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Window full of flowers ... they added window box plus grille.

The blank wall of the house next door wasn't much of a view. But it was all this window looked out on until a custommade planter and wrought-iron grille put a seasonal flower garden at eye level.

Homeowner Leonard Workman of Longview, Washington, designed the system. The 48-inch-long window box is a cedar planter that sits on three wrought-iron brackets; on the front of the box, he appliqued 1/2 -inch-thick wood in a flower motif. The iron grillework, scaled to fit the window opening, was forged to order by a blacksmith. Three independent vertical bars form the grille, with five flowerpot holders; the bars curve out 12 inches from the top, descend in front of the window, then angle back to the house under the planter box. Attached to the wall studs with lag bolts, they're spaced 16 inches apart. The iron rings that hold the flowerpots were riveted to the inside of the verticals. Cost was less than $200.

So the box wouldn't appear to be sitting in a cage of wrought iron, Mr. Workman cut 1/2-inch-deep notches for the bars in the front of its bottom piece; the iron supports fit into the notches. He set the box in place with its front panel off, then nailed on the front panel over the lower part of the vertical bars. Four 1/2 -inch holes allow for drainage; a plastic liner protects the wood against moisture.

Commercial potting soil fills the liner. The plants (geraniums, petunias, and creeping Charlie shown here) are fed biweekly through the growing season. In chillier months, cool-season plants such as flowering cabbage and kale and winter pansies take over.
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Date:Sep 1, 1988
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