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Winchester: rifles and shotguns.

Legendary. Classic. Traditional. Nostalgic. Quality. Innovative. These are concepts Winchester for over a century and a quarter. Of course you know them - because you gave the to us.

1993 represents a renewal of our commitment to these ideals. You'll notice the new look of Winchester firearms as you browse through the pages of this catalog. We are proud of the selection of entirely new products offered, like our Model 1001 over & under. We are pleased to offer limited issues such as the Model 52 rimfire and the Model 12. We have fine-tuned proven products like the Model 70 and 1300 to offer greater advantages. Every gun is being made better, more carefully, than ever in our history!

Our final goal is too give you -- the hunter and shooter -- a feeling of pride each time you uncase your Winchester. To give you an increased sense of confidence each time you bring your gun to shoulder. This is what "quality" is all about. And we are committed to it more than ever.

Of course, as they say, talk is cheap. So find out for yourself. Study and compare the new 1993 Winchester firearms carefully. We know you'll be pleased.

Custom Guns

In the early days of Winchester, guns made in the Custom Shop were often called "Highly Finished Winchesters" or sometimes "Ornamental Rifles." After more than a century of being made, today's handcrafted Winchester firearms still meet those descriptions. They symbolize the ultimate in what Winchester is all about.

We recognize that Custom Shop guns may represent your utmost desire in a firearm. These are personal guns made to exhibit your personal tastes. They are often a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. So we take our task very seriously. When you order a gun from our Custom Shop, expect the finest hand work and craftsmanship available, performed by the world's best, still plying their ancient craft from our facilities in New Haven, Connecticut. Only our Custom Shop is capable of taking "form" to the same, full extent that Winchester firearms have always possessed in their "function."

As always, there are some additional costs associated with these custom firearms. But you won't be disappointed. Because each gun is so carefully made and embellished, several months will be needed to complete the process, in most cases. Plan ahead carefully.

You can have your choice of a new Winchester enhanced in the Custom Shop, or begin with an already partially customized rifle. Contact your local Winchester gun dealer for ordering details. A special brochure is available on request. The next pages outline several of the most popular customizing options as well as the rifles that can be custom made to exact owner's specifications.

Personalized gunmaking. All of us would like to have at least one custom Winchester gun in our collections. Our Custom Shop can do it all: decorative hand engraving, inlaying of precious metals, custom stock configurations, and distinctive wood carving and checkering patterns. There are many options available. Or you can create your own unique look. Plus many things can be done to enhance accuracy.

In the early years, a remarkable percentage of Winchester firearms possessed some custom features. Those particular firearms have gained an enhanced level of value over the years. You can expect your new custom rifle to hold its value as well.

Custom Sharpshooter. We are told time and again that this rifle constitutes the ultimate in accuracy. Every component, every feature is directed toward that aim. We call them our 1/2 minute rifles. In fact their heavy stainless steel Schneider barrels are guaranteed to shoot to a 1/2 minute of angle group or less with high accuracy ammunition. As with all other Custom Shop Model 70s, the action is completely hand honed and hand fitted. The custom McMillan A-2 stock is precision glass bedded. Bipod, special Jewel adjustable trigger, and other features are available as options. Protective hard case included. Choose 223 Rem., 22-250 Rem., 308 Win. or 300 Win. Mag. calibers.

Model 70 Custom Grade. This is the classic Model 70 with claw-controlled feeding taken to its full perfection. Parts are taken in the "white" then hand finished, polished and fitted in our Custom Gun Shop. Internal parts are hand honed. The barrel is lead lapped. Even the swivel posts are inletted. When you choose this model you get a full range of custom features to which you can personally add your own stock dimensions as well as your choice of engraving style. For a full listing of calibers and options contact your Winchester firearms dealer.

Model 70 Custom Express. If there is a once-in-a-lifetime big game hunt in your future, then take along a once-in-a-lifetime rifle. Africa, Asia, or north of the 48 -- there is no large caliber rifle more proven, and there is none more beautiful. Design and function are the same as our other Express models -- but you'll feel the custom advantage as you examine the craftsmanship and work the action. The custom-bedded stock is of beautifully figured walnut. All internal parts are honed, and the bolt and follower are engine turned for an exquisitely precision part-to-part fit. The special 3-leaf rear sight offers durable, precision adjustability. Choose 375 H&H Mag, 375 JRS, 416 Rem Mag., 458 Win Mag or 470 Capstick.

New Custom Sporting Sharpshooter. By popular demand we've taken the Custom Sharpshooter (below) and crafted a custom model configured for hunting. The McMillan sporter style, gray-finished stock is combined with a stainless steel Schneider barrel. Of course, you still get the guaranteed minute of angle accuracy when shooting high accuracy ammunition. This is a rifle that can take untold abuse, in all kinds of weather, and still give you reliable accuracy when the time comes. Choose 270 Win, 300 Win. or new 7mm STW.

Model 70

When the Model 54 quietly gave way to a new, improved bolt action design over half a century ago, who would have thought its successor would come to embody a key element of the Winchester firearms legacy. Yet few rifles have achieved the stature of the Model 70. And Model 70s continue to carry the torch of quality, accuracy, reliability and solid design that they have become famous for. It's no wonder the 70 has earned the moniker "The Rifleman's Rifle."

Today's Model 70 is more prepared than ever for serious hunting. And it's not hard to see why. Take a close look at the quality of the materials. Compare the level of precision engineered into the mechanism. Observe the careful attention to craftsmanship.

And while makers of other rifles seem bound by the "a rifle is a rifle" psychology, Winchester Model 70s are offered in 9 separate models and over 90 different specifications. That many choices are a bit overwhelming to some, but it's a welcome advantage to those who know that not just any rifle will do.

What makes the Model 70 the choice of both the experts and the everyday hunter alike? Common sense. No bolt action rifle has a design, function, feel and tradition that makes more logical common sense to serious hunters. Common sense was there when the Model 70 first left the drawing board half a century ago. And you get more of it with today's Model 70.

Carefully review the model listings and facts on the next few pages to choose the exact Model 70 that's right for you.

Why should you choose a Winchester Model 70 with claw-controlled feeding over one of the other standard Model 70s with a recessed bolt face? The history of the claw-controlled feeding design began with the original Mauser-actioned rifles. This design was passed on to the early Model 70s. As a cartridge feeds from the magazine, it slips under the "claw" on the bolt and is held in place as it is moved forward into the chamber. With claw-controlled feeding a cartridge can be reliably chambered with the rifle in any position, even upside down. This classic design is one reason the Featherweight Classic was voted "Rifle of the Year" by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence.

Featherweight Classic. Like the Super Grade, the Featherweight Classic is a modern gun employing the highly regarded claw-controlled round feed design. Recently, the basic Featherweight was selected as "the world's most beautiful rifle" in a consumer survey. Last year, the Classic Featherweight was voted "Rifle of the Year" by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Its slightly trimmer stock makes it an ideal high country mountain rifle. The bolt is distinctively jeweled and the bolt handle knurled. The classic straight comb stock is satin finished and cut checkered.

Super Express Models. Express rifles are for BIG game -- especially African game. These are specially designed rifles utilizing our claw-controlled round feeding bolt design. Both bolt and receiver are machined from chrome molybdenum steel. Two steel cross bolts distribute recoil forces evenly along the stock. A one-inch recoil pad offers extra protection. The sling is positioned on the barrel itself to protect your hand during recoil. The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounting. The barrel is fitted with adjustable rear sight and hooded front sight.

Super Grade. Many consider this the finest all-around hunting rifle ever made. It incorporates all the features that have made the Model 70 world famous. Plus it exhibits a level of quality craftsmanship that exceeds any production Model 70 of the past. With its claw-controlled round feed this is the ideal rifle for hunting dangerous game. It features a selected walnut stock, single reinforcing cross bolt, 24" sporting barrel, and is shipped with bases and rings. All components have received extra attention to quality and detailing.

Claw-controlled feeding. This design is found on the Featherweight Classic, Super Grade and Super Express rifles. The cartridge is held in place under the claw on the extractor. This offers an unusually high level of feeding reliability, and allows chambering a cartridge with the rifle in any position. Consequently, big game hunters pursuing dangerous game have always appreciated the extra confidence claw-controlled feeding affords.

Cheekpiece stock on Super Grade. The Super Grade features a sculptured cheekpiece and deep cut wrap-around checkering. The classic satin finish brings out the best in its beautifully grained American walnut stock.

Extra cross-lug reinforcing. Super Express models feature an additional front cross lug that affords the extra strength and functional stability to handle the likes of 375 H&H and 458 Win. Mag. cartridges.

The new Heavy Varmint utilizes a machined aircraft aluminum Pillar Plus Accu Block|TM~ molded directly into the fiberglass/graphite stock. The Accu Block extends from the grip to the fore-end. It's the most solid stock-to-action mounting ever. Even the swivel studs thread into aluminum reinforcement. It's the ultimate in strength and stability.

New Heavy Varmint (Synthetic stock with a heavy barrel). This model sports a fiberglass/graphite stock mated to a special, stainless steel heavy barrel. Avid shooters will appreciate the special beavertail stock configuration. The composite stock material is virtually impervious to changes in temperature and humidity, and is highly shock resistant (which sometimes affects the fit of the wood stock). This means that after you've spent the many hours fine tuning loads to this ultra-accurate rifle, the stock -- with its special full-length Pillar Plus Accu Block|TM~ -- won't alter point of impact!

Stainless. The only full featured, all stainless steel rifle available. Others offer stainless rifles. Only Winchester goes the distance with its use of stainless steel: utilizing it in the barrel, receiver and bolt, as well as with all internal components including the magazine follower. Protection like this is exactly what you need to take on the roughest weather and conditions with confidence. The black, synthetic fiberglass/graphite stock adds more than durability -- it is stable under temperature and humidity changes so you maintain your Model 70's accuracy at all times.

SM (Synthetic stock with matte finish). Indestructible? Well, almost. If you hunt hard and tough in rugged conditions, then don't risk your sanity by taking a finely figured wooden stock afield. Take an SM with composite stock instead. This black, composite fiberglass/graphite material takes the punishment of brush, thorns, scuffs, rain, ice and more, right in stride. Plus, the barrel and receiver have a special matte blued finish that makes this Model 70 glare-free.

New SM (in 375 H&H). A big gun for bad places. Now you can go after the largest game with a rifle that's all business. The combination of our fiberglass/graphite composite stock and matte finished receiver and barrel will give you the outright toughness that lets you concentrate on getting the game -- not protecting your gun.

DBM-S. With its detachable box magazine and fiberglass/graphite composite stock this is a rifle that's ready to work hard and work conveniently. Keep a loaded spare magazine at the ready as you hunt. Don't worry about damaging the stock in rugged conditions. And don't worry about humidity affecting the stock and changing point of impact. Its look is striking with its black stock and rich bluing. When you're miles into the woods and the trophy of a lifetime is at hand, this is a rifle that inspires confidence.

The Heavy Varmint model features a full beavertail fore-end surrounding its heavy barrel. This fore-end design is the style preferred by many long range competitive shooters. It offers a full grip for off-hand shooting, and gives outstanding stability when rested on sandbags or other supports.

Traditional rifles are not always the best rifle for every hunt. When the conditions get tough -- wet, cold, ultra-rugged -- then it's time to consider hunting with one of our specialty rifles, like the all-stainless model or one of the composite stock models. Each rifle on this page is fitted with our advanced, black fiberglass/graphite composite stock. Choose models of all stainless steel or matte blued chrome molybdenum steel.

The core of the Model 70 models are listed on this page. They represent our most popular models over the years and for good reason. They are solid in their performance. They offer traditional Model 70 accuracy. They do the jobs they're designed for -- exactly as advertised. So whether you choose an economical Ranger or the advanced DBM with detachable magazine, it will bring out the best in you. All these models feature our standard recessed bolt face design. Study the descriptions and charts carefully to determine the model best suited to your needs.

Sporter. The Sporter is the workhorse of the Model 70 line. The classic style American walnut stock is dimensioned for ideal fit on your cheek when using a scope. The satin finish is low glare for concealment. Checkering is sharp, functional and beautifully detailed. Exposed metal surfaces are highly polished, then blued to an almost black luster that's both protective and exceptionally good looking.

Sporter Win Tuff. Instant toughness. The multiple 1/16" layers of hardwood are pressure formed to create a wood that offers elegant unique contours and is significantly stronger than a single block of hardwood or walnut. Carving the stock to shape forms natural camouflage patterns. Win Tuff laminated wood is extremely stable, helping to preserve accuracy under changing temperatures and humidity. The classic stock dimensions with sculpted cheekpiece offers instant fit when using a scope.

Featherweight. You get all the same, famous styling and fit of the Featherweight Classic -- the rifle voted "Rifle of the Year" by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence -- in a version with our standard recessed bolt face design. The American walnut stock is beautifully carved in the classic straight comb style with a schnabel fore-end. The distinctive cut checkering instantly identifies this rifle as a Featherweight. This well-known, all-around rifle is available in all the prevalent, modern, long and short action calibers.

Lightweight. This is a lighter, easier handling rifle. It does cross-over duty, excelling in brushy conditions requiring quickness, or in high country situations where reduced weight becomes a real advantage after a day of hiking. The American walnut stock is cut checkered with the sharp diamonds that offer the best grip. The classic-style straight comb stock offers excellent scope alignment. The jeweled bolt provides a level of good looks to match the stock and deep, polished bluing.

Ranger. Low on glamour. High on performance! The Model 70 Ranger is not a show gun--unless your sole aim is to make a strong impression on a deer or other big game. If that's the case, then nothing gives you more shooting advantages, at a better price, than a Model 70 Ranger. The barrel, receiver and recessed-style bolt are of the same material and fine construction you get on our other Model 70s. The satin-finished hardwood stock is made for hard work -- you won't wince when you have to bust brush. Fitted with adjustable sights and drilled and tapped for a scope.

Ladies/Youth Ranger. This scaled-down version of the standard Ranger (above) is the ideal first deer rifle. Smaller shooters will also appreciate how its stock dimensions give a fit that instills confidence from the very first. Even the pistol grip is farther forward to accommodate smaller hands. At 6 1/2 pounds total weight, it's a rifle that won't slow you down.

DBM. How do you give even more utility to a Model 70 Sporter? Add a detachable box magazine (and that's what DBM stands for). All other features and advantages are the same as the Sporter models below. Some hunters prefer the convenience of being able to carry a loaded magazine completely removed from the rifle while traveling. When it comes time to hunt it takes just seconds to insert the loaded magazine. You can also carry a loaded spare magazine in your pocket for easy loading when your hands are cold. For other features see the Sporter model, below.




When you take a Winchester Model 94 in hand expect to be swept away in the thrill of 19th-Century American West nostalgia. But the 94 is more than a good feeling. It's more than a piece of history.

The 94 is a rifle that works as good as it's designed. And you can instantly sense it every time you slide a cartridge into the magazine and work the lever. Solid function like this is the result of sound design, better materials and the highest quality craftsmanship.

When the first 94 came off the line in New Haven, nearly a century ago, it was no less than revolutionary. And it's held its own over the years. You might say that time has proven that the original 94 was at least 99 years ahead of its time.

That's why if your brand of hunting demands a lever, you can do no better than carry a new 94.

No one wants to change a legend for change's sake. And we never will. But we are proud to say that today's Model 94 is even better than the one your grandfather owned. Today's 94 has benefits geared especially for today's hunters. Benefits you can get on no other lever.

To many, the 94 is still simply the best tool for the job. To others it is a work of art and a piece of history you can hold. Either way, it offers a feeling that few firearms ever earn: an honest sense of confidence. No lever looks as good, or works and performs as well as a Winchester 94.

If you had to describe the 94 in just a few words you might say "The perfect lever action." One of the 94s pictured on the following pages will do the job for you -- from plinking to big game hunting. Yet you won't give up one ounce of the nostalgia that takes the 94 from the realm of "rifle" to the mystique of "legend."

There are many differences between the 94s listed on this and the previous pages. But several things are held in common. All are drilled and tapped for mounting a scope directly on the receiver. All have the positive side-eject feature that gives full cartridge clearance when ejecting cartridges from under a scope. All have our durable, adjustable rear sights. Plus, each 94 has our advanced, rebounding hammer, hammer block and crossbolt hammer stop. It takes less than an instant to move the hammer stop to the firing position when the time for action comes.

Model 94 Big Bore. The look, function and styling are much like the Standard with walnut stock (detailed above). However there's one major difference. The receiver has been totally engineered and strengthened for the hard hitting 307 and 356 Winchester calibers. You get all the esteemed handling advantages of a 94, plus realistic ballistics that will take you well out to 200 yards with excellent accuracy and bullet energy. A hammer spur extension is provided for convenience when shooting with a scope.

Model 94 Trapper. Whether you choose a Trapper for around camp plinking, varmint control, wild boar, or even deer, you'll appreciate the explosive handling of the 16" barrel and the fast follow-up shots of the quick 94 lever mechanism. Taking one of these beauties from your gun rack and bringing it to shoulder is like taking a trip in a time machine ... 100 years backwards. Of course, that's what the 94 is all about. And it feels great.

Model 94 Wrangler. The Wrangler is essentially the same as the Trapper (above) with the difference of a large loop lever. This not only looks great but it offers a real advantage during late season hunting when you're wearing gloves. With its short 16" barrel, it's less than 34 inches long total -- easily fitting into a backpack or a scabbard strapped to your ATV or horse.

Model 94 Ranger. No frills. Nothing fancy. But the acclaimed 94 action is still there at its best -- ready for the serious demands of your hunting situation. Choose your Ranger in an open sights-only model or a ready-for-action scoped model fitted with see-through mounts and a 4 x 32 Bushnell|R~ scope. Either way, your Ranger comes with hardwood stock and forearm, and in the respected 30-30 Win. cartridge -- the caliber that is synonymous with deer hunting.

Model 94. When you see a lever action afield, chances are it's this model. This is the standard of comparison for all lever action rifles. Reliable. Accurate. Fast handling. Plus it has the good looks of an American walnut stock. It is supplied with a hammer spur extension (that attaches in a hole in the side of the hammer) for easy operation when a scope is mounted.


Model 94 Checkered. Virtually the same as the standard (walnut) pictured on the previous page, with the addition of sharp, cut checkering on the grip and forearm. This checkering looks great (inspect one up close at your Winchester firearms dealer), and really does give you a better grip on your rifle. Available only in the most famous of all Model 94 calibers: 30-30 Winchester.

Model 94 Win Tuff. This has proven to be a popular model with hunters who want a 94 with a little added durability for rough use. The multi-layers of hardwood are pressure laminated to form a wood that is much harder and more durable than one made from a single, carved hardwood block. Plus, as the layers are fashioned to form the stock, swirling, contrasting shapes are revealed that offer an instant camouflage effect to your rifle.

Model 9422

When you handle and shoot a 9422 for the first time the feeling is nothing short of amazement. No other 22 caliber lever action so fully embodies the nostalgia of the past along with the reliability and precision function of modern technology.

The fact that it is styled and patterned after the famous 30-30 Model 94 is hard to miss. And you can't overlook the incredible smoothness of the action as you work it. This is a gun you can shoot day in and day out, year after year, and know it will keep on working right! The 9422 is sized to be manageable by a youngster, yet still take him or her into adulthood -- and not be too small!

Plus, you get your choice of a 22 Long Rifle version or our 22 Magnum (WMR) model. Since the receivers on all models are grooved for mounting a scope, the Magnum can take you well out to 100 yards and beyond, with effectiveness on bigger animals like wood chucks, foxes and coyotes.

You'll appreciate the fact that the Long Rifle version also handles Longs and Shorts interchangeably.

The final triumph of this beautiful rifle is its simplified take-down system. Removal of just a single screw disassembles it into self-contained subassemblies. Serious cleaning is easy. And due to the compact size, packing for storage or transport has never been more convenient.

So set your sights on a 9422. Because whether it's rabbits or squirrels, rings on paper or a soft drink can, you're always assured of the best accuracy and 100% guaranteed fun.

Every 9422 is packed with features. The magazine tube is made from rustproof brass. When the tube is empty a colored indicator alerts you it's time to reload. Adjustable rear sights are on all models. The receiver is ready to handle standard groove-type scope mounts. The bolt face is engineered with a slotted face to assure positive feeding of rounds. The cartridge rim is captured and controlled as the cartridge moves to the chamber. The reversible hammer spur extension makes hammer operation easy when a scope is mounted.

Model 9422 (with Win Tuff stock). Rain, heat, humidity, thorns, branches -- all the things that can ruin a walnut stock or affect accuracy -- are no problem for a Win Tuff stock. The multiple laminated layers of wood form a material that is tougher than wood alone. When carved to shape, the brown Win Tuff wood laminations form a good-looking, wood-grain appearance. Plus the colors and contours offer a built-in brown camouflage effect. All other features are the same as the walnut-stocked model, above.

Model 9422 (with WinCam stock). The WinCam version is identical in mechanical function to the other 9422s with the difference of having a good-looking, hard working, green WinCam laminated stock. When multiple layers of stained hardwood are laminated, and then carved to shape, beautiful contours emerge. It gives you instant camo -- right out of the box. Whether it's squirrels, rabbits or other small game you're after, this rifle is instantly ready for action.

Model 9422. If you aren't sure which 22 lever to buy -- out of all the models made by all the companies -- take this little test. Go down to your gun dealer and have him set them all on the counter side by side. Work the actions. Play with the magazines. Shoulder them. Work their levers. It won't take long to realize why the 9422 has the best reputation in the industry. This model features an American walnut stock with beautiful, sharp cut checkering along the straight grip and on the forearm. The satin wood finish is made to take hard hunting without losing its good looks. Available in a 22 Long Rifle (also shoots Longs and Shorts) and in 22 Magnum (WMR).


Classic Traditions

Two elements distinguish a Winchester firearm from all the others: each possesses a strong sense of history and each shows a commitment to modern innovation. For 1993 we've again combined these two hallmarks to give you modern versions of three of the most historic Winchester firearms. They are the "Classic Traditions." We are pleased to reintroduce the Model 42, the Model 52B Sporting, and the Model 12 in 20 gauge. These are faithful remakes, being produced abroad under the direction of our engineers.

The Model 12 in 20 gauge is available in two grades: a Grade I version with a blued receiver, and a Grade IV with engraving and gold highlights.

Sixty years ago the original Winchester Model 42 was first offered. Today's Winchester Model 42 is identical. Originally it was patterned after the 12 and 20 gauge Model 12s in appearance, but it is chambered for .410 bore. Few shotguns ever made have such economy of design, compactness and smooth functioning as the historical Model 42.

For some time a bolt action rimfire has been absent from the Winchester firearms line. The new Winchester Model 52B Sporting gives you an opportunity to possess what we believe to be the finest bolt action 22 ever made. The precise, crisp trigger is still there. The consistent, tight, accurate action is the same as with the original.

All of these Classic Traditions are limited in their production runs, so plan to reserve yours soon. We will continue to offer special opportunities to own great "Classic Tradition" Winchester firearms from the past on a yearly basis. Others have made similar models over the years, but only these 1993 Classic Tradition models bear the distinctive "Winchester" markings on the barrel.

Winchester Model 12 in 20 Gauge. Many of us wish we'd been able to afford one when we were kids. Now we've got the chance. All three versions of the new Winchester Model 12 Classic Tradition models (Grade I, Grade IV and special Ducks Unlimited model) are faithful to the original design in every way. Only minor internal enhancements have been made to the trigger and sear to TABULAR DATA OMITTED improve safety. The stock styles are classic with a satin finish. As with the originals, they feature a convenient quick take-down system that lets you adjust barrel-to-receiver fit as your shotgun wears in over the years. The Grade IV version is embellished with engraved game scenes identical to the traditional Grade IV style available years ago. Plus it has the addition of gold highlights. The select walnut stock has a beautiful finish accented with fine cut checkering. The Grade I is limited to 4,000 guns total. The Grade IV is limited to 1,000 guns.

Ducks Unlimited Model 12 in 20 gauge. This is a special issue made just for DU chapters. The special, unique engraving pattern is in the 12-3 design style. Check with your local Ducks Unlimited chapter for availability.

Winchester Model 42 (.410 Bore). Shooting a 42 is truly one of the finest experiences in handling that you can get with any firearm. The innovative action is so smooth and so compact that it seems to instantly become a part of you. It goes effortlessly to the shoulder. (Limited to 850 guns total.)

Winchester Model 52B Sporting Rifle. You can always tell a classic. It just keeps coming back. And it's true again. This limited run of 52B rifles is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own what may be the perfect 22. The design is based on the 52C mechanism and the stock configuration is in the 52B style. The new Winchester 52B has the incomparable Micro-Motion trigger system found on the originals. Its level of precision is famous, with adjustment for pull and overtravel. It is renowned for being vibration free. (Limited to 6,000 guns total.)

Over & Unders

It seems natural that in every shotgunner's lifetime he or she should own at least one over & under. And without doubt, few things in life offer a greater sense of enjoyment and pride than owning a quality over & under. So it is with great pleasure that we announce the revival of the great Winchester over & under legacy: the all new Model 1001 (pronounced ten-o-one). No firearm in this year's line better represents the innovative design and high level of craftsmanship you can expect with all of today's Winchester firearms.

The new Model 1001 is available in two models: a field version with hunting fit and dimensions; and a specially configured, competition-ready Sporting Clays model.

These finely crafted guns utilize all the features modern hunters and competitive shooters demand: single selective triggers; automatic ejectors; wide, flat, ventilated ribs; back-bored barrels; new, longer choke tubes; and an extremely tight, durable lockup system.

As with our over & unders of the past, we have mobilized the most capable resources abroad to develop this entirely new shotgun design. Consequently, each new Winchester Model 1001 will be crafted at an advanced facility in Brescia, Italy.

Whether it's your first over & under or your fifth, the beautiful new Winchester Model 1001 is destined to become a source of pride for you and your family for many decades to come.

Getting it right. That's what our commitment is all about when it comes to our new 1001 over & unders. Shooters and hunters in the market for an over & under can tell the difference between an ordinary shotgun, and an over & under that has been built and finished with pride. With your new Winchester Model 1001 you'll gain something no ordinary shotgun offers -- a sense of pride. And, during its inaugural year, you'll be getting a little part of history as we begin a new era in over & unders.

Sporting Clays Model. Its selected American walnut stock is specially configured for sporting clays with a fuller pistol grip and a radiused recoil pad. The 10mm straight ventilated rib is preferred by many of the world's top shooters, and lets you quickly pick up fast targets and maintain a consistent sight picture. The frame is distinctive with its silver nitrate finish and special engraving that incorporates a flying clay target. Four WinPlus choke tubes and wrench are provided.

New WinPlus Choke|TM~ system. Both new 1001 models have back-bored barrels combined with our new WinPlus choke tube system. Back-bored barrels offer the advantages of lower recoil. They combine with our new, longer choke tubes to give you top pattern performance -- uniformity, consistency and (if required) tightness. WinPlus tubes fit recessed with the muzzle, yet are much longer than conventional tubes.

Field Model. Everything you expect in a Winchester over & under: beautiful, walnut stock; highly polished metal surfaces; deep (almost black) blued finish; and elegant scroll engraving on frame sides, plus a flying "W" on the bottom of the frame plate. The 8mm straight-line rib is ideal for hunting. A matte finish on the receiver top reduces glare along your sight plane.


Model 1300

Next to lever actions, no firearm owns a bigger portion of the Winchester firearms legacy than our pumps. It started in earnest in the last century with the 97. Soon the Model 12 became the standard of excellence -- with a dominance that lasted for well over half a century. Today's proud successor -- the Model 1300 -- is a gun evolved from the Model 12. A gun for our times. It stands comparison with every other slide action on the market today and yesterday.

The reasons are many, but avid slide gunners know the big advantage of a 1300. It's SPEED. A 1300 is so fast we call it "the pump that thinks it's a semi-auto." Here's why. When you pull the trigger on a 1300 the ultra-strong rotary bolt instantly disengages from the barrel extension. Recoil forces assist the slide rearward. (This is not just advertising hype.) You can feel the slight rearward force on the forearm as you shoot. Before you know it, you've cycled another shell.

With the 1300's rotary bolt design the lugs engage directly in the lug recesses in the barrel extension. This is an unusually strong, consistent and reliable lockup design.

Every design feature enhances overall reliability. In fact, we are convinced that the Model 1300 is the most reliable pump shotgun on the market today.

Outlined on the following pages are many different models of the 1300. With a design this good, hunters and shooters from every speciality want 1300 speed and reliability for their game.

It used to be real bad news when urbanization caused big game hunting areas to be classed "shotguns only." Not any more. Advances with both rifled barrels and special rifled choke tubes for sabot loads, mean you can expect incredible accuracy -- approaching centerfire rifles -- at 100 yards and more with one of today's advanced 1300s!

And now, with the growth of turkey hunting, a revolution has likewise occurred in turkey guns. The 1300 is available in special open-sighted or ribbed models, all with low glare finishes -- all greatly increasing your chances for success.

When you go afield these days you're bound to see plenty of Winchester Model 1300 Walnut and Ranger models. The 1300 Walnut model is truly one of the best looking, well-finished slide shotguns ever made.

With its practical hardwood stock, the 1300 Ranger still gives you every ounce of 1300 speed and reliability. Ranger 1300s are hard working, all-around hunting guns. With their 3-inch chambers and WinChoke tubes, they cover the full gamut of seasons -- upland, waterfowl and big game -- with the performance and outright durability of competitive shotguns costing hundreds more.

If you're sure that you'll never need the security of a fast follow-up shot, then you don't need a Winchester Model 1300 Defender. It's that simple. But if you need the confidence of reliable function through a second, third, fourth or even an eighth shot -- and you need them fast -- then you need a Model 1300 Defender. Each of us has slightly different needs when it comes to enhancing our personal security. Some need a dedicated pistol grip model. Others a combo to use for hunting and home protection. Whatever you need, the 1300 has a model for you.

New National Wild Turkey Federation Series IV (With black laminated stock). For 1993 Winchester firearms and the National Wild Turkey Federation are proud to offer this beautifully engraved Model 1300 special edition -- uniquely designed for the serious turkey hunter (a donation is made to the NWTF for every gun sold). The black laminated Win Tuff stock is ultra-durable. All metal and wood parts are nonglare. The 22" barrel utilizes a full-length, floating, ventilated rib. This is a fast handling, fast pointing shotgun, ready for action out of the box! Both sides of the nonglare receiver are beautifully engraved with turkey hunting scenes. Each Series IV is fitted with a quick-detach padded sling.

Model 1300 National Wild Turkey Federation Series III. With each National Wild Turkey Federation model sold a donation is made to that organization. But that is only one reason this is such an exceptional gun. Beautiful engraving embellishes both sides of the receiver. The WinCam stock is ultra-durable, plus offers instant camouflaging. The adjustable open sights are easy to pick up and afford maximum ease at precisely placing your shot. All metal and wood parts are nonglare. The trim, ribbed-style forearm keeps bulk down for quick maneuverability. The quick-detach sling has a suede liner to hold it on your shoulder.

Model 1300 Slug Hunter (walnut stock and rifled barrel). Like the special Whitetails Unlimited model, this 1300 is supplied with a 22" rifled barrel. It comes with an adjustable rear sight and front sight. Plus you get bases and rings for mounting a scope -- it's your choice (scope not included). A camouflage sling is attached to the installed studs. The ventilated recoil pad caps off the beautiful, nonglare finished American walnut stock.

1300 Slug Hunter Sabot (Smooth bore with Rifled Choke Tube). Various designs of slugs react much differently when shot. We developed this model -- with a special extended-length, screw-in, WinChoke choke tube -- to obtain optimum accuracy from sabot loads. You can expect accuracy at 50 yards that's unheard of, and at 100 yards, groups that approach a rifle's. Swivel studs and a camouflage sling are included. Adjustable front and rear sights. An improved cylinder WinChoke is also provided for shooting buckshot or conventional rifled slugs.

1300 Ranger Deer Slug Model. If you're like a lot of hunters, you've spent a lot of money on deer rifles over the years -- and now changes in regulations in your area may mean you need to shoot shotgun slugs or buckshot. The Ranger Deer model is the way to do it economically. It features a smooth bore, 22" deer slug/buckshot barrel with a conventionally choked muzzle and fully adjustable sights. The stock is of plain-grained, hard-working hardwood. The receiver is drilled and tapped for mounting a scope.

Model 1300 Whitetails Unlimited Slug Hunter (rifled barrel). This is our top-of-the-line big game shotgun for shooting rifled slugs. The 22" barrel is specially rifled full length. The type of rifling and rate of twist has been determined through our testing to be the best all-around specification for most rifled slug loadings. Special engraving adorns each side of the receiver. It also comes with swivel studs and a camouflaged sling installed. We made ours slightly lighter than the competition's offerings to give you the faster handling you need. The receiver is drilled and tapped with bases and rings included. The nonglare blued finish and satin stock won't reflect and spook deer. An American walnut stock and forearm are the final touch to this beautiful slug gun. With each gun sold a donation is made to Whitetails Unlimited.

1300 Walnut Model. Most gun companies make a pump ... but nobody makes one like a 1300 with genuine walnut stock. This is not a starter shotgun. It offers all the versatility, strength and speed-of-action found on the other 1300s, plus it is embellished with a beautiful stock and forearm of carefully chosen, sharply checkered American walnut. Extra effort has been placed on finishing and polishing, so you'll notice an extra depth to the barrel and receiver finish. This is gun that will last for years -- and you'll want it to last, because you can pass it along with pride.

1300 Ranger. For those whose needs are on the practical side, we have a model with all the 1300 advantages -- speed, reliability, good handling, strength and good styling -- with a practical hardwood-stock that will cost you less. The WinChoke system offers you any season versatility. The ventilated rib offers a clear, fast sight picture. It shoots all factory loads: 2 3/4" or 3-inch magnums, lead or steel shot. Available in 12 and 20 gauge, including a 20 gauge Ladies/Youth model with compact stock dimensions.

1300 Ranger Deer Combos. With both a rifled, 22" deer slug barrel and a smoothbore, 28" ventilated rib barrel you are ready for deer hunting and all birds with just one shotgun. Barrels change in just seconds. It handles 2 3/4" or 3-inch shells in steel or lead shot, slugs or buckshot. The stock is plain-grained hardwood. The deer barrel has adjustable open sights.

1300 Defender 8 Shot (with hardwood stock). With a total firepower of eight 2 3/4" loads or seven 3-inch mags, this is an ideal, affordable, personal protection firearm. The 1300 rotary bolt is uniquely reliable under rough conditions. The forearm is assisted rearward after each shot, facilitating faster cycling. The hardwood stock and forearm is low glare finished -- no frills -- for serious business only.

1300 Defender 8 Shot (with synthetic stock). Other than its black stock and forearm (made from a special military spec polymer) it is virtually identical to the wood-stocked Defender (above). Matte-finished metal.

1300 Defender 20 gauge 5 Shot (with synthetic stock). This popular model (not shown) is virtually the same as the Defender 8 shot except that the shorter magazine accommodates four shells (for a total capacity of 5). The lower recoil and reduced total weight of a 20 gauge is ideal for home protection, and is often desired by women shooters. The barrel is choked cylinder bore for shooting larger shot sizes or buckshot.

1300 Defender 5 Shot Combo. This is the same basic gun as our 1300 Ranger hunting model but with the addition of a second, defense-style 18" barrel and an accessory pistol grip. Four 3-inch magnums in the magazine, plus one in the chamber, offer excellent firepower for home or business protection. Defense-style barrel is cylinder bore, conventionally choked. The 28" hunting barrel has a ventilated rib and WinChoke system.

1300 Defender 5 Shot. Identical to the Defender portion of the Combo model described above -- hardwood stock and forearm, five shot capacity, 18" defense-style barrel -- without the hunting style barrel or pistol grip.

1300 Defender 8 Shot (with synthetic pistol grip stock). Eight total shots from a shotgun less than 29" long. The pistol grip is shaped for maximum comfort and control, even when shooting magnum 3-inch loads. All other functioning features are the same as the Defender with full synthetic stock. This is a shotgun design for maximum maneuverability in tight spaces. All metal surfaces are matte finished to prevent glare.

1300 Stainless Marine (with pistol grip stock). For those who require a compact shotgun that will never quit -- not even under harsh saltwater conditions -- we offer the Stainless Marine pistol grip model. All features are the same as the full-size Stainless Marine with the difference of being supplied with a composite pistol grip, instead of a buttstock. At less than 29" total length, this is a highly versatile, quick handling shotgun.

1300 Stainless Marine. The Stainless Marine is made to take the worst environments -- rain, salt spray, cold, heat -- and still be ready for action. It combines a military spec composite stock and forearm with corrosion resistant, metal coatings for the ultimate in durability. The multi-coating starts with copper plating followed by a nickle layer, which is then topped with a final layer of chrome plate. The barrel, magazine tube and action bars all receive this triple coat. The receiver and many internal parts are coated with proven, Sandstrom 9A phosphate. The chemical properties it possesses also lubricate parts and resist wear. The seven-shot total capacity offers ample firepower for police or personal protection purposes.


Model 1400

The 1400 is a do-it-right shotgun. Within each model it does its specialized function superbly, reliably and consistently. And it does it with outstanding craftsmanship and beautiful styling.

The 1400 is designed to function flawlessly with the shells you want to shoot: light target loads, dove loads, 2 3/4" field loads, all factory 2 3/4" steel shot loads, rifled slugs and sabot loads. But no 3-inch shells -- and the 1400 doesn't apologize. Because heavy recoil isn't everyone's bailiwick. But if what you like is responsive, quick handling; honest comfort; compact overall proportions; and sure reliability, then what you want is a 1400. In fact, today's performance enhanced Model 1400 is, without doubt, the most dependable 1400 ever built.

The reason is its sophisticated design. The uncomplicated gas system is made to function under the roughest use. And even though it doesn't need much care, it's easy to take down completely for cleaning. The advanced 4-lug rotary bolt engages directly into the barrel extension. Not in the receiver itself. This offers a level of solid strength that receiver-top lockup designs can never match.

It smoothly cycles up to 3 shells (with two in the magazine and one in the chamber). You can shoot both target and field loads, with steel or lead shot, and the self-compensating gas system adjusts automatically to the forces produced by the shell. In the process you get one of the major benefits of gas operation: significantly reduced recoil. Of course the WinChoke system gives you any game versatility.

This is a gun you'll enjoy carrying, shooting and buying.

There are some mechanical devices you can trust, and the 1400 is one of them. With the 1400 you can hunt and rest easy. Every bit of the traditional reliability that made Winchester shotguns famous is found in today's 1400. Today's 1400 is made better than ever: better fit and finish, more precise tolerances, the best materials, more advanced manufacturing techniques.

As you can see at right, the 1400 action adapts itself easily to the full range of hunting needs. Whichever 1400 you choose, rest assured you'll be shooting it for many years to come.

Model 1400 (with walnut stock). Next time you visit your Winchester dealer, check this model out. The fit, finish and overall smooth function are a match for any semi-auto on the market today. Three WinChoke choke tubes are provided to let you match the game in just seconds. Of course, WinChokes are 100% able to handle all factory steel shot loads. 12 gauge models are fitted with a comfortable, ventilated recoil pad that further enhances the comfort of the 1400's gas operation.

Model 1400 Ranger. This hard working 1400 version combines a practical hardwood stock and forearm with the same reliable performance you get on the most expensive Model 1400. It's a workhorse gun that comes with full, modified and improved cylinder WinChokes; ready for all factory 2 3/4" steel and lead load action. Especially in 20 gauge, this is the ideal gun for moving younger shooters through the paces on clay targets, then out into the field.

Model 1400 Ranger Deer Combo. Cover the full range of your hunting needs with one shotgun. The Ranger Combo features both a 28" smoothbore ribbed barrel for upland hunting; and a 22" smoothbore slug barrel for shooting buckshot or sabots (sabot choke tube supplied). Finish and detailing are the same as on the standard 1400 Ranger.

Model 1400 Quail Unlimited. This beauty has all the same good looks, fine fit and finish, and overall attention to detail as our walnut-stocked model, plus elegant engraving -- specially designed for Quail Unlimited by Michael Collins -- on both sides of the receiver. This gun is specially commissioned by Quail Unlimited, and a donation is made to them for each gun sold. Because the 1400 is made to handle 2 3/4" shells only, the receiver is more compact. This keeps balance centered for quicker, more responsive handling, and keeps overall length shorter -- both are real pluses when hitting the thickets after explosive coveys of quail.

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