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Window box for Sparky's garden house.

Is the gardener in the doghouse? Not really. Sparky enjoys the flowers decorating his house, but he's forbidden from doing any of the digging and discouraged from watering and fertilizing-his owner does the work.

A creatively (even whimsically) placed container can dress up a utilitarian object so it becomes a garden focal point. Sparky needs a place to escape rain so that he can spend days outside in the garden. The doghouse window lets him monitor the whole garden from inside.

The wooden window box turns the doghouse into an asset in this rear garden. It's filled with annuals, and they keep coming all season as long as faded blooms are snipped off. The owner uses fresh potting mix when she plants the box, waters daily, and feeds the plants on her biweekly liquid feeding rounds. Since it hangs from eye screws, the box can be lifted off for grooming or winter storage.

Make your own window box, or shop for one at nurseries; they're available in redwood in a variety of lengths and widths.

For instant color this month, you can buy violas, primroses, cyclamen, and other winter bloomers in 4-inch pots at nurseries. To brighten the box for spring, plant such dependable bloomers as snapdragons, Iceland poppies, lobelia, bulbs, and sweet alyssum now.
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Date:Nov 1, 1988
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