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Wine - a threat for some.

A number of restaurants, in recent years, have put warning notices on the who react violently to certain preservatives used in the preparation of their fo for example, have long been used as food preservatives (to keep lettuce fresh in only in the past few years become known that they pose a harmful, or even deadly, threat to a small percentage of persons overly sensitive to them.

What is not generally known, however, is that wines contain sulfites. It is no secret that many additives are used in the wine- making process, most of which are safe for human consumption and in any case are filtered out. Sulfites, however, perform a number of useful functions in the wine-making process and are not filtered out, thus posing a potential hazard for those sensitive to this substance. That's why if, after drionking even a small amount of wine you develop a headache or such asthmatic symptioms as wheezing or a constricted feeling in the chest, you may in fact be sulfite-sensitive.

Because the U.S. sells no known sulfite-free wine, the best advice to those sensitive individuals would be to avoid wines altogether (no word yet as to beer and liquor). Sorry!
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Title Annotation:sulfites
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Nov 1, 1989
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