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Winchester Ammunition. (2003 New Products: Ammo and Reloading).

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Winchester Ammunition is building on the impressive success of its Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) line. For the past two years, the new WSM offerings have received the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence award for Ammunition of the Year. In 2001, the .300 Winchester Short Magnum was honored followed by the .270 Winchester Short Magnum in 2002.

For 2003, Winchester introduces two new cartridges to the line, the .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) and the .243 Winchester Super Short Magnum. The ammunition is being introduced in cooperation with Browning and Winchester Firearms. Both companies are introducing rifles chambered in the new super short magnums.

The new cartridges are based on the same short-fat cartridge geometry of the WSM line, only they are even shorter. This required the new rifles form Browning and Winchester Firearms to be completely redesigned. Their actions are one-half inch shorter than the existing WSM rifles.

According to Winchester, their engineers designed the WSSM case without a belt to improve accuracy by headspacing off the shoulder. Winchester says the short, fat case has a very efficient and consistent powder burn and will give shooters and hunters exceptional accuracy and long-range performance.

The .243 WSSM is initially available in three bullet types, the 55-grain Ballistic Silvertip in the Supreme line, and the 55-grain Pointed Soft Point and 64-grain Power-Point in the Super-X line.

The .243 WSSM is initially also available in three bullet designs, the 55-grain Ballistic Silvertip and 95-grain Ballistic Silvertip in the Supreme line, and the 100-grain Power-Point in the Super-X line.

In addition, Winchester is offering unprimed brass cases in .223 WSSM and .243 WSSM. The cases come packed 50 to a bag.
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Author:Thurman, Russ; Carlson, Ed
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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