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Windmill deal.

Dakshidin Corp., producer of a water pumping windmill, on Dec. 17 said it has granted exclusive rights to Cervantes Windmill Corp. to Caribbean nations, Bahamas and Bermuda. Cervantes will set up demonstration sites in Bermuda for a golf course application and Antigua for an agricultural demonstration. In Antigua the typical melon farm uses 100,000 gallons per day. One producer is generating power with a diesel unit to desalinate water for the fields, and spends over US$20,000 per month for fuel and maintenance. The RESTEC Mark 10 E would replace the source of electricity to desalinate and deliver the water needed, said Nick Laroche, President/CEO of Dakshidin Corp. on. Details: Email: Web:
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Title Annotation:THE REGION; Dakshidin Corp. contract of water pumps
Comment:Windmill deal.(THE REGION)(Dakshidin Corp. contract of water pumps)
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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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