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Wilson is crowned champion.

GOLF THE Union of Flintshire Golf Clubs held their Scratch Championship at Prestatyn GC.

In the morning the best gross prize was taken by Ben Copeland of Rhuddlan with a round of 69 while the best nett morning score was also by Copeland with a 67 nett.

The afternoon best gross was 66 by Adam Wilson of Mold, while David Ramsey, also of Mold, took the best afternoon nett score of 68 nett.

The UFGC Scratch champion for 2014 is Adam Wilson with 72-66-138 gross, while the best overall nett is Alex Conway from Prestatyn with 149-8-141. RESULTS County champion: 1st Adam Wilson 72+66=138, 2nd David Ramsey 76+67=143. Overall Nett: 1st Alex Conway 149-8-141, 2nd Adam Wilson 138-+4-142. Under-22 Colts: 1st Adam Wilson 138. AM Gross: 1st Ben Copeland. PM Gross: 1st Adam Wilson 66. AM Nett: 1st Ben Copeland 69-2-67. PM Nett: 1st David Ramsey 67-+1-68.

GOLF RESULTS PLASSEY Anglesey Masters and Vase: 1st Andy Dickinson 40pts, 2nd Liam Jones 38, 3rd Peter Cox 38. Ladies: 1st Jean Thompson 37pts, 2nd Sharon Harold 26, 3rd Emma Lafferty 8. Juniors: 1st Cameron Meadows 34pts, 2nd Luke Johnson 27, 3rd Alex Matthews 19. Seniors nine-hole: 1st Ted Davies, 2nd Paul Wellstead 16. Denbighshire Golf Clubs Past captains Society, Kirby Salver: 1st Eric Howells (Denbigh) 38pts, 2nd Dave Lafferty (Plassey) 35, 3rd David Ethelston (Llangollen) 34, 4th Mike Shaw (Moss Valley) 34, 5th Richard Bloss (Plassey) 34, 6th Ted Davies (Plassey) 33, 7th Dave Brayshaw (Plassey) 33.

BULL BAY Rover Cup: 1st Jeanette Garner 40pts, 2nd Iona Skinner 38, 3rd Mavis Brown 37.

Lady Captain's Charity 10-hole: 1st Diane Hardy. Silver Division: 1st Marianne Jones. Bronze Division: 1st Gaynor McDaid. June Stableford: 1st Olwen Rees 43pts, 2nd Catherine Jones 41, 3rd Gill Williams 38.

DENBIGH Mixed Exchange comp (Prenton GC): 1st Kevin Parry and Jane Williams 38pts, 2nd Don Walmsley and Sue Walmsley 38, 3rd Emlyn Pierce and Pauline Pierce 37.

Seniors match: Eaton GC 6 v Denbigh 3. Ladies Exchange comp (Wallasey GC): 1st Pauline Pierce 32pts, 2nd Jenny Jones 32, 3rd Betty Thomas 31.

Seniors Frank Taylor Memorial Trophy: 1st Fraser Jones 40pts, 2nd Peter Howland 36, 3rd Nobby Morris 34.

Mid-Week Stableford: 1st David Lowe 38pts, 2nd Nigel Roxburgh 36, 3rd Arthur Jones 36. Seniors Stableford: 1st Bruce Carlyle 37pts, 2nd Cliff Twamley 36, 3rd Nobby Morris 36. Stableford: 1st David Clayton 35pts, 2nd Marc Shaw 35, 3rd Stewart Clarke 35.

PRESTATYN Jim Corson Memorial: 1st J Reid 70, 2nd P Brown 70, 3rd A Conway 72, 4th A Cuddeford 73.

PADESWOOD & BUCKLEY Pandora Medal: 1st Roy Griffiths 87-20-67, 2nd Les Povey 78-11-67, 3rd Ian Crompton 80-12-68.

Ladies Centenary $'s Trophy: 1st Michelle Weigh and Caroline Clubbe 36pts.

Midweek Medal - Division One: 1st J Martin 73-11-62, 2nd Adam Smith 69-2-67, 3rd Matthew Roberts 81-12-69. Division Two: 1st J Piercy 81-13-68, 2nd Peter Kyte 85-17-68, 3rd Simon Morris 83-13-70. Division Three: 1st Adam Venables 85-24-61, 2nd Jamie Hughes 92-27-65, 3rd Ian Howarth 95-26-69.

Captain's Day Stableford: 1st Iwan Thomas 39pts, 2nd Chris Boyle 39, 3rd Owen Jones 38. Mixed 10-hole comp: 1st M Jones and J Hughes 46-11-35, 2nd J Forshaw and C Fogerty 47-11-36, 3rd B Chamberlain and N Holden 41-5-36.

The Frank and Mary Heath Trophy: 1st M Jones and H Cameron 76-13.2-62.8, 2nd L Francis and G Davenport 85-18.8-66.2, 3rd R Weigh and M Weigh 82-15-67.

OLD COLWYN Network Open/Childline: 1st Jimmy Flynn 41pts, 2nd Wesley Jones 41, 3rd Chris Wasiuk 41. Ladies: 1st Nicci Owens 15pts. Junior: 1st Dion Asodia and Sam Owen 24pts.

Ladies Medal: 1st Blod Roberts 105-34-71, 2nd Sheila Johnson 108-36-72, 3rd Barbara Brasenell 94-21-73.

CARDEN PARK EG and Club Medal: 1st Praeo Austin 105-30-75, 2nd Sue Norman 91-15-76, 3rd Joe Pendry 101-24-77.

Harris Longest Day Trophy: 1st Carole Charmley 38pts, 2nd Seaneen O'Neill 36, 3rd Helen Groves 35.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Jun 25, 2014
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