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Wind chafed.

As a member I am concerned that the ACF may be blindly supporting the wind industry by taking their claims on face value. The information I have suggests that the industry promises lots but delivers very little. Wind turbines obviously rely on the wind which is a very unreliable and unpredictable energy source resulting in extremely unreliable and inefficient power supplies. The industry needs to provide proper technical information as to how much REAL greenhouse gas reduction they are responsible for.

Wind farms have enormous negative impacts on communities and landscapes which is not offset by any real or significant benefit to the environment. They also drain huge amounts of public money in the form of government subsidies that would be better spent on simple measures such as reducing energy consumption rather than trying to provide more power. Wind farms have been a controversial subject lately and I believe we all need to ask what are we really getting for our money.

Kevin Ramholdt

Glenmore, VIC

ACF's Coordinator Sustainability Program Monica Richter responds:

ACF believes that if wind energy was combined with a serious effort to improve energy efficiency (ie a 50 per cent energy efficiency target by 2025), we could substantially decrease our reliance on coal as Australia's main source of electricity. Contrary to your research, wind is a proven technology and one that we must support if we are to meet a 70 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Better a non-polluting wind turbine in our backyards than a coal-fired power station that emits toxic metals, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Title Annotation:green Views
Author:Ramholdt, Kevin
Publication:Habitat Australia
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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