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Winchester: shotguns and rifles.

Quality is its own truth. The great response you, the gun buying public, have shown for our shotguns and rifles this past year is very gratifying. It is apparent that our new models and the recent technical and quality improvements we have made is what you are demanding.

At U.S. Repeating Arms dramatic change surrounds us. It has taken many forms and has revolutionize the way we do business. During the past year we have initiated many technological innovations, implemented organizational restructuring and vigorously pursued the globalization of our markets. Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of people who have accomplished extraordinary feats by implementing new manufacturing and marketing techniques in the span of less than one year, our long-term corporate goal of returning Winchester brand shotguns and rifles to their place of prominence is proceeding ahead of schedule. We at U.S. Repeating Arms Company recognize and accept the challenge of being innovative and producing the type of firearms that you will want well into the next century.

We are investing millions of dollars in new technology and modern production methods to meet your demands for precision engineered guns made of the best munitions grade materials. Our paramount commitments is to give you, today's shooter, the best made shotguns and rifles for your money.

The current models of Winchester guns are examples of how, through our new corporate philosophy, we can produce a superior product with the finest material at a very competitive price. The new guns offered in this 1992 Winchester gun catalog represent both the new dynamic innovative approach to demands of the gun market and are proof of how well made products can be engineered, designed and manufactured competitively in the U.S.A.

We will continue to put emphasis on building a stronger more market responsive company capable of giving you sporting arms of the utmost quality and performance.

Hand Crafted Custom Guns

For more than a century, Winchester custom-made guns have been prized by those who seek personalized gunmaking excellence. This tradition is continued with today's Winchester shotguns and rifles which can be individually tailored to the specifications of discriminating sportsmen. These superb guns are personalized and handicrafted by the expert gunsmiths of the Custom Gun Shop.

Custom Winchester Model 70 Rifles are available as shown in Custom Grade and Custom Express. These exquisite custom rifles can be further embellished and personalized at additional cost.

At additional cost, your own special sporting can be crafted with decorative hand engraving, inlaying of precious metals, custom stock and wood carving.

The following Winchester rifles and shotguns can be custom made to owner specifications by special order. Model 70 bolt action rifles, Model 94 and Model 9422 lever action rifles in their various calibers.

Due to a strong demand for guns from The Custom Shop, many models are subject to lengthy lead times. Please place your orders early to insure delivery when needed. Please consult with your local retail dealer about placing your order.

Renowned for their innovative designs, consumate craftsmanship and rugged reliability, Winchester guns played a decisive role in our nation's history. Filled with nearly three hundred specially commissioned color photographs which showcase unique, custom-crafted masterpiece, plus scores of historical illustrations, Winchester tells the fascinating story of the gunsmiths and gunmen who forged the Winchester legend -- from the famous Model 1866 lever-action repeating rifle to the U.S. Army's BAR and Ml carbine to Winchester's celebrated shotguns and sporting rifles. Published during the 125th anniversary of the Winchester, this stunning book makes an extraordinary gift for gun enthusiasts and collectors everywhere.

The Book

416 pages - 11"x8-1/2" - $65.00 Published by Random House, Inc.

Available at your local bookstore

Or call 1-203-245-3515

(Not available from Factory)

Model 70 Stainless Rifle

Today many shooters demand a low maintenance yet durable bolt action rifle. New for 1992 is the Winchester Model 70 Stainless rifle with a rugged synthetic stock. The combination of the low maintenance stainless steel barreled action with its gray mate finish and the weather resistant composite stock gives today's hunter a very durable bolt action rifle with famous Winchester Model 70 engineering and reliability.

The high-tech fiberglass and graphite impregnated composite stock with its contour rubber recoil pad offers the shooter optimum durability and performance.

A precise stainless steel barrel is mated to a machined stainless steel bolt. In addition the follower and many other smaller parts are also made of stainless steel. This is to insure that the rifle indeed has low maintenance.

This premiere mountain rifle with its synthetic stock allows the hunter to traverse the most rugged terrain in search of elusive game without having to worry about damaging the stock or moisture affecting the accuracy.

When hunting in these extreme conditions proper cleaning of a rifle is not always possible. The Model 70's Stainless barreled action affords the hunter the luxury of extending the periods between cleaning. As with all Winchester rifles, extra features which are engineered into each model benefit the hunter. For example, in a cold hunting environment a firing pin can freeze and cause a misfire at the most critical moment. Every Winchester Model 70 has a field strippable firing pin that at the push of a button can be simply removed for inspection to insure that no ice or debris has accumulated to ruin that special shot. This is basic insurance when one figures all the time, money, effort and planning that go into a hunt. Alaskan guides have many stories of the missed shots due to a frozen firing pin in non Winchester brand rifles which require tools to access the firing pin. When one considers this and all the other benefits that a Winchester Model 70 Stainless offers today's shooter, the choice to own a Winchester is readily apparent.

For 1992 the Model 70 Stainless is offered in the following standard calibers with twenty-two inch barrels: 270 Winchester, and 30-06 Spfld. The following magnum calibers have twenty-four inch barrels: 7 mm Rem. Mag., 30 Win. Mag. and 338 Win. Mag.

Model 70 Featherweight Rifles

Refined and perfected to a high state of rifle art. Today's Model 70 Featherweight is the best ever. A fitted walnut stock, hand assembled components, exceptional finishing and exacting rifling are accomplished by traditional hand-crafted care and attention to detail combined with modern computer technology. The handsome look of today's Model 70 reflects its high quality and skilled workmanship.

For styling and appearance, the Model 70 has no equal. The Winchester Model 70 Featherweight was selected as "the most beautiful looking rifle, U.S. or foreign," in an independent consumer survey by Guns Magazine. It is the overwhelmingly popular choice of hunters and sportsmen throughout the world.

All Model 70's feature the finest Winchester-Proof grade chrome molybdenum steel in their bolts, receivers and barrels which are heat treated for additional wear resistance. Molybdenum steel is stronger than plain steel alone. All parts made with this alloy have increased strength, durability, and endurance for more accurate follow up shots. Chrome molybdenum is regarded as the best steel to be used for guns. Of the three leading rifle brands only Winchesters have the parts machined from this extra quality steel.

All Winchester Model 70 Featherweights barrels are rifled by cold hammer-forging, sometimes called swaging, where giant rotary hammers strike the outside of the barrel causing it to wrap around a die or mandril placed in the bore. In actuality the rifling is hammered into the bore. This method is regarded by experts as the best way to achieve accuracy in a rifle barrel. Other gun companies cut their rifling into the walls of the barrel. Cutting or hook rifling is a less exacting method. Also, when rifling is cut into a barrel sharp trailing uneven edges along the rifling are left in the barrel. By hammer forging, as is done on the Model 70 Featherweight, no gouges or uneven edges are created in the barrel. In fact, the hammer forged rifling is glass smooth and tolerances are kept to an extreme minimum. A critical accuracy element that cut rifling can't even approach. After all, isn't the main reason for buying a rifle its accuracy?

In response to popular demand two additional Winchester Model 70 Featherweights have been added to the 1992 selection. The handsome and durable brown laminated WinTuff Model has returned and a totally new Featherweight Classic featuring a claw controlled round feeding action bedded into a standard grade walnut stock.

Engineered like no other gun in the world, today's Winchester Model 70 bolt action centerfire rifles are the best made Model 70's ever.

Model 70 Lightweight Rifles

The Winchester Model 70 bolt action centerfire rifle is superb in every respect. For more than half a century it has been called "The Rifleman's Rifle [TM]" because of its demonstrated performance, accuracy and dependability.

Every Model 70 is made with craftsmanship and care. The strength and security of Model 70 rifles come from advanced materials, engineering and design. The barrel and receiver with its integral recoil lug are made from the finest chrome molybdenum steel. The bolt body and locking lugs are also machined from the same extra durable steel. Rotary hammer forging of bore and rifling of the Model 70 Lightweight barrels results in glass-smooth lands and grooves for optimum accuracy. Thermoplastic bedding perfectly mates the receiver's recoil lug and the stock for maximum strength and accuracy.

A hand-polished stainless steel magazine follower is standard on all Lightweights and Featherweights. The one piece anti-bind bolt can be stripped in the field for cleaning of debris or removal of ice without the need of tools. The jeweled finish bolt has a knurled bolt handle. Every one of these fine rifles features the industry's premier 3-position safety. All Model 70 receivers are drilled and tapped for scope mounting.

In styling and appearance, Winchester Model 70 Lightweight Rifles are evidence of fine engineering combined with the care and workmanship of master craftsmen. Wood finishes are specially selected for beauty and endurance. Solid walnut and laminated stocks are hand-worked and finished with genuine-deep-cut checkering for that custom-like look and feel. Metal finishes are color and luster matched.

Each Winchester Model 70 is precision-manufactured and tested to deliver optimum performance with smooth reliable operation.

The Winchester Model 70 with its powerful performance and graceful lines has inspired many copies. Why else have other gun companies sought to copy the number "7" when naming their bolt action rifle? The Winchester Model 70 is the standard by which other pseudo "7" bolt action rifles are compared.

All Winchester Model 70 Lightweight rifles are made with pride in the U.S.A. by American craftsman.

Model 70 Super Grade Rifle

The Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is for that discriminating hunter who wants the ultimate in a bolt action rifle. This new Super Grade takes bolt action shooting into a new dimension.

Featuring a bolt with true claw controlled round feeding, combined with the extra high quality materials and accuracy for which Winchester Model 70 rifles are famous, the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is truly "The Rifleman's Rifle."

A stainless steel claw extractor on the bolt grasps the round from the magazine and delivers it to the chamber and later extracts the spent cartridge. A newly engineered gas block doubles as bolt stop and the Model 70's famous anti-bind bolt guide assures a smooth action. Winchester's famous 3-position safety and field strippable firing pin are standard with each model 70 Super Grade.

In addition to claw controlled round feeding, the new Model 70 Super Grade has a handsome satin finish selected walnut stock with a graceful sculptured cheekpiece designed to direct the recoil forces rearward and away from the shooter's cheek. An extra thick honeycomb recoil pad, all steel bottom metal, and famous munitions grade Model 70 chrome molybdenum barrel with cold hammer-forged rifling for exacting accuracy add to this unique rifle's value.

The Model 70 Super Grade is offered in five calibers, 270 Winchester, 30-06 Spfld., 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 and 338 Winchester Mag. as a production gun.

Representing the culmination of decades of Model 70 production, this new Winchester Model 70 Super Grade, regarded as the finest Model 70 ever, incorporates all the best features of all the Model 70's which preceded it. Truly a rifle which will give years of unparalleled service and pride for generations. No other controlled round feeding rifle on the market today offers this quality of components and craftsmanship, accuracy and performance at such an affordable price.

In addition to the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade rifles, there are refined, hand-worked Custom Grade rifles available in the five standard calibers, plus custom only models in 375 H&H Mag., 416 Rem. Mag., 458 Winchester, 470 Capstick and new for 1992 the 375 JRS developed by John R. Sundra. Prices quoted on request.

Model 70 Sporter Rifles

Popular demand for a broader selection of Winchester Model 70 Sporters has spawned this new family of rifles. Fashioned in the new classic style lines of the 1992 Model 70 Sporters this new series is adorned with an attractive brown camo WinTuff stock. This new stock offers today's sophisticated hunter the traditional low recoil features for which Winchester Model 70's are famous with the added benefit and extra durability of a laminated Win Tuff stock with its superior resistance to the effects of moisture and strength. These and other accuracy getting benefits are an example of a serious commitment on the part of the design engineers who strive to enhance the already renown accuracy and durability for which today's Model 70's are noted. Innovations in manufacturing methods, new materials and designs are just some of the ways today's Winchester are Engineered Better than Ever.

Accuracy is additionally assured when the Model 70 famous barreled-action is hand bedded into this newly designed Sporter stock. Each Model 70 Sporter features a twenty-four inch, glass smooth, cold hammer-forged rifled chrome molybdenum barrel. A receiver with a massive front recoil lug is machined from a solid block of chrome molybdenum forged steel. A field strippable firing pin can be easily removed in seconds from the bolt simply by pushing a button and unscrewing the firing pin by hand.

All these exceptional features are only available on a Winchester Model 70. Neither of the other two top selling brands of bolt action rifles give today's shooter this superior quality and design.

The new Model 70 Sporters will initially be offered in six popular calibers; 270 Winchester, 30-06 Spfld., 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 Winchester Mag., 300 Weath. Mag. and 338 Winchester Mag.

Because stability and accuracy are important to today's shooter and can only be realized after the rifle is purchased and fired, it only makes sense to insure one's purchase by selecting the brand that puts the finest accuracy getting components into its guns.

The Winchester Model 70 has set the standard for many of today's bolt action rifles. After it was introduced other rifle companies wanted to get into this market and even copied the sound of the Model 70's name by putting one or two "7's" in their name. To date, none has ever equaled the quality of materials and level of engineering of the Winchester Model 70.

Model 70 Sporter & Super Express

Winchester Sporter and Super Express rifles are truly examples of advanced design and craftsmanship. Their proven performance and accuracy are the results of unsurpassed gun making knowledge and quality control. These superb rifles combine custom styling with latest Model 70 design advantages and technology.

The Model 70 Sporter Rifle comes in six standard calibers for deer and other game. The Sporter Magnum is available in seven powerful magnum calibers for larger North American game. The two Super Express magnum rifles are made for the world's biggest game.

Each of these bolt action rifles is superbly tailored with classic styling and dependable performance. All have the classic Sporter look with custom-like one piece walnut stocks. These heftier stocks have a tapered forend and feature thermoplastic bedding for strength and consistent accuracy.

Stocks are of handsome walnut with a hard, weather resistant protective satin finish and wrap-around deep - cut checkering in a custom style 18 line per inch pattern which is both handsome and functional. A sculpted cheekpiece aids shooter comfort and positioning. Protective deep blueing highlights all metal surfaces.

A renowned Model 70 barreled action, with its forged and machined receiver, and an anti-bind bolt grace the Sporter's strong walnut stock.

Model 70 Sporters are available with either screw removable sights or quality bases and rings.

The Model 70 Sporter Super Express is offered in 375 H&H Mag. with a 24" barrel and in 458 Winchester Magnum with a 22" barrel. All Super Express rifles have adjustable deluxe hunting sights.

New for 1992 is a Winchester Model 70 DBM (Detachable Box Magazine). Offered in four popular calibers; 270 Winchester, 30-06 Spfld., 7 mm Rem. Mag. and 300 Winchester Mag. This significant addition to the very popular Sporter line is a result of numerous requests from gun buyers. This detachable magazine allows the hunter to remove the rounds from the rifle and reload without delay.

Model 70 Heavy Barrel Varmint Rifles

Now offered in four popular calibers, this highly accurate Varmint rifle epitomizes the high standard of excellence in engineering, styling and craftsmanship for which Winchester Model 70's are renowned.

Weighing approximately 9 pounds, the Model 70 Varmint rifle features a Sporter-style stock with undercut cheekpiece and a 26" counter-bored heavy barrel which has hammer-forged rifling for those critical ultra-long range shots. Available in: 22-250 and 223 Rem., 243 and 308 Winchester. Winchester Model 70 Varmint rifles are especially suited for other small game in addition to varmints.

Like every Model 70, this Varmint rifle is made with precision and care to deliver the dependability and accuracy you demand. The heralded strength and accuracy of Model 70 rifles comes from their advanced materials, engineering and design. The extra heavy counter-bored barrel, the receiver with its massive integral recoil lug and Winchester's famous field-strippable bolt with its removable firing pin are each made from chrome molybdenum steel for superior strength and accuracy.

The one piece anti-bind bolt can be stripped in the field without tools for easy cleaning. The bolt features a jeweled finish and knurled bolt handle. The famous smooth, crisp Model 70 trigger with easy let-off is teamed with the industry's premier 3-position safety to comprise a most effective system. The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounting.

An extra thick hammer-forged 26" barrel reduces vibration and increases stability so that long range shots can be taken with confidence and regularity. Also, the end of the barrel is counter-bored to insure that the muzzle is exactly square to the bore. These accuracy-getting features take the Model 70 Varmint rifle's accuracy range out to extreme varmint-getting distances.

In style and appearance, Model 70 Varmint rifle shows the care and workmanship of master craftsmen. Wood finishes are specially selected from beauty and endurance. The walnut stock is hand-worked and finished with genuine cut checkering for a custom look and feel. When performance and accuracy count, the Winchester Model 70 Varmint rifle gives you that extra advantage.

New for 1992 is a composite stock Model in 308 Winchester.

Model 70 Ranger Rifles

When hunting for affordable quality, check out the Winchester Model 70 Ranger bolt action rifle which is available in 243 and 270 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield.

The Winchester Model 70 Ranger centerfire rifle gives price conscious sportsmen the performance and accuracy found only in high priced bolt actions. The one piece select American hardwood stock is protected by a weather resistant satin finish. The Model 70 chrome molybdenum steel barrel with its famous ultra-high accuracy achieved through cold hammer forged rifling is heat-treated for high strength. A screw removable beaded blade front sight positioned on a hooded ramp and an adjustable rear sight are standard.

The anti-bind bolt design and the 3-position safety are identical to the actions on the higher valued Winchester bolt rifles and offer the same smooth dependable operation in all hunting situations. The chrome molybdenum forged steel receiver is drilled and tapped for scope.

The Ranger Ladies/Youth rifle offers dependable Winchester bolt action performance and quality. It is scaled down to fit younger smaller hunters. It's ideal for young men or ladies.

Unlike other brands the stock is not merely cut down. It features a slimmer pistol grip positioned closer to the trigger, shorter length of pull, shorter overall length as well as a lower comb. Ideal for training or as a first deer rifle, this Winchester Model 70 Ranger Ladies/Youth rifle makes handling easy and shooting enjoyable. This rifle has a 22 inch barreled action and is chambered in the 243 Winchester, suitable for varmints and small to medium game, and the 308 Winchester for large game. At 6-1/2 pounds, it provides the lightweight handling and carrying ease smaller shooters require.

Features include: anti-bind jeweled bolt, 3-position safety, contoured rubber recoil pad, hooded ramp beaded blade front sight, swivel studs and a semi-buckhorn folding leaf rear sight. Both front and rear sights are easily screw removable. All Winchester Model 70 Rangers are drilled and tapped for scope mounting.

Because the barreled action with its magazine floorplate is identical to that of the adult model, a 50% discount certificate towards the future purchase of an adult size fully finished stock is included with each Winchester Model 70 bolt action Ladies/Youth Ranger rifle. (Initial purchase only.)

Model 94 Lever Action Rifles

Winchester Model 94's are a legend in their own time. Over 4 million Model 94's have been sold in the last 25 years, and over 7 million since Winchester introduced the first one back in 1894.

The tolerance of the moving parts have been tightened, a link pin and set screw have been installed on the lever to make today's Model 94 action quiet and smooth. A hooded ramp front sight on all 20" barrel Walnut and Win Tuff models teams with a fully adjustable rear sight to help make today's Model 94 most enjoyable to shoot.

The Model 94 has an array of deer-getting features. A receiver machined from a hot forging of ordnance-grade steel that's so strong it's the only lever action rifle chambered for both the powerful 307 and 356 cartridges. All Winchester Model 94's achieve their extra strong lockup by means of a high wall falling breech block system. This extra strong locking system is the reason why the Winchester Model 94's can handle these powerful rounds which have a muzzle velocity of 2680 and 2400 feet per second respectively. Lever action rifles without this falling breech are not as strong.

The open-top receiver design features a positive side-ejection system which allows low scope top mounting. This design also makes it easy to load single rounds directly right into the chamber as well as verify that there is a round in the chamber. Smoother, quieter lever actions help make these legendary rifles a pleasure to own.

The Model 94's multi-shot capacity acts like an insurance policy against tough-to-shoot quarry like wild hogs in thick brush, while its short barrel is greatly appreciated when moving through the heavy brush.

All Winchester 94's are supplied with a hammer spur extension for use with scope. This extension is reversible for right or left handed shooters.

For styling, strength and performance the 1992 Model 94 is without equal. Truly "Engineered Better Than Ever."

Made with pride in the U. S. A. by American craftsman.

Model 94 Lever Action Rifles

Unlike other lever actions which have shallow-groove rifling, the Model 94 features long-lasting, deep-grooved rifling in its extra strong chrome molybdenum steel barrel. A feature which defines accuracy and found only in the world's better quality rifles.

Today's Model 94 features short, fast throw. So it's not only easier on the back of the shooter's hand than guns with a longer throw, it also gets off a much faster follow up shot.

Superior handling characteristics of the Model 94 are also immediately apparent. The balance point is strategically placed just forward of the finger lever in the gun's normal carrying position. The contour of the receiver and grip comfortably fits the shooters hand for effortless carrying. The rifle's size, overall lightness and balance promote quick pointing and sure handling. All Model 94's have drilled and tapped receivers for positive side ejection of spent cartridges.

The Winchester Model 94 is responsible for more kettles of venison stew, more stacks of venison steaks and more heaping platters of venison chops than any deer gun ever made.

When shooting the American hardwood Model 94 Ranger with its optional scope or the extra durable brown laminated Model 94 Win Tuff with its fully adjustable sights, the shooter can take advantage of the culmination of years of Model 94 refinement and experience the sensation of shooting a rifle steeped in American shooting tradition.

The art of manufacturing the Winchester Model 94 has been perfected over many years of production. From the days when it was the "Gun that Won the West" until today, the new quieter action 1992 Winchester Lever Action Model 94 is the standard by which all other lever action rifles are judged.

Engineered for today's hunter, the 1992 Winchester Model 94 is a prime example of American quality, craftsmanship and performance.

All Winchester Model 94's are proudly made in the U.S. by skilled American gun makers.

Model 94 Trapper Lever Action Rifles

The response from today's shooter to the recent changes made to the Winchester Model 94 has been so strong that three new Trapper models have been introduced for 1992. After much demand, the companion pistol caliber 357 Magnum will be available early in the year.

Gone for too many years is the large loop lever. Originally designed to accommodate the thickness of gloves worn during the cold hunting days and popularized in the TV series "The Rifleman," this oversized lever has taken on its own mystique. Also for 1992, the Winchester Model 94 Trapper with its sixteen inch barrel is offered in 44 Rem. Mag. and the ever popular 30-30 Winchester with either the standard or large loop lever.

The Model 94 Trapper was originally fashioned for fur trappers who would put in their deep backpacks. Because of its short sixteen inch barrel, nearly the entire gun could fit in the backpack. This had a two point advantage. In addition to freeing the trappers hands so he could work his trap line, its short length meant that it would not catch on low tree branches as he traversed along his tree-dense routes.

Versatility and dependability are the hallmarks of the Winchester Model 94. This very fact is evidenced in millions of these rifles that have been manufactured here on Winchester Avenue in New Haven, Ct. over the past ninety-eight years. The Winchester Model 94 is responsible for harvesting more wild game than any other rifle in history.

Still going strong today and with modern adaptations such as a receiver which is drilled and tapped for scope mounting and the side ejection of spent shells, this gun is basically the same as it was when introduced in 1894 with the additional engineering alterations made to it by John Browning. The Model 94 is a marvel of good basic engineering utilized in a sensible manner. Its popularity over nearly one hundred years is not only testimony to this fact, but a fitting tribute.

Model 9422 Lever Action Rimfire Rifle

The Winchester Model 9422 is the premier lever action rimfire rifle. For gunmaking craftsmanship, performance and classic styling, there is no finer .22. Patterned after the famous Model 94, these rimfire rifles are manufactured with the same precision and hand-crafted care. Their excellence is apparent in fit, finish, appearance and handling and accuracy is superior in every way.

The Model 9422 is offered in regular and magnum versions. These are ideal varmint rifles with superior accuracy even at longer ranges.

New versions feature extra tough Win Tuff [TM] and WimCam [TM] laminated stocks. Both rifles feature positive lever action and a bolt designed for feeding and chambering from any shooting position. A T-slotted bolt face assures positive controlled round feeding of all .22 caliber cartridge types. The rustproof brass magazine tube has a colored magazine follower that shows when the tube is empty.

For high strength, the receiver, frame and finger lever are machined from forged steel and high stress areas are hardened. Internal components are carefully finished for smooth operation and appearance. Receivers are designed for side ejection of spent cartridges and have a groove in the top of the receiver for easy scope mounting. Each rifle is furnished with hammer spur extension reversible for left or right handed shooting convenience when a scope is mounted. Additional features include the exposed hammer with half-cock safety, hooded ramped bead front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight.

Model 9422 rifles are made better by advanced design, advanced production techniques and the meticulous care of the craftsmen who make Winchester guns.

Whether target shooting, plinking or varmint hunting, the Winchester Model 9422 with its technically sophisticated controlled round feeding action, and its superb fit and finish of wood and metal parts, ranks this high quality rifle as the best .22 caliber rimfire rifle on the market today.

The Model 9422 is available in Walnut or Win Tuff - brown laminate and WinCam - camo green laminate for extra durability and concealment.

Regarded as the world's premier lever action .22, this technologically advanced rifle has given many shooters years of fun and enjoyment.

Made in the U.S.A. by American Craftsman.

Model 1400 Semi-Auto Shotguns

Winchester semi-auto shotguns come in a variety of configurations ranging from upland game models to deer slug guns with rifled Sabot choke tubes and drilled and tapped receivers. Fast-firing dependability is the perfected product of over thirty years of development and manufacturing experience. These Winchester semi-auto shotguns offer the styling, advanced features, and versatility you expect to find in more expensive guns.

The self-compensating gas operated action is fast, smooth and reliable. It can deliver fast follow-up shots as quickly as the trigger can be pulled. The gas action piston absorbs shock and reduces recoil which allows the shooter to stay on target for more accurate follow-up shots. The shock absorbing piston is one of the reasons why these Winchester autos are renowned for smooth shooting. This combined with a superior lightning fast lockup assures secure high strength breech locking while permitting reduced receiver weight for better balance and also aids in the reduction of recoil forces.

The front-locking rotary bolt is machined from solid chrome molybedenum steel and locks directly into a chrome molybdenum steel barrel extension by means of four big locking lugs which gives ultra-strong security.

The barrel is made from Winchester Proof Steel. The receiver is machined from a high strength, corrosion-resistant space age alloy. The positive cross-bolt safety is located conveniently at the front of the trigger guard. Single pin trigger assembly take down for easy cleaning and inspection.

Every durably Winchester Model 1400 Shotgun is chambered for 2-3/4" standard and 2-3/4" magnum shells interchangeably. All Model 1400's shoot ultra light loads with ease. Each has convenient bolt closing release.

All Winchester shotguns have barrels with roller burnished inner walls which aid in the resistance of damage from steel shot. In addition, WinChoke tubes are guaranteed against damage from steel shot.

Winchester guns are made in the U.S.A.

Model 1400 Semi-Auto Shotguns

The Model 1400 Walnut "Slug Hunter" is factory drilled and tapped for secure scope mounting. Bases and rings included. Threaded steel inserts in the top of the receiver, a position most favored by shooters, assures a solid steel-to-steel scope mount. A rifled Sabot tube which delivers surprising accuracy and a conventional Improved Cylinder WinChoke tube are standard.

Computer aided engineering and design has enabled the new Winchester Model 1400 Walnut "Slug Hunter" Shotgun, when fitted with the highly accurate rifled Sabot tube, to rival the accuracy of many rifles. Surprising accuracy can be achieved with the combination of the revolutionary new rifled Sabot tube and Sabot slugs. In the event of need for total smooth-bore shooting, an Improved Cylinder WinChoke tube is included.

When a fast second shot is critical as in today's fast growing sport "Sporting Clays" it is desirable to have a semi-auto shotgun with rotary bolt lock up as on Model 1400. This advanced system is more efficient and faster than the older style top locking mechanisms, thus giving the shooter a definite advantage.

Affordable semi-auto shotgun shooting is made possible with the Winchester Model 1400 Ranger Combo. The same modern technology and mechanisms refined in today's Model 1400 Walnut models are use in the Model 1400 Ranger.

Included with each Model 1400 Ranger Combo are two barrels. For slug shooting there's a 22 inch smooth-bore barrel with adjustable rifle-type sights and for traditional shotgun shooting, a 28 inch vent rib barrel with three WinChoke tubes Full Modified and Improved Cylinder is included.

Both the Model 1400 "Slug Hunter" and the Model 1400 Ranger Combo have receivers which are drilled and tapped for scope mounting. Bases and rings are included with each drilled and tapped Model 1400 Semi-Auto Shotguns.

A newly engineered screw anchored ejector is installed in every Winchester shotgun for many rounds of trouble free shooting.

Model 1300 Pump Deer Slug Guns

Designed into each Winchester Model 1300 and 1400 slug gun is a barrel receiver inter-lock to insure that each time you insert the barrel into the receiver it will always return to the same position. Other major brands of shotguns lack this very important feature.

The new Winchester Model 1300 Walnut Slug Hunter's carrying weight is nearly 3/4 pound less than our major competitors' gun and is available with a fully rifled barrel or a smooth-bore barrel with an Improved Cylinder choke tube plus the revolutionary rifled Sabot tube for surprising accuracy.

The lockup is Winchester's famous chrome molybdenum high speed four lug rotary bolt and barrel extension system which is so efficient that all of the lockup forces are contained between the bolt and barrel extension. This high-tech system is so strong that the lockup does not need to use the receiver top as part of the locking system. Consequently, unlike older less efficient shotgun lockups that need to put pressure against the roof of the receiver, the Model 1300's receiver is made out of a lightweight corrosion resistant space age alloy for better balance, swinging and carrying ease.

Because the rotary lockup is concentric with the bore of the barrel, recoil forces are used to unlock the bolt and drive the bolt and forearm rearward to assist the shooter in setting up the next shot. Also, because all forces are in the same line, none from the top of the receiver, the Winchester Model 1300 pump action shotgun opens faster and with less vibration than do slower old style top locking shotguns, in effect anticipating the shooter's next shot.

We are honored that the national organization "Whitetails Unlimited" has selected to endorse the Winchester Model 1300 Walnut Slug Hunter deer shotgun as their "Gun of the Year."

With each Whitetails Unlimited gun sold, a donation will be made to this fine organization which is dedicated to the management and preservation of deer hunting.

All Winchester Model 1300 Slug Hunters are Performance Crafted in the U.S.A. by American craftsman.

Model 1300 Pump Deer Slug Guns

Today's deer hunter deserve a real shotgun shooting system that gives the accuracy and performance of a modern day hunting rifle.

Only our new Winchester Slug Hunter shotguns offer the exclusive ability to securely mount a regular rifle eye relief scope on top of the shotgun receiver.

All Slug Hunters have factory drilled and tapped receivers to secure scope mounting, four steel bushings are permanently installed into the extra thick receiver top. Factory supplied bases and rings are easily screwed into the steel bushing for strong steel-to-steel anchoring. Quality bases and rings are included with each Slug Hunter.

The shooter of a Winchester Slug Hunter does not have to settle for an awkward flimsy mounting bracket protruding back from the barrel. In fact, all Winchester Slug Hunters give you the added benefit of adjustable rifle sights. Sights are not possible on slug guns which have cantilever mounting brackets.

A new shooting experience can be realized when the industry's premier pump shotgun, the Winchester Model 1300, is outfitted with a slug barrel for single projectile shooting. Three variations are available for all shooting needs. The Model 1300 Walnut Slug Hunter pump action shotgun features a rifled barrel with 8 lands and grooves, rifle type sights, and a receiver which is factory drilled and tapped for scope. Also available, is a Model 1300 Win Tuff Slug Hunter. This versatile shotgun features a Winchester Proof Steel rifled barrel with rifle type sights. To complete the new pump action slug gun trio is a Model 1300 Walnut Slug Hunter with a smooth-bore barrel with a interchangeable extra long rifled Sabot choke tube for unsurpassed slug shooting accuracy. Also included is an Improved Cylinder WinChoke tube for traditional slug or buckshot shooting.

The Walnut models feature a sculptured cut checkered beavertail forearm while the warm brown laminated Win Tuff models have the traditional ribbed corn cob style forearm for comfort and speed. All models have honeycomb recoil pad and a crossbolt safety.

Model 1300 Turkey Shotguns

The Winchester Model 1300 National Wild Turkey Federation turkey shotgun rapidly became the number one turkey gun on the market today It is a tribute to the successful restoration of the wild turkey and to the immense interest in hunting America's noblest big game bird. This WinCam shotgun is dedicated to the NWTF. A generous contribution is made to the worthwhile organization for each gun sold. This special Turkey Gun is a 12 gauge Model 1300 pump with a 22" floating ventilated rib barrel with WinChoke system -- Extra Full, Full and Modified chokes are standard.

A fast action rotary bolt steel-to-steel lockup affords the shooter follow-up shots as fast as needed.

The receiver is roll-engraved on both sides with decorative turkey scenes by Rob Keck of the NWTF. The right side of the receiver also bears the name of the Federation in script.

The camouflaged-style stock and rattle free forearm are of green WinCam laminated for high strength, durability, and concealment. Features include a cut checkered pistol grip stock, classic ribbed forearm, non-glare matte finish on metal, honeycomb recoil pad, and metal bead front sight.

Each of these special guns comes equipped with a quick-detachable traction grip lined camouflage Cordura sling. Both regular and special Model 1300 WinCam Turkey shotguns stand any test for all-around performance. They are designed to withstand the elements and hard use which are part of the fast growing sport of wild turkey hunting.

The WinCam stock is made from a unique extra durable camouflage-style green laminate which is cut checkered. This gun has a traditional ribbed forearm, rubber recoil pad, sling and quick-release sling swivels. All metal parts are dull name-finished. Black bolt.

New for 1992 is a National Wild Turkey Federation 20 gauge Ladies/Youth model with a shorter slimmer WinCam stock of extra durable laminated American hard wood featuring a repositioned pistol grip and forearm. Scaled down only in fit, this new Turkey Gun is every bit as efficient as its 12 gauge big brother. Both the full size and the Ladies/Youth Model 1300 Turkey shotguns have a solid feel of quality, craftsmanship and performance.

The Winchester Model 1300 Turkey shotgun is offered in three popular versions.

Model 1300 Pump Walnut Shotguns

Solid reliability, smooth fast action, lightweight balance and quick pointing make the Winchester Model 1300 Walnut the preferred pump shotgun. Whether hunting rabbits or pheasants with the 12 gauge or dove or quail with the 20 gauge, the Model 1300 Walnut always proves its versatility.

Our exclusive high-speed rotary-bolt lockup, the strongest, most secure lockup in a shotgun, is so strong that we can shave a half-pound of unnecessary weight from our machined space age alloy receiver. Dramatically increasing "huntability" through better balance, faster pointing and easier carrying.

The Model 1300, further increases "huntability" through faster followup shots. It's up to twice as efficient as other lockups. Which means that a new round is cycled into the chamber as fast as the pump can be operated.

Since the rotary bolt's four lug design completely eliminates the vibration caused by old fashioned, clunky, top-locking mechanisms, both these new Winchester guns are incredibly smooth shooters.

The trigger blocking cross bolt safety is conveniently located at the front of the trigger guard. Single-pin take-down provides easy field maintenance and cleaning.

The floating ventilated rib assures consistent center-of-impact as the barrel heats up. The special ventilated rubber recoil pad on all 12 gauge models provides maximum recoil absorption.

Available in 12 or 20 gauge in either 26" or 28" barrel lengths for all shotgun needs. Each barrel is equipped with the famous interchangeable WinChokes tubes. These tubes extend 1/4" past the muzzle so that the choke tube can be easily identified. In addition, this 1/4" extension is knurled for easy removal if the wrench is lost. Also, this 1/4" extension protects the muzzle from getting crimped or somehow damaged in the event that the muzzle accidentally strikes a rock or other object.

New WinChokes tubes are guaranteed for life against damage from factory loaded steel shot.

All Winchester Model 1300 Walnut shotguns feature diamond point cut checkering.

Model 1300 Ranger Shotguns

For the shooter who wants the dependability and proven performance of a pump action shotgun at an affordable price, the Winchester Model 1300 Ranger is such a shotgun. Winchester Ranger shotguns are made to the same high standards as the higher priced walnut models. The very same internal components which give Winchester shotguns their strength, speed and efficiency are used in the Ranger shotguns. All Ranger shotguns have Winchester's famous high speed chrome molybdenum steel military style rotary bolt and barrel extension lockup, floating vent rib and WinChokes.

A single pin take down trigger assembly is standard on all Winchester Model 1300 Pump and 1400 Auto shotguns. This convenience makes for easy inspection, cleaning and lubrication. The triggers have a cross-bolt safety conveniently located at finger-point reach in front of the trigger guard. Dual action bars provide smooth, anti-bind operation of the forearm which has been repositioned one and a half inch closer to the shooter for easier reach.

Also, the Ladies/Youth Walnut and Ranger models not only have shorter stocks, all the contours of stocks are slimmer and scaled down. The pistol grip is closer to the trigger to better fit a smaller hand of a young male or female shooter. In addition, the forearm is positioned closer to the receiver for easy reach and confidence. This helps the smaller shooter to cycle follow-up shots more efficiently.

A full length segmented plug is installed in every Ladies/Youth shotgun as it leaves the factory. The magazine tube is fully plugged. This limits the shotgun to a single shot. Later as the shooter gets accustomed to shooting the gun, the first segment (the length of one shell) can be broken-off, thus giving the magazine the capacity for one shell. Later, a second segment can be removed to allow for two shells in the magazine. At this point, this five shot gun is plugged for three shots.

A 50% discount certificate towards the future purchase price of a full size adult stock is packaged with every Winchester Ladies/Youth shotgun, giving this shotgun ageless versatility.

All Winchester shotguns have barrels with roller burnished inner walls which aid in the resistance of damage from steel shot. WinChoke tubes are fully guaranteed against damage from steel shot.

Model 1300 Combos

If affordable versatility in a shotgun is the order, these Winchester Model 1300's fill the bill. Whether bird hunting with the 28 inch floating vent rib barrel or for home security with the 18 inch cylinder bore barrel there is no better value in quality of materials, engineering and dependability than one of these fine shotguns. The Model 1300 Combo models have two interchangeable barrels. One is a 28 inch vent rib hunting barrel with interchangeable WinChokes and the other is a cylinder bore 18 inch plain Defender barrel.

The Model 1300 Ranger Deer Combo is offered with a 22 inch Winchester Proof steel barrel which is equipped with adjustable rifle type sights. This cylinder bore barrel has proved to be an effective accurate deer getting system when used with Foster-type slugs. In addition, a 28 inch barrel with a floating ventilated rib and tapped at the muzzle to accommodate the WinChoke system. Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder choke tubes are included with the 12 or 20 gauge hunting barrels.

Every Winchester Model 1300 comes with a high speed rotary bolt lockup, in fact the Model 1300's are the only production pump shotguns with this fast cycling action. Twin action bars are designed to prevent binding during firing. In fact, rotary bolt actions are so fast that they are used on military machine guns. A top locking system would not be fast enough. A newly designed screw anchored ejector promotes trouble-free shooting.

As with all 1992 Winchester Model 1300 and 1400 Shotguns designed for deer or turkey, each receiver is factory drilled and tapped for secure steel-to-steel mounting of a scope.

The Model 1300 Defender Combo is equipped with a hardwood stock and forearm.

Also included with this Defender Combo is a black synthetic pistol grip which is interchangeable with the buttstock.

Each Winchester Model 1300 Ranger and Defender which comes with a hardwood buttstock has a thick ventilated recoil and tractionable forearm for comfort and ease of shooting.

This combo is equipped with a 12 gauge 18 inch cylinder bore barrel and an interchangeable 12 gauge 28 inch vent rib barrel tapped for WinChoke. A modified choke and wrench are included.

Made in the U.S.A. by American craftsman.

Model 1300 Pump Defender Shotguns

Winchester Defender Model 1300 pump security shotguns feature a broad range of options, from law enforcement purposes to the need of personal protection at home. Winchester produces a specific pump shotgun to meet the ever changing needs of police agencies and the American public.

For 1992 a reliable 5 shot pump Model 1300 is offered in the traditional American hardwood stock or with a new black military spec polymer stock. This new synthetic material is totally impervious to deterioration in all climatic conditions.

Each is equipped with a black rubber recoil pad and tractionable forearm for ease of shooting and sure gripping and pumping.

Every Model 1300 pump shotgun is chambered for 3" shotshells. They are designed to handle 3" magnum, 2-3/4" magnum, and 2-3/4" standard load shotshells or slugs interchangeably.

The reliable recoil assisted pump action with its highly efficient rotary bolt permits ultra fast follow-up shots, and the twin action bars prevent binding during rapid fire. One-pin trigger group disassembly makes cleaning and inspection fast and easy. A cross-bolt safety is conveniently located in front of the trigger.

The industry's strongest most efficient lockup, Armor-Lock [TM] is used on all Winchester shotguns. A military style chrome molybdenum steel rotary locks four massive lugs into a mating chrome molybdenum barrel extension to form this ultra strong lockup, the strongest available on any pump shotgun today. In addition, because the lockup is always concentric with the bore, no unlocking from the top of the receiver is necessary. The result is faster follow-up shots and a better balanced shotgun. In fact the Winchester Model 1300 pump shotguns is the only pump shotgun on the market with the fast action rotary bolt lockup system.

Military guns which are engineered to shoot rapidly employ a rotary bolt lockup in their design because of its speed in the cycling of successive shots. In addition, this most efficient system accomplishes this feat with fewer moving parts than do cumbersome tilting bolt top locking shotguns.

When speed and efficiency are a consideration, the fastest cycling mechanism is a rotary bolt lockup. It's so efficient, in fact, that after firing the forearm thrusts rearward in anticipation of the next shot.

Model 1300 Pump Defender Shotguns

The Winchester Model 1300 Black Matte 8 shot pump shotgun. The black stock made from an extra durable military spec polymer is designed to give the shooter years of carefree service. This material is engineered to withstand impact and is impervious to the effects of foul weather. A thick black rubber recoil pad and traction-grooved forend make these Defender models easy to shoot. Dual action bars insure smooth reliable pumping between shots. All metal surfaces feature a low glare matte finish. All bolts are also coated in a non-reflective matte finish. Also offered is an 8 shot Defender in traditional wood stock and blued finish. The compact pistol grip model is available in matte finish only.

A convenient single-pin trigger assembly take-down is standard. This makes inspection, cleaning and lubrication of the trigger fast and easy.

Both versions feature the Model 1300's dependable high speed chrome molybdenum rotary bolt system for fast follow-up shots. So fast that it actually begins setting up for the next shot from the recoil of the previous shot.

For Law Enforcement Agencies

By special order only, Winchester security pump action shotguns are available with combinations of stocks, finishes, sights, magazine lengths, pistol grips, and insignia or markings. Finishes include: matted, bead blast, blued, and bright. Minimum quantities may be required. For additional information and ordering, contact your Winchester dealer or U.S. Repeating Arms Company, Inc. directly

New Sharpshooter Rifles

For 1992, available only to the military and law enforcement, is a limited number of Sharpshooter rifles.

Chosen for its renounced accuracy, a machined Model 70 action and a heavy bull barrel have been teamed to deliver accuracy out to 1000 yards. Presently available in 300 and 308 Winchester, a McMillan A-2 fiberglass target rifle contour stock is mated to the barreled action to make this a most accurate ultra long range rifle.

Also available for Law Enforcement in 1992 is a Model 70 matte finished heavy barrel rifle in 308 Winchester with a synthetic stock This rifle offers pin point accuracy at ultra-long distance, cold hammer-forged rifling insures optimum accuracy at long distances.

Model 1300 Stainless Marine

Technical advancements necessitated by ever increasing worldwide military requirements have been put into the new pump action Winchester Model 1300 Stainless Marine shotgun.

A corrosion resistant space age alloy receiver is treated with Sandstrom 9A [R] phosphate coating for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. This coating was widely used on military guns which had to perform in the dampest of climatic conditions in Southeast Asia. In addition to the receiver, forty one of the internal working parts are also coated with this protective substance. This coating not only resists the effects of moisture, the internal components coated with this substance benefit from its lubricating properties which are suspended in a epoxy resin/teflon system that provides not only lubrication but extends the life of the coated parts.

The eighteen inch ordnance stainless steel barrel is triple platted for additional corrosion resistance. A plating of copper is first applied to the barrel, magazine tube, and action bars. Copper, with its corrosion resistance properties, bonds very well to steel and also to the second coating nickel. which is applied on top of the copper. The nickel provides the majority of the corrosion resistance. Finally a chrome plating is applied to give this, the most corrosion resistant marine shotgun, its unique appearance.

Winchester's famous high speed extra strong chrome molybdenum steel rotary bolt is designed to operate at optimum efficiency for extra fast follow-up shots in this seven shot dependable pump action stainless steel barrel Defender.

The trigger features a forward positioned cross bolt safety. A single pin trigger assembly take-down makes inspection, cleaning and lubrication fast and easy.

The ribbed forend and traction grip stock are made from an extra durable military spec synthetic polymer. In addition to being totally impervious to deterioration in any weather or environment, the model stock has a rubber butt pad. Chrome swivel studs are standard.

Compact for easy handling and stowage, this new advanced design Winchester Model 1300 Stainless Marine Shotgun is the premier all climate shotgun available today. This is another example of why Winchester guns are Engineered Better Than Ever.
 Shotguns & Rifles
Hand Crafted Deluxe Custom Guns 4 - 5
Model 70 Stainless Rifles 6 - 7
Model 70 Featherweight Rifles 8 - 9
Model 70 Lightweight Rifles 10 - 11
Model 70 Super Grade Rifles 12 - 13
Model 70 Sporter Rifles 14 - 17
Model 70 Super Express Rifles 16 - 17
Model 70 Heavy Barrel Varmint Rifles 18 - 19
Model 70 Ranger Rifles 20 - 21
Model 94 Lever Action Rifles 22 - 27
Model 9422 Rimfire Rifles 28 - 29
Model 1400 Semi-Auto Shotguns 30 - 33
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Model 1300 Ranger Shotguns 42 - 43
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Model 1300 Pump Defender Shotguns 46 - 49
Model 1300 Stainless Marine Shotguns 50 - 51

Custom Guns

Winchester Model 70 Custom Grade Rifle * Calibers include 270 Win., 30-06 Spfld., 7mm Rem. Mag.,

300 and 338 Win. Mag. only. * 24" barrel, no sights. * Custom bedded, semi-fancy walnut stock with satin finish

and deep - cut checkering. * Hand honed internal parts and hand lead lapped barrel. * Hand engine turned bolt and follower. * Flat sided bolt sleeve and plain (unknurled) bolt handle. * Steel trigger guard, magazine cover and pistol grip cap. * Claw controlled fee, extraction, and ejection system. * Inletted swivel bases. * High lustre metal finish. * Prices start at $1695.

Winchester Model 70 Custom Express Rifle * Calibers include 375 H&H Mag., the new 375 JRS, 416 Rem. Mag.,

458 Win. Mag., and 470 Capstick. * 24" barrels (22" 458). * Custom bedded, semi-fancy walnut stock with satin finish

and deep - cut checkering. * 3-leaf Express rear sight with standard Model 70 front sight. * Inletted rear swivel base with barrel mounted front swivel base. * Two reinforcing cross bolts. * Hand honed internal parts. * Hand lead lapped barrel. * Hand engine turned bolt and follower. * Flat sided bolt sleeve and plain (unknurled) bolt handle. * Steel trigger guard, magazine cover and pistol grip cap. * Claw controlled feed, extraction and ejection system. * High lustre metal finish. * Special full length action with loading clearance cut. * Prices start at $2125.

Winchester Model 70 Collector Grade * Specifications and prices available on request.

Winchester Model 21 Side-By-Side Shotgun * Specifications and prices available on request.

Low Maintenance, Rugged Durability, Lightweight

Winchester Model 70 Stainless Rifle * Gray matte finish on a stainless steel barreled

action - barrel, receiver and bolt. * Synthetic composite stock impregnated with

fiberglass and graphite. * Contour rubber recoil pad. * Five popular calibers: 270 Winchester, 30-06 Spfld.

7 mm Rem. Mag., 300 and 338 Winchester Mag. * Low maintenance - rugged durability. * Excellent foul weather mountain rifle. * Famous Winchester 3-position safety. * Field strippable bolt. * Lightweight and easy to carry in rugged terrain.

"World's Most Beautiful Rifle"

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Rifle * New for 1992, the Featherweight Classic featuring a claw controlled round feeding

system in a standard grade walnut stock. Available in 270 Winchester, 280 Rem.,

and 30-06 Spfld. * Back by popular demand is the durable brown laminated Win Tuff stock in

selected calibers. * Available in 22-250 Rem., 223 Rem., 243 Winchester and 270 Winchester,

308 Winchester and 30-06 Spfld. calibers with a 22" barrel. * The hammer forged barrel is made of high strength chrome molybdenum steel

which is heat treated for additional strength, durability and performance. * Jeweled bolt with knurled bolt handle. Hinged steel magazine floor-plate for

easy unloading. * Classic straight-comb stock with schnabel forend, protective satin finish, deep-cut

diamond point checkering, contoured rubber butt pad, and sling swivel studs. * Receiver drilled and tapped for scope. * All Featherweights come with windage adjustable solid steel quality bases and rings. * Voted world's "Most Beautiful Looking Rifle" in Guns Magazine survey.

Engineered Like No Other Rifles in the World

Winchester Model 70 Walnut Lightweight Rifle * Available in seven calibers: 22-250 Rem., 223 Rem., 243 and, 270

Winchester, 280 Rem., 30-06 Spfld., and 308 Winchester. * 22" cold hammer-forged barrel is slim and tapered.

Winchester Proof Steel. * Light, fast-handling utility and brush gun at approximately

6-1/2 pounds. * Classic straight stock with satin finish and diamond point pattern

cut checkering. * All Lightweights feature sling swivel studs, floorplates and are

drilled and tapped for scopes.

Winchester Model 70 Win Tuff & WinCam Lightweight Rifles * WinTuff brown laminate, available in 223 Rem., 243 and

270 Winchester, 30-06 Spfld. and 308 Winchester. * Extra durable WinCam camo green laminate, available in 270

Winchester and 30-06 Spfld. * Both feature a 22" cold hammer-forged barrel. Receiver drilled and

tapped for scope. Field strippable bolt. * Straight stock with diamond point checkering and sling

swivel studs.

Engineered Better than Ever

Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Rifle * Offered in 270 Winchester and 30-06 Spfld. and powerful belted

magnum calibers: 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 and 338 Winchester Mag. * A field strippable jeweled bolt with a stainless steel extractor for

"True claw controlled round feeding", extraction and ejection of

cartridges. * Each bolt is custom fitted to its receiver and barrel. * All steel bottom metal, hinged floorplate, stainless steel

magazine follower. * The industry's strongest receiver with its massive front recoil lug is

machined out of a solid block of chrome molybdenum steel. Drilled

and tapped for scope. * The barrel, receiver and bolt are each machined from the very best

chrome molybdenum steel. Rifling is done by the highly accurate

Winchester cold hammer-forging process. * Selected walnut stock with a graceful sculptured cheekpiece.

protective satins finish, deep-cut wrap-around checkering, tapered

forend, sling swivel studs, and an extra thick contoured rubber

recoil pad. * Prices for custom worked models begin at $1695 and are

available on request.

Expanded Sporter Selection

Winchester Model 70 Sporter Win Tuff Rifle * Available six calibers: 270 Winchester, 30-06 Spfld., 7mm Rem. Mag.,

300 Winchester Mag., 300 Weath. Mag., and 338 Winchester Mag. * Classic style WinTuff stock with sculpted cheekpiece, deep - cut diamond

point wraparound checkering, satin finish, sling swivel studs and

contoured rubber recoil pad. * Steel hinged floorplate, stainless steel magazine follower. * 24" Chrome molybdenum steel barrel, receiver and bolt for extra

durability and accuracy. * Cold hammer-forged rifling for exacting accuracy. * Field strippable jeweled bolt and Winchester's famous 3-position safety.

Winchester Model 70 Sporter SSM with Composite Stock * Available in five: 270 Winchester Mag., 30-06 Spfld., 7 mm Rem. Mag.,

300 Winchester Mag., and 338 Winchester Mag. * Black composite graphite impregnated stock for ultimate durability,

ease of carrying and optimum accuracy * Classic lines, checkering, sling swivel studs and contoured rubber recoil

pad enhance this rugged stock. * Hinged steel floorplate with graphite and nylon composite magazine

follower for reduced friction. * Chrome molybdenum steel receiver and bolt and 24" matte finished

barrel with slight weight increase for stability. * Field strippable jeweled bolt with Winchester's famous 3-position safety,

custom matched to each receiver.

Sets the Standard for Other Bolt Action Rifles

Winchester Model 70 Sporter Rifle * Six standard calibers: 22-250 Rem., 223 Rem.,

243 Winchester, 25-06 Rem., 270 Winchester,

30-06 Spfld. * Seven powerful magnum calibers: 264 Winchester

Mag., 270 Weath. Mag., 7mm Rem. Mag.,

300 Winchester Mag., 300 H&H Mag.,

300 Weath. Mag. and 339 Winchester Mag. * Classic style stock with sculpted cheekpiece,

protective satin finish, deep - cut wraparound

checkering, tapered forend, sling swivel and

contoured rubber butt pad.. * Hinged steel floorplate or detachable magazine,

stainless steel magazine follower. * 24" Chrome molybdenum steel barrel with slight

weight increase for stability and recoil control. Cold

hammer-forged rifling for optimum accuracy. * A field strippable jeweled bolt and Winchester's

famous 3-position safety are custom matched to

each receiver. * An extra strong receiver with its extra large front

recoil lug is machined out of a single block of

chrome molybdenum steel. Drilled and tapped

for scope. * Smooth crisp trigger with easy let-off. * Available with sights or top quality adjustable

bases and rings.

Winchester Model 70 Super Express Rifle * Two calibers: For African big game in 375 H&H

Mag., (24" barrel) and 458 Winchester Mag., (22"

barrel). Non-glare black matte finish on receiver. * Super Express walnut stock is reinforced with two

steel crossbolts. * Forward sling swivel mounted on barrel for hand

protection from recoil and improved carrying

balance. * Equipped with adjustable open rear and hooded

ramp front sights and a 1" contoured recoil pad. * Drilled and tapped for scope.

Accuracy Getting Features for Those Ultra Long Shots

Winchester Model 70 Heavy Barrel Varmint Rifle * Available in 22-250 and 223 Rem., and 308 Winchester. * Extra heavy 26" hammer-forged chrome molybdenum barrel with a

counter-bored muzzle for optimum accuracy and protection * Rigid compact short-action chrome molybdenum receiver

enhances accuracy. * High grade bolt body and locking lugs are machined from a single

chrome molybdenum steel bar. * Winchester's famous field strippable bolt. * Famous Model 70 3-position safety, crisp easy let-off trigger, and

raked bolt handle. * Receiver is machined from a single block of chrome molybdenum

steel for superior strength and ultra long range accuracy. * Sporter style classic stock with cheekpiece is available in walnut or a

carbon impregnated composite stock. * Rubber butt pad, swivel studs and a receiver drilled and tapped for

scope are standard. * New for 1992, 308 Winchester with composite stock and matte

finished barrel and receiver.

Affordable Quality Made in the U.S.A. by American Craftsmen

Winchester Model 70 Ranger Bolt Action Rifle * Affordable quality and utility. Available in 223, 243 and 270 Winchester and 30-06 Spfld. * One piece select American hardwood stock with weather resistant satin finish and

contoured rubber recoil pad. Sling swivel studs. * 22" Gold hammer-forged chrome molybdenum steel barrel with removable

adjustable rifle sights. * Chrome molybdenum forged steel receiver and bolt. Drilled and tapped for scope.

Famous Winchester 3-position safety. * Hooded bead ramp front and adjustable rear sights. * Hinged steel magazine floorplate. Five or six shot capacity. * Graphite/nylon composite follower for durability and low friction levels.

Winchester Model 70 Ranger Ladies/Youth Bolt Action Rifle * Scaled down to fit younger, or small framed shooters, Ideal as a training or first

deer rifle. * Available in 243 and 308 Winchester utilizing the same high quality 22" hammer-forged

barrelled action as the full size Model 70's. * Select American hardwood stock with weather resistant walnut satin finish, swivel

studs and contoured rubber recoil pad. In addition to being shorter in length, the

stock grip is especially shaped and positioned forward closer to the trigger. * Screw removable hooded bead ramp front and adjustable rear sights. * Light handling and carrying at 6-1/2 lbs. * Steel hinged magazine floorplate. * 50% discount coupon included with each Ladies/Youth rifle towards the

purchase of a full size replacement stock. * Without a doubt this is the best Ladies/Youth bolt action rifle on the market today.

A Legend in its Own Time

Winchester Side-Eject Model 94 Checkered Rifle * Available in performance-proven 30-30

Winchester for deer, bear, and the numerous

North American big game. * Positive side-eject. * Deluxe styling with precise cut diamond-point

checkering, protective satin finish on

walnut stock and forend. * 20" chrome molybdenum steel barrel for

extra strength, durability and accuracy. * Hooded ramp screw removable front sight..

Adjustable rear sight. * Close tolerances for quieter level operation

Link pin with set screw. * Hot forged, machined ordnance steel

receiver with a falling breech block lockup

system for superior strength.

Winchester Side-Eject Model 94 Standard Rifle * Available n 30-30 Winchester and the

modern high velocity 7-30 Waters. * Positive side-eject for scope mounting. * High strength machined ordnance steel

receiver and chrome molybdenum steel

barrel for optimum strength. * Falling breech block lockup-strongest

method for a lever action rifle. * Hammer spur extension. Rebounding

hammer safety. * American walnut stock and forend,

serrated butt plate.

Winchester Side-Eject Model 94 Big Bore Rifle * Chambered for the hard hitting 307 and

356 Winchester cartridges. 200 Yard

performance. * Superior strength and ultra strong lockup

is achieved by means of a falling breech

block. * Checkered American walnut stock with

a satin weather resistant finish is topped-off

with a contoured rubber butt pad. * Receiver machined from a solid block of

ordnance steel. Rebounding hammer. drilled

and tapped for scope, positive side-eject. * Chrome molydenum Winchester Proof Steel

barrel for long lasting strength, durability

and optimum accuracy. * Hammer spur extension for scope mounting.

Reversible for right or left handed shooting.

Smoother, Quieter, Lever Action

Winchester Model 94 Ranger Side-Eject Lever Action Rifle * Famous 30-30 Winchester performance. * Exceptional economy and utility. Affordable quality. * American Hardwood stock and forend with durable satin walnut

finish. Standard butt plate. * 20" barrel with blade front and adjustable rear sights. * Positive side eject action * Available with optional 4 x 32mm Bushnell Sportview [TM] scope

with rings and see through mounts. Fully coated optics, one

piece construction, waterproof and fog resistant. Limited lifetime

scope warranty.

Winchester Side-Eject Model 94 WinTuff Rifle * Stock made from extra durable laminated brown camo wood.

Resistant to weather and moisture. Promotes concealment. * Big game ballistics with lever action handling and quick follow

up shots. 30-30 Winchester. * Extra strong ordnance steel side-eject receiver drilled and

tapped for scope. * Chrome Molybdenum steel barrels for accuracy and long

lasting rifling. * Positive side-ejection of spent cartridges.

Companion Pistol Calibers

Winchester Side-Eject Model 94 Trapper Carbine With 16" Barrel * New for 1992, 357 Magnum Caliber. * New stainless steel claw extractor * Large glove loop Wrangler model available on

30-30 Win. and 44 Rem. Mag. and S&W Spec. * Available in 30-30 Winchester, 44 Rem. Mag.,

44 S&W, and 45 Colt calibers. * Compact carbine styling and saddle ring. Hammer

spur extension. Positive side-eject * Shorter 16" barrel with post front sight. * Walnut stock and forend with satin finish. * Carbine length barrel is for quick handling in brush

or dense cover.

The World's Finest Lever Action .22

Winchester Model 9422 Walnut Lever Action Rimfire Rifle * Rich American walnut stock with a satin weather resistant finish. * Deep-cut diamond point wrap-around checkering for secure grip. * Super strong forged steel receiver with positive side-ejection.

Grooved for scope mounting. * Controlled round feeding of cartridges. * Large capacity brass magazine tube under the barrel. * Hooded ramp front sight. Adjustable rear sight. * Available in 22 shot, Long and Long Rifle or

22 Winchester Magnum.

Winchester Model 9422 WinTuff and WinCam Lever Action Rimfire Rifles * Superior resistance of strong laminated stock to changes in weather

conditions, water, heat and hard knocks. Promotes optimum accuracy. * Super strong forged steel receiver with positive side-eject.

Grooved for scope mounting. * Controlled round feeding of cartridges. * Large capacity brass magazine tube under the barrel. * Hooded ramp front sight. Adjustable rear sight. * WinCam camouflage model available in 22 Winchester Magnum.

WinTuff brown laminated model available in 22 Short, Long

and Long Rifle or Magnum.

Fast Shooting, High Performance, Low Recoil

Winchester Model 1400 Walnut Semi-Auto Shotguns * Available in 12 and 20 gauge models. * Winchester Proof Steel barrels with floating vent ribs. Metal bead front sights. * WinChoke system with Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder tubes included.

Choke tubes are guaranteed against damage from steel shot. * Four lug rotary bolt lockup of chrome molybdenum steel bolt and barrel

extension for lighting fast lockup and release. * Gas operated recoil absorbing piston for smooth operation and faster follow-up shots.

Recoil pad on 12 ga. Walnut only. * New streamline stock and forearm with deep cut diamond point checkering * Ideal for sporting clays. * Convenient bolt closing button. * Cross bolt safety positioned in front of the trigger for convenience.

Winchester Model 1400 Ranger Semi-Auto Shotgun * Select American hardwood butt stock and forearm - Cut checkering. * Famous fast actions rotary bolt steel-to-steel lockup. * Recoil reducing gas chamber for smooth and more accurate follow-up shots. * All vent rib barrels feature the interchangeable WinChoke tube system. * Economical sporting clays shotgun. * WinChoke tubes guaranteed against effects of steel shot.

Smooth Shooting, Gas Operated, Low Recoil

Winchester Semi-Auto Model 1400 Walnut "Slug Hunter" Shotgun * 12 gauge 22" smooth-bore barrel with adjustable hunting sights.

Improved Cylinder and rifled Sabot choke tubes. * Receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounting. Exclusive

threaded steel inserts for a secure steel-to-steel scope

mount. Bases and rings included. * Winchester's famous extra strong chrome molybdenum steel

rotary bolt delivers lighting fast lockup and release. * Recoil reducing gas piston for smooth shooting, less recoil and

more accurate follow-up shots. * New streamlined walnut stock and forearm with deep diamond

point cut checkering. Winchester Model 1400

Winchester Model 1400 Ranger Semi-Auto Shotguns * Select American hardwood butt stock and forearm. Cut checkering. * Drilled and tapped receiver for steel to steel scope mounting

bore barrel with adjustable rifle type hunting sights. * Two barrels: 22" smooth-bore with rifle sights and a 28"

smoothbore with floating vent rib, brass bead front sights and Full,

Modified and Improved Cylinder Choke tubes are standard with

Model 1400 combos.

Surprising Accuracy in A Rifle Like Shotgun

Rifled Barrel for 100 Yard Performance

Winchester Model 1300 Walnut "Slug Hunter" Shotgun - Rifled Barrel * 12 gauge 22" rifled matte finish Winchester Proof Steel barrel with

adjustable rifle sights. * Space age alloy receiver is factory drilled and tapped for scope

mounting. Steel inserts for secure mounting. Adjustable solid steel

bases and rings included. Matte finish. * High-speed chrome molybdenum rotary bolt lockup with dual action

bars. Recoil assisted release. * Walnut stock with checkered pistol grip and beavertail forearm.

Diamond point cut-checkering. Ventilated style recoil pad. * Camouflaged sling included.

Winchester Model 1300 Walnut "Whitetails Unlimited" "Gun of the Year" "Slug Hunter" Deer Shotgun * Endorsed by "Whitetails Unlimited" * Unique engraving depicting the Whitetails Unlimited

organization on one side of the receiver and a deer

scene on the opposite side. * Rifled barrel for accurate slug shooting. * Fast action chrome molybdenum rotary bolt. * Shoots 2-3/4" or 3" Magnum shells interchangeably. * Rubber recoil pad and sling swivel studs. * Quality Bases and Rings * Camouflaged sling included.

Rifle Accuracy in an Advanced Shotgun

Winchester Model 1300 WinTuff "Slug Hunter" Deer Shotgun with Rifled Barrel * New rifled barrel for more accurate slug shooting. * Barrel length is 22" with rifle type sights. Cylinder Bore. * Matte finish receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounting.

Steel inserts for secure steel-to-steel mounting. Bases and rings

included. * Handles 2-3/4" and 3" 12 gauge Magnum shells interchangeably. * WinTuff brown laminated stock and forearm for durability, stability,

weather and moisture resistance. * Rubber recoil pad. Sling swivel studs. * Quality camouflaged sling included. * Quality Bases and Rings with each "Slug Hunter".

Winchester Model 1300 Walnut "Slug Hunter" Shotgun with Smooth-Bore Barrel and Rifle Sabot Choke Tube * 12 gauge smooth-bore matte finished Winchester Proof Steel

barrel with adjustable rifle sights. * Winchester's famous high-tech chrome molybdenum four lug

rotary bolt for speed and superior strength. * Shoots rifled slugs, sabot slugs, buckshot and all standard

2-3/4" and 3" Magnum loads. * Rifled Sabot choke tube and Improved Cylinder WinChoke standard. * Walnut stock with checkered pistol grip and beavertail forearm. * Ventilated recoil pad. * Sling swivel studs and quality Camouflaged sling included.

1992 Gun of the Year "National Wild Turkey Federation"

Winchester Model 1300 WinCam Turkey Guns * Choice hardwood is laminated together to produce an attractive stock

with all the concealment of camouflage plus weather resistance. * Extra strong chrome molybdenum rotary bolt. The strongest, fastest,

quietest lockup available. * Interchangeable WinChoke tubes - Extra Full, Full and Modified. * Quiet trigger blocking cross bolt safety positioned in front of the trigger

for easy access. * Quiet traditional style ribbed forearm for silent stalking. * Five shot capacity - 2-3/4" or 3" heavy magnum shells. * Floating vent rib for constant accuracy. 22" Winchester Proof Steel barrel. * Non-reflective matte finish on all metal parts. Black bolt. * Quiet carrying silent action. * Quick detachable camouflage Cordura sling with suede liner to prevent

slipping from shoulder. * Drilled and tapped receiver for steel-to-steel scope mounting.

Winchester Model 1300 WinCam Ladies/Youth Turkey Gun * Same high-tech superior quality features as the adult version. * Scaled down butt stock shorter by one inch, slimmer pistol grip is

located closer to trigger for better reach and confidence. * Forend is positioned closer to the shooter for easier reach and comfort. * 20 gauge Winchester Proof Steel barrel with floating vent rib and

WinChoke system. Extra Full, Full, and Modified. * 50% coupon toward the future purchase of a full size stock included

with each gun.

Always Finest in the Field

Winchester Model 1300 Walnut Beavertail Forend Shotguns * Both the 12 and 20 gauge are available with either a 26"

or 28" barrel. * Inner barrel walls are roller burnished for high strength resistance

from impact and abrasion. Suitable for steel shot. * WinChokes system with Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder

WinChokes tubes and wrench. Guaranteed against damage from

steel shot. * American walnut stock with satin finish and diamond point cut

checkering on the pistol grips and forearms. Recoil pad - 12 gauge. * Exterior deeply blued metal. * Winchester's famous chrome molybdenum steel rotary bolt for secure,

fast lockup and recoil assisted release for follow-up shots. * Floating vent rib barrels for a consistently level center of impact.

Style, Design, Dependability

Winchester Ranger Pump Shotguns * Available in 12 or 20 gauge. * Winchester Proof Steel barrels with a floating vent rib suitable

for steel shot. * Extra barrels interchangeable within gauge. * WinChoke system: Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder Winchoke

tubes with wrench. * Walnut-finished American hardwood stock and forearm with recoil

pad on 12 gauge.

Winchester Ranger Pump Deer Guns * Available in either rifled smoothbore or smoothbore with Sabot

and IC tubes. * Smoothbore barrel with adjustable rifle sights. 12 gauge. * Factory drilled and tapped receiver for secure steel-to-steel scope

anchoring. * Walnut-finished American hardwood stock.

Winchester Ladies/Youth Walnut or Hardwood Pump Shotguns * Size-modified for younger or smaller shooters. 20 gauge. * Scaled down walnut or American hardwood stock can be replaced

with a full size stock as shooter grows. * Repositioned pistol grip to accommodate smaller hands. Shorter

butt stock. * Rearward positioned forearm for easier handling. * 50% Discount Certificate toward full-sized stock included with

each gun. * 22" ventilated rib barrel with 3 WinChokes. * Removable segmented magazine plug limits capacity to one,

two, or three shot shells for beginning shooters.

Economy and Versatility All in One Shotgun

Home Security and Hunting Combo Shotguns * Available in traditional hardwood stock with walnut finish butt

stock and forearm. * 5 shot capacity - 2-3/4" or 3" shells. * Interchangeable 22" deer slug barrel, rifled or smoothbore, or

28" vent rib bird barrel with WinChoke system. * Rotary bolt lock up for fast cycling of follow-up shots. * Maximum versatility in an affordable shotgun. * Metal bead front sight. * Twin action bars to prevent binding.

Engineered for Home Security

Winchester Model 1300 5-Shot Defender Shotguns * Stock: Available in either traditional American hardwood stock with

walnut finish or equipped with a black military spec synthetic butt

stock and forearm. * Capacity: 5-Shot. * Barrel: 18 inch ordnance steel. Metal bead front sight.

38-5/8 inch overall length. * Gauge: 12 Gauge in hardwood and synthetic stock models:

20 Gauge synthetic stock only model. * Metal Finish: Blued-hardwood stock model. Matte finish

with black bolt - synthetic stock model. 20 Gauge blued. * Only pump action shotgun featuring a fast rotary bolt system.

Designed for Law Enforcement

Winchester Model 1300 8-Shot Defender Shotguns * Stock: Available in either traditional hardwood stock with

walnut finish or outfitted with a black military spec

synthetic stock and forend. * Capacity: 8-shot. * Barrel: 18 inch ordnance steel. Metal bead front sight.

38-5/8 inch overall length. * Gauge: 12 Gauge * Pistol Grip. Available in 12 gauge 8-shot. Matte finish only. * Fast action rotary bolt lockup for quick chambering of

follow-up shots. Anticipates next shot. * Single pin takedown of trigger assembly for inspection

and lubrication.

The Ultimate Security Shotgun for Marine Use

New Winchester Stainless Marine Defender Pump Action Security Shotgun * 12 gauge with corrosion resistant multiple-plated chrome

finish ordnance stainless steel 18" barrel. Cylinder Bore. * The receiver and 41 internal parts are coated to military

specifications with a baked on corrosion inhibiting dry

film lubricant. Tested and proven by the U.S. Military to

give exceptionally long lasting corrosion protection while

lubricating and extending the life of moving parts. Ideal

for salt water environment. * Efficient chrome molybdenum steel rotary bolt system for

secure lockup and fast follow-up shots. * Chrome plated double action bars for smooth pumping action. * The stock and forend are made of an extra durable

corrosion and moisture proof military spec synthetic material. * Available in full stock or pistol grip models. * Capacity is six 3" magnum or seven 2-3/4" shells. * Bead front sight. Sling swivel studs. * Compact for easy stowage.
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