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BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 28, 2000

Online Sweepstakes -- A Boon for Advertisers

-- Delivering Millions of Visitors to E-Commerce Sites, the first-of-its-kind online sweepstakes site, announced today the overwhelming success of its first-ever direct advertising sales effort. For the month of June, the WinDough's sales force sold in excess of $300,000 in banner advertising and promotional opportunities, fully subscribing the site.

Since WinDough introduced its new million-dollar game on May 15th, the company has added 350,000 new members, and expects to have two million by the end of the year. This is good news for WinDough's advertisers and sponsors, which receive heavy traffic from the company's 1,200,000 registered members.

Banner ads on WinDough experience click-through rates of 4 to 5 times the industry average (.5%), and according to the latest report by, a leading source of Internet data, the site ranked No. 73 of all Web sites with a user reach of 3.2% for the week of July 17th.

"WinDough has unequivocally shown that the critics of banner ads will have to eat crow," said Scott Kurland, founder and CEO. "Many in the industry have maintained that banner ads are frequently ignored, but we have proven them wrong."

WinDough's Attraction

WinDough is unlike any prize site on the Web. Attributes include its sheer simplicity and entertaining interface. The site satisfies the members' desire for a fun, instant-win game that can be played even while word processing or browsing other sites. Although the typical member is a woman between the ages of 20 and 40 who is either a stay-at-home mom or office worker, males do comprise nearly 40 percent of the membership.

In addition to its sweepstakes and lotto, WinDough also provides its members other offers via its WinDough Weekly e-mails. The Weekly features a somewhat irreverent character named "JOE." He entertains the members with his off-the-wall humor and acts as their advocate by communicating the special offers.

With the diversity of its membership, has changed and sweetened its advertisers' sponsorship packages. There are several possibilities ranging from bronze and silver packages to gold and platinum sponsorships. Banner ads, newsletter sponsorships, lotto mail and weekly sponsorship all are part of the offer with varying volumes and rates depending on the package.

For more information on WinDough's advertising and sponsorship packages, please go to or email

"Our average user spends 60 minutes playing the WinDough game," said Dan Kurland, vice president. "We plan to increase this number further by introducing new prize-oriented online services to our members in the very near future."

How WinDough Works

Visitors to the WinDough site receive a simple-to-follow set of instructions to put the WinDough (space conserving) "Prize Window" onto their monitor screen, using any of the popular Web browsers. The "Prize Window" displays a new WinDough Electronic Game Piece every 30-seconds, and when it appears clearly marked, "YOU WIN," prize banners must be clicked on within the time limit in order to be claimed.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida,, Inc. develops, markets and supports a family of simple-to-use promotional Web site products and services. is typically listed among the Web's top 100-200 most visited sites and has a more than one million registered members. The WinDough game is licensed and bonded in all states that require it, including Florida and New York. For more information on WinDough, please contact the company at (877) Win-Dough or via e-mail at
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