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Windspeaker's Business Quarterly.

Welcome to Windspeaker's Business Quarterly. The creation of this new magazine has been an interesting journey, and a long time coming.


Over the years, many of our contacts have been telling us that a publication devoted to Aboriginal economic development was needed. They wanted a showcase for successful Aboriginal business, a forum for the discussion of the entrepreneurial spirit, and they wanted a place where the systemic flaws that stifle Aboriginal prosperity could be given a fair airing.

Windspeaker Business Quarterly, we hope, will be that showcase, that forum, the place where the lessons learned from Native business success and failure can be shared with a wider audience.

Not long ago, I realized I had reached a point in my life where everything was starting to plateau. All of this changed when I attended the Young Entrepreneur Symposium (YES) held in Calgary last February. It is sponsored by the National Aboriginal Capital Corporation Association (NACCA) and featured some of the top young Aboriginal business people this country has to offer.

I was asked to be a motivational speaker for the conference and one of the panelists for a marketing discussion. But in the end, it was the young people that inspired me. I became motivated by the energy of these young entrepreneurs.

This is one of the reasons Windspeaker Business Quarterly was created, so that other individuals could become inspired by these young guns as well.

One of the individuals that I was particularly impressed with was Joe Cardinal from Saddle Lake. He is featured in this premiere issue of Windspeaker Business Quarterly. Here is a man, who is only 29 years old, and he owns his own construction company. He currently has three crews working for him, framing houses for some of the top homebuilders in Alberta. It's hard not to be impressed by success like that.

The content of Windspeaker Business Quarterly will include special features on business-related issues, advice columns with topics that we hope will help our readers advance their particular business goals, and profiles of those special people who put it all on the line to create economic success for themselves and for those around them.

If you have any suggestions or know of anyone who should be featured in subsequent editions of Windspeaker Business Quarterly, please send that information to us.

But in the meantime, let me thank those advertisers who agreed with our vision and decided at this early juncture to support Windspeaker Business Quarterly.

And let me invite our readers to take some time with this new publication. I hope you will find our efforts useful, and will enjoy this latest addition to the titles published by the Aboriginal Multi Media Society.
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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