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Window film can strengthen glass to withstand explosions.

Subject to extreme stress, existing glass can break, endangering building occupants. If a window with security window film breaks, the film holds the glass intact preventing shards from becoming lethal projectiles. The glass may shatter but remain in its frame.

Most injury from glass is caused by accidental impact. However, high winds can project an object through a window causing glass shards to strike occupants. An explosion creates a shock wave that may atomize glass particles that can be breathed by building occupants often resulting in death. Some explosions are so powerful they can break glass in buildings blocks away.

Both laminated glass and security window film may mitigate the impact of stress on glass. Tests verify that many security window films provide equivalent, or in some cases superior, performance compared to laminated glass.

The cost of laminated glass installed is approximately $20 a square foot in addition to the cost of removing existing glass. The cost of security window film applied to the interior surface of existing glass is approximately $5 to $8 a square foot, though the most energy efficient security films cost from $10 to $13 a square foot installed. For extra protection, a system to physically attach the film to the window frames would cost approximately $6 to $16 a square foot.

The optimum security window film may reduce energy consumption by blocking solar heat. The cost of disruptions to business in replacing existing glass compared to applying security window film should be taken into account.


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Title Annotation:Property Management
Comment:Window film can strengthen glass to withstand explosions.(Property Management)
Author:Watts, Marty
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Mar 7, 2007
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