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Win some, lose some.

I told contributing editor Fred Goss the following story. While sitting at a long table for a session to begin at the recent NEPA conference, I silently watched the man sitting next to me read NL/NL--word for word, page after page. When he was finished he put it on the bottom of a stack of newsletters he'd picked up at the conference.

Just then he looked up at me and we introduced ourselves. He said, "Oh, this is yours," and he carefully retrieved NL/NL from his pile.

I replied, "Yes, it is. What do you think of it?"

He said, "I want to subscribe. Send me an invoice."

Fred Goss responded with his own, similar story. Once legendary copywriter Bill Jayme sat across an airplane aisle from a man assiduously reading one of Jayme's own elaborate DM packages. He carefully read through the long sales letter, then the flier, then the buck slip.

When he was finished, he took the order card, read it over, and then folded it in two and began picking his teeth with it. Jayme refrained from introducing himself.
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Author:Swift, Paul
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Jun 15, 2003
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