewery and visitor's

PHOTO : center.
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Title Annotation:Wine Institute ad campaign
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 4, 1989
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