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Windsors' links with Nazis `must be made public' MP in call for release of papers.

Byline: Deborah James

A LIVERPOOL MP has stepped up her campaign for the Government to release papers on the alleged Nazi sympathies of King Edward VIII and his wife the Duchess of Windsor.

Louise Ellman, Labour MP for Riverside, is to table new Commons questions to the Lord Chancellor's department, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a dossier of letters and memos from 1940 and 1941.

They reveal President Roosevelt personally ordered covert surveillance on Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII during Word War II after receiving intelligence that the Duchess had been passing secrets to a top Nazi with whom she was alleged to have had a tempestuous pre-war affair.

It is believed she supplied information to the Nazi foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, at the time of the German invasion of France in 1940.

Ms Ellman, who is vice chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism, has been pursuing the issue for the last two years.

She last asked for documents to be released two months ago, believing British evidence had previously been kept under wraps for fear of offending the Queen Mother.

She said yesterday: ``After the Queen Mother's death, I was told the issue was under review and documents would be released within the year, but in the light of this new evidence I just do not think that is good enough.

``The public has a right to know the truth of what happened in those crucial times of our history and what links existed between the abdicated King and the Duchess and the Nazi regime.

``The fact that the American records have been released means the British records must now be released.''

The dossier includes a memo from the FBI to President Roosevelt just after World War II broke out, which said: ``For some time the British government has known that the Duchess of Windsor was exceedingly proGerman in her sympathies and connections.

``Both she and the Duke of Windsor have been repeatedly warned by representatives of the British government that, in the interest of morale of the British people, they should be exceedingly circumspect in their dealings with the German government.''

The documents, and the FBI suspicions, are lent credence by the fact that Winston Churchill arranged for the Duke to become governor of the Bahamas in August the same year.

One memo read: ``It was considered absolutely essential that the Windsors be removed to a point where they would do absolutely no harm.''

The dossier shows that the FBI believed the main reason the Americans thought Edward VIII had abdicated was that the Duchess fervently supported the Nazi regime and that this was totally unacceptable to Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin.

The official view has always been that he abdicated to marry the woman he loved but could not stay on the throne because the former Wallis Simpson was a divorcee.


HANDSHAKE: The Windsors meet Hitler in Munich in 1937
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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