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Wind of change; Yourview.

I SEE that Record columnist Joan McAlpine suggests the SNP are the rightful inheritors of Keir Hardie's political legacy.

Labour are jumping up and down in anger about her claim but what she said is true - and the facts prove it.

Hardie formed his political philosophy in Cumnock, Ayrshire, and many of his speeches and essays were written there.

For decades afterwards, it was a Labour stronghold. And since last year's Scottish Parliament elections, Cumnock has been held by the SNP. Need I say more? Margaret Young, Darvel, Ayrshire RE: Record columnist Joan McAlpine's comments about Keir Hardie, he would have been appalled by the behaviour of the Labour Party he proudly founded.

The New Labour Party initiated illegal war in Iraq, the failure to oppose the tax cut for millionaires funded by a 'granny tax' in the recent Tory budget, Trident on the Clyde and opposition to minimum pricing on alcohol (Hardie was a teetotaller).

It is highly doubtful Hardie would have been a member of today's New Labour Party given these policies and his high principles of social justice.

It is not Keir Hardie that left the Labour Party, it was the New Labour Party that abandoned Keir Hardie's founding values.

Alex Orr, Edinburgh IN the letter from Richard Leonard of the Keir Hardie Society, he failed to mention that at a meeting in Glasgow in August 1888, the Scottish Labour Party (not the same as the modern party) was formed by Keir Hardie and Robert Cunninghame Graham.

Hardie became the party's first secretary while Cunninghame Graham was the first president. He also became the first socialist MP.

Mr Leonard also failed to mention that Graham was founder of the National Party of Scotland - the forerunner of the Scottish National Party.

G. McKenzie, Perth
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 5, 2012
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