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Win some, lose some.

So, was Arkansas Business really irresponsible in its scoop that Hewlett-Packard Co. would locate a facility in Conway?

We were, if you believe Roby Brock, the man behind Talk Business.

Brock insinuated as much on his biz blog and wrote that his "sources" told him of the development in April.

Brock wrote that he exercised "editorial restraint" because "advance reporting on the project could jeopardize one of the largest white-collar job announcements in state history."

Here's the problem: We didn't jeopardize anything because, according to Brock's own reporting, by June 6 it was a done deal.

We broke the news on June 16, three days before the formal announcement.

If Brock wants to claim he knew the story before anyone else, whatever. But he shouldn't get bent out of shape when someone else reports it accurately first.

All this makes us wonder: On what else is Brock exercising "editorial restraint"?
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Title Annotation:Whispers
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jun 23, 2008
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