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Wind turbines the lesser of all evils; LETTERS.

I SEEM to have woken the dragon, which was my original purpose, with my windmill proliferation enthusiasm (Letters, May 16). Mr AG Hughes, in his response of May 18, is right to point out that landscapes are changing irrevocably and not always towards one''s idyllic dream of rolling countryside kissed with sun blessed showers in perpetuity.

Yes, I too yearn for twin horse drawn ploughs, double handed scythes in the hands of 20 men, rows of stooks in bendy rows across the stubble and the pungent burnt hoof smoke in the blacksmith's shack, which I relished in my youth.

Unfortunately tilting at windmills like a Welsh Don Quixote will not deter man''s insatiable need for energy. Of all the structures that Professor NIMBY would like in his back yard I would think he would choose windmills over a prison, an airport, a sewage farm or a traveller''s camp site for those who refuse to travel.

With regard to putting up windmills around Penycae I was going to put up a domestic version in my back garden until I learned that I would have to live to 140 to get my money back, but have no objection to the surrounding land being used for wind power if only to prevent it being covered in yet another soulless housing estate.

Neville Layhe, Penycae
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 19, 2011
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